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….HALL & OATES  !!!

 Hall and Oates of Philadelphia


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#Renee Ashley Baker’s DNC Convention  Vault 


The Clintons’ Christmas Cards (2016)


#1  The Campaign Speach (You Won’t See at  The DNC):

“Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, then Fuzzy Wuzzy  wasn’t Fuzzy was he;  Was He ?”


e31a218b-ca1e-4a98-b280-51e68b25e81f (1)

#2  Hillary Selfie:  “Told Ya Stupids !”


dc43fb00-ddc5-4e47-aab6-076a00980af4 (1)

#3 “Bill’s Pocket Watch: Thumbs Up ! “



#4 “Slack The Email Killer”



#5   “Sergei  The  Email  Hacker”  

(All photos above created by Renee Ashley Baker

 with Photo Lab App….)

Hillary Clinton and President Obama DNC 2016

DNC 2016

Philadelphia William Penn

the-beautiful-Mrs A-wearing-diamond-pendant-1-jpg1

above the Beautiful Mrs. A aka Lady Irma/Erma (Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother) and below the Beautiful Mrs. K  (aka Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy aka Presidential Mom aka  Kennedy family Matriarch…)

Mother Rose Kennedy 2

President John F Kennedy at DNC Convention

President John F Kennedy



Happy Birthday Rose F. Kennedy !  

Did you know that Presidential Mother  Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was born July 22, 1890?  Among the many things “Countess Rose” did was founding  the Rose F Kennedy Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) is the clinical arm of The Rose F. Kennedy Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. It provides a broad spectrum of clinical services for infants, children, and adolescents and, despite its name, adults, with problems that include physical, developmental, language and learning disabilities.

One of the largest centers of its kind in the United States, CERC is a voluntary, nonsectarian agency whose services are essential components of the care available in New York City and New York State to all individuals with developmental disabilities. CERC’s professional staff provides over 55,000 diagnostic, therapeutic and related visits to about 7,500 individuals and their families annually, while training close to 1,000 professionals each year.

In addition to CERC, the Rose F. Kennedy Center at Einstein houses The Rose F. Kennedy University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), The Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) fellowship, and The Rose F. Kennedy Center Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC), Under the auspices of these four components, The Kennedy Center offers a range of clinical services, training programs and research studies.

Rose F Kennedy UCEDD






Best Style and Elegance in Menswear

( Distinctive To The Bourgoisie Class)

the doll

“The Gentlemen Standard”

Visit Site At:

Best Convertible Range Rover (For Men)

The Evoque 2016


(Cost: $50, 789.00)

Best Hair (For Men)

Slikhaar !

Slikhaar for men

Best Treadmills (For Men)

Woodway Treadmill

The Woodway       (Cost: $5995.00)


The Bowflex   ( Cost:  $3,299.00)

Best Spin Bike (For Men)

The Peloton Spin Bike

 The Peloton   (Cost:  $ 1995.00)

Best Romantic (and Remote) Destination Getaway

 Jumby Bay on Corfu


 This 5-star  Jetset Rosewood resort is a six-minute ride from the Carribbean Island of Antigua.  (Not allowed here are cars, jet skiis, and beach vendors !!!)

 Best Gadgets and Electronics (For Men)  


Seek Thermal: A gadget that transforms your smart phone into a “military grade” thermal imaging camera.

voyager-bag- for fall

 Voyager Weekender (by This Is Ground):  This bag carries 5 days worth of clothes and toilitries but organizes and protects your tech gear with its distinctive “pod”)

Best “Fans” for Beating The Dog Days of Summer (For Men at Home)

 Below the Dyson Air Multiplier ($300); The Crane Tower ($130) and the Hunter Oscillating Fan with remote control ($65).

Dyson Air Multiplier AM01



Best News Organization (For Men)

ICIJ logo

  ICIJ : A Consortium of Watchdogs




Best To Wear (City Life !) Fall/Winter 2016


Day (Chanel !!!)  

Lanvin lbd 2016

Night (Lanvin’s LBD !!!)

 Best Luxurious Family Truckster (For Mom)

Volvo XC90 


 (Cost $49,825.00)

 Best Reading (For Women)


Before I Forget by B Smith

Five years ago model/entrepreneur “B” discoverd that she had “Alzheimers”….

