#9  Best  Children’s  Gifts:

                   Icelandic Designs Clare

For Mommy: Icelandic Designs.com

(pictured above: Icelandic Clare Red Cable Connection #1510).

                                                 Baby Gap Bodysuit

For Baby: Baby Gap.com

(pictured above: Baby Gap bodysuit).

               Guess Kids

For Kids: Guess Kids.com

(pictured above: Guess fashions for kids).

 #8 Best Children’s Toys

                             FAO Schwartz               Giggles Toy Store

Best Children’s Toy Stores

(pictured above: the world famous FAO Schwartz and…. the newer Giggles….).

Disney’s Baby Einstein                  RoboPanda by WowWee

               Fisher Price kid’s internet

   Disney’s Pictionary    Disney’s Hanna Montana

                    Rubik’s Cube                  Lionel Train

Best Toys

Pictured Above: The Baby and The Bear (“Baby Einstein” by Disney and “RoboPanda” by WowWee); The Computer  (Fisher-Price Kid’s Internet );  The Board and The BFF (Disney’s “Pictionary” Board Game and Disney’s  “Hanna Montana’s World Tour” Interactive); and The New World and the The Old World (Rubik’s Cube and Lionel Trains).

#7 Best Children’s Education

Renee Ashley Baker’s Best Prep Schools:  Phillips Exeter, Interlocken, Juliard, St. Paul’s School, Groton, Choate Rosemary Hall, Andover, Phillips Academy, Milton Academy , Ruppowam, Cisqua School, St. Mark’s School, Deerfield Academy….and….

Renee Ashley Baker’s Best Ivy League Schools: Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, NYU, Welsley, Vasser, Mt Holyoke, Radcliff.

 #6 Best Young Athletes

          Shaun White

                        Shaun White 2  Shaun White 1

(pictured above–and upside down: Shaun White aka “The Flying Tomato”)

                                    Richard Sandrak

(pictured above: Russian born Richard Sandrak aka “Little Hercules” presently starring in the movie, “Little Hercules 3D”).

                                                                                 Braxton Bilbrey

(pictured above: Braxton Bilbrey,  7 year old channel swimmer who in May of 2006 completed a historic swim from Alcatraz Island).

#5 Best Children’s Puppies

               Playful Puppies by Guitarfreek

Best Adopt-A-Pet:

(Did you know that 25% of all “orphaned dogs”  are pure breds? Check out the following wesites if your child (or you) is in need of “Man’s Best Friend”:  Petside.com, ASPCA.com, and “The Poodle Rescue Agency” .  Note: If a “poodle” is not what you want just fill in the name of the breed you are seeking such as: The _____Rescue Agency).

#4 Best Baby Pictures

                                    Photo by Anne Geddes

Best  “Labor of Love” by Ann Geddes

 (pictured above, baby photographed by Anne Geddes).

Labor of Love by Anne Geddes

#3 Best Children’s Disney DVD’s:

                                  Disney’s Hercules          Disney’s Underdog DVD

                                  Disney’s Ratatouille         Disney’s Pixar Short Film Flicks

(pictured above: Disney’s “Hercules”, Disney’s “Underdog”, Disney’s “Ratatouille”, Disney’s “Pixar: Short Film Flicks”and Disney’s “Pirates of the Carribben: At World’s End”).

#2 Best Children’s Live Shows

                                  Disney On Ice Princess Wishes

Disney On Ice: “Princess Wishes”

(pictured above: the title says it all—now touring the USA–don’t miss it!)

                                   Jaimie star of Wintuk

Cirque de Soleil’s “Wintuk”

(pictured above: Jaimie stars as the little boy searching for snow in a land called, ‘Wintuk’ and Russian beauty Audrone Pavloviciene stars as the ‘High Priestess’).

                                                  Wintuk by Cirque de Soleil

#1 Best Children’s Movies now playing

                                Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

                                             Water Horse Legend of the Deep

(pictured above:  “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and “Water Horse: Legend of the Deep”…both playing at a movie theatre near you….).


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