Re: Organized Crime
(and the entertainment industry).
Every day, I, Renee Ashley Baker, watch the TV show “L. A. Detectives” and I see LAPD and L.A. Sheriff’s Dept running “L.A. Mexicans” through the “L.A. Jails”. Why then, are Colorado (#Denver, Aurora, Englewood) Mexicans trying to run, own and “manage” the L A “entertainment” industry ? It doesn’t make sense that Mexicans (Peppie/Peppy) and the Black Crips and the HOBOS (the dope runners) are trying to “set up” (cast and finance) movie productions from Colorado. They’re trying to Set Up movie productions both at “movie studios” and at Banks. (These Colorado Criminals have told me they want me at Citibank but I think they are also trying to use Chase/Morgan Stanley to “launder” drug cartels money like they did at #HSBC).
2. I believe “Women Owned” businesses are being “targeted” for “shakedown and extortion” . (Extortion and Coercion by the Mob (Sicily/Naples) by the Mexican Drug Cartels, by the Crips, and by the “Blue Collars” aka the Unions aka “the Mob”).
3. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born to a U S Air Force mother (and Eastern Star) at the rich Barnes Jewish hospital and I had a “bourgeoisie” upbringing in an old Jewish neighborhood “mini mansion” (that had been brought over piece by piece from France by a Jewish millionaire Judge). My Eastern Star Mother paid for my “classical ballet lessons” . Why, why would I allow myself to be told who to hire and where to shop by “poor Mexicans and Hobos” around Denver ? And, Why would the rich Jewish men who RUN the “entertainment industry” allow themselves to be ?
4. Dumb “Cowtown” Denver never DID have the “movie industry” ( I guess because they were always too “crooked” ) and because “Dumb #BroncoDenver ” never learned that old showbusiness adage “Talent Rules”(!!!)
5. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be setting up my “menswear and champagne businesses” in France (with Canada’s Neimann Marcus store’s exclusively, and hopefully with two French/Jewish owners). And I, Renee Ashley Baker , will become a citizen of France (after a year or so in NewYork). White MEN in California beware !!!
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re: Princess Diana
I, Saw the last 2 hours last night (“Diana’s Story”) so so sad !!!