Best Reading (For Women)


-AARP-Dustin Hoffman-Cover-

above, Dustin Hoffman 

Best Lifestyle Gurus (For Women)

Guru #1   Martha Stewart !

I, Renee Ashley Baker, “can’t stand” Oprah DUFF Rachel Ray (D.U.F.F. is an acronym for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”); but, I, Renee Ashley Baker am still enamored with Martha Stewart.

 Back Story:  Back in the mid 1990’s I, Renee Ashley Baker would lay on my couch, staring, “dumbstruck” and “awestruck” at Martha Stewart walking (no “striding”) through piles of yellow leaves and “wistfully” stirring in pots.  Go figure !!!

Martha Stewart annual Halloween Handbook

Real Simple Martha Stewart

 For quick easy Martha Stewart recipes download the new “Real Simple” app.

Guru #2  (Gwynnie !!!)

 Gwynneth Paltrow’s “Goop” is “Lifestyle” for the 30-40 somethings….



Gwyneth Paltrow Speaks At The 2016 Antiques And Garden Show Of Nashville



Best Scholarship Locator (For Mom and Dad to Peruse)  

Fastweb Logo

Are you seeking scholarships for kids want to go to college?  Thousands of scholarships are listed at Fastweb com  

Best Wireless & Satellite (For The Family)

Att/Direct TV

Att Worldly


Visit: ATT com/Worldly

Best “Empowered Lunch”

 Pack your lunch (or “His” lunch) with the new “Sandwich Gear” !!!

Wrap n Mat

#1 “Wrap n Mat” will wrap your sandwich and keep your desk crumb free

Sandwich On Board aluminium containers

#2  “Sandwich on Board” aluminum containers will “tote” fixings separately (fixings being that blop of Grey Poupon, or Kraft real Mayo; slices of organic tomatoes or sliced red onions.


 #3 “Full Circle Wherever Refresh on the Go Insular Bottle” will give your H20 “fruity flavor”.  

le-sport-sac-lelunch-sack-pouch 1                    le-sport-sac-luggage-lunch-box 2

#4 Too Cool For School “Le Lunch Sack”  

If you’re into couture (aka “real crocodile”)  lunch boxes…check out “The Cornelius”

sold exclusively at Tiffany & Co (NYC)


Tiffany & Co Cornelia Lunch Box

Best Fashion Apps (For Designer Shopping)

the_hunt shopping app

spring shopping app


stylekick shopping app

 Best “Fashion Model” Instagram Account

@Pyper America





(To New Momma Nicky)

 Nicki Hilton


Welcome Baby Lily Rothschild….



   ” @  50 plus  “

Did you know that the AARP  @50+ group  is the largest and wealthiest “spending group” around the globe?  Truth is the dollars that were “hard earned” then deposited into 401k’s, Roth IRA’s, Seps and Keoghs have, for the past half century, made America (and the world) go round….

Best Products (For ages 50-85)

Best Tech Books (aka Best How To Books)  

My Social Media For Seniors



My Digital Entertainment For Seniors


Best “Advice Bulletin”

AARP Bulletin 2016


Best Mobile Panic Button



Best Cane (“Get Up And Go”)



Best Credit Card  (Chase Visa)

AARP_Rewards Chase Visa


Best RFID Chip Blocker

I D Stronghold

Best “Grandparents” Website

Why Grandparents com (of course !)





For Men and  For Women

John Wisemans SAS Survival Guide cell phone app

My Force Now Panic Button


Companion app


Find My Car app


see something send something

BEST  “ADVICE”…. (in Crises)


Best Help:  For  A Young Person….


Check Out: Childhood Solutions com  

Best TV Show:  How To

Whaddyado TV

What to do during an earthquake, a lightning storm even what to do if your dog stops breathing (you do “dog CPR”; 30 compressions then 2 life breaths–do for up to 2 minutes if necessary).

Whaddyado TV

Because I, Renee Ashley Baker, have, in my family, so many “military men” (uncles and cousins) and several “law enforcement” (uncles, a brother –James–who did “secret work for the U.S. Secret Service” and  another male relative who worked, for over 20 years, for the U.S. Justice Department) I, Renee Ashley Baker, am adding the following for my readers:


What To Do….

fire alarm

Pull The Fire Alarm !

Learn where the fire alarms are in your office building (or work place).

 In case of “terror attack”do the following:

 Solution 1:  If you can, GET OUT–run out– of the building.

 Solution 2:  If you can’t get out of the building, BARACADE and HIDE .

 (Shut off the lights if you can get to the light switch).

 Solution 3:  If you can (without causing immediate harm or danger to yourself) SUMMON  HELP  by way of cell phone (or if you can get to it “pull the fire alarm” !!!).

Solution 4:  Stay as CALM as possible (that way you can clearly “think what you should do”). 


People working in the office

Illustration by Vector

Make Shift Weapons:  

1.  Fire Extinguisher (A fire extinguisher can be debilitating like a pepper spray/mace when sprayed in the face of the “Attacker”….)

2.  A Flammable and A match or a Bic lighter.  

 Dousing or “spraying” the skin or clothing of  the Attacker/ Gunman/Terrorist with an “accelerant” may–just may– give “hostages” a “take down opportunity”.  (Learn how to make a “Molotov Cocktail”.  Seriously !!! ….).  

3.  For Your Desk:  T.A.K. (Terrorist Attack Kit)

Inside a “shoulder bag”  “drawstring backpack” or  sturdy “leather fanny pack”.  Pack:

a.  Cell Phone (one with a “pepper spray” cell phone case is preferred).

 b.  Pepper Spray/Mace Spray (but do NOT attach this canister to your car keys or door keys  chain).

 c.  A Bic lighter (new).

 d.  Swiss Army Knife (the 10th Mountain’s standby weapon of choice).  

  e.  A Taser Gun or Stun Gun

  f.  A “pepper spray flashlight”; a “flashlight taser”; or a “tactical flashlight that has a “blinding strobe, and an SOS/Morris Code signaling feature”.

 All of the above “Weapons” don’t necessarily have to be “used” by YOU.   All of the above “Weapons” can “aid” in a “take down opportunity”.   Test each item to make sure it is “functioning property” before you pack it inside your T.A.K. (Terrorist Attack Kit).

 Best Video From L.A. Sheriff’s Department

What To Do During Active Shooter Attack….

Now….Renee Ashley Baker News:  

(Below Renee Ashley Baker’s New York residence (50 United Nations Plaza….)

50 United Nations Plaza

i_love_new_york_high_top_by_reneeab9_printed_shoes-         ReneeAB9 Shoe white

reneeab9_graphic_arts_high_top_printed_shoes      ReneeAB9 Shoe

(above ReneeAB9 Shoe Designs…) 

re: The ReneeAB9 Smiley Face Emoji Collection

To The Resort, To The Yacht, To The Louvre Restaurant

To The Park, To The School, Feet up at the Office (U Rule)

To The Mall, The Salon , Or For TakeOut  U Bet

To The Country Club, To The Skating Rink, Or To See Me at

the  Met !  (lol )


(Designed by Renee Ashley Baker)

The “ReneeAB9” shoe is not a “ballers” shoe (per se).  The ReneeAB9 shoe is fashion shoe for “players” of the “street-style  game”.   The ReneeAB9 shoe is for the Man (or Woman) who shops at Neiman Marcus and Barneys ; therefore I am not seeking “athlete” endorsers.  (So, No to Kobe Bryant, No to Venus , No to Serena, No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Tyra Banks, No To The Kardashians, No to Kanye West, No to Tyga, No to Beyonce, No to Rihanna, No to Mary Blige, No to Lil Kim,No to Brook Shields, No to Sean P Diddy, No to FUBU,  No to Donald Trump and No to Roger Federer –although I might like to talk to John McEnroe of New York).

2.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will model (“endorse”) my own (ReneeAB9) shoe collection in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Elle and WWD….( although, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will  be sending a free pair to Pippa & to her sister the Duchess….and maybe a free pair for “Baby  Snookems” aka HRH Princess Charlotte if– I decide to do a “children’s line”….)

Renee Ashley Baker plans to be New York City’s “Greatest Shopper !!!” (meaning Biggest Spender of the Week, Biggest Spender of the Month, Biggest Spender of the Year !!!).  


Moore Renee Ashley Baker News:

Renee Ashley Baker has filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department naming CBS Network, Universal, Warner Bros and ICM.  

Below, Renee Ashley Baker’s  France House

Cote d Azur

 Now….Scroll Down To View Renee Ashley Baker’s Take On “The Republican National Convention”….


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