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Inauguration: The Anti-Inauguration Poem

January 20, 2009


      The “Anti-Inauguration Poem”


Renee Ashley Baker

(copyright 2009 by Renee Ashley Baker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

 Ginger or Mary Ann

Sonny or Tom Hagen

Bernie Madoff or Mark Rich

Captain Sully does a ditch

Hurricane Blew Things Unhinged

A freaky sight just came on “Fringe”

Pitts new character a Benji he

I took my turn to jump on Wii

Suri’s dad he did the worm

To Valkerie from “The Firm”

Auto men won’t leave their jets

I’ll say ‘good-bye” to the ‘Vette’

My Sharona still played on Monk

FDR on tv–was Joe Biden drunk?

My James Bond still never takes a fall

He does his dishes with ‘Finish Electrosol”

Dirty creeps bathed at Kentucky Chicken

My Seiko watch just keeps on ticken

Space Station Bag it came a loose

A snow storm derailed that ‘big caboose’

Elliot Spitzer tried to be a ‘playa’

Now he’s in jail, do you hear what I saya?

Slapchop and Graty made their debut

The ‘pedegg’ on tv showed rough heels what’s new

Beijing lit up like a birthday cake

Now made in China is what they ‘used to make’

Still A gallon went to $4 dollars

John Walsh and his crew are still making collars

Hillary lost without a tear in her eye

Richard Gere told everyone to hug the ‘bad guy’ (wha?)

Blago wants to sell a senate seat

Just $1 million 99 it can’t be beat

George Bush’s last day is 1 -20-99

Joy Behar made it jewelry, isn’t she fine?

George Bush is outgoing with a wink and a coup

But what did he say?  “Watch out for that shoe”

I wear Chanel  and I love Jimmy Choo

I sick of this poem–how bout you?


“I  NEED   A   HERO !”….









Above, Pam Davis who “told” the FBI on Blago.   She wore a wire!!!  Pam Davis “is” Renee Ashley Baker….                                           


Below…More of Renee Ashley Baker’s “Heros”


Go Airforce!  Ace pilot Chesley Sullenberger, III. ….Sully as he’s known to friends and family began flying airplanes at the age of 14.   Captain Sully is a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who flew “F4   Phantom Jets”.


                                           LIV    RENEE    WALKER





September 8, 2008




         When pitbulls fly…. 



(above, former governors Carter, Reagan and Clinton)

above Pitbull ( Er–I mean–Palin )


How does she travel ?


Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin said, “No private jets”.  So….when Sarah travels she may travel First Class V.I.P. or she may just “go online” like everybody else….Here are some travel friendly “travel sites” online that you may wish to explore.





5.   OR….perhaps my travel agent which is:

6.  Fisher’s Travel  in NYC (specializing in luxury/jet set travel)….


Let’s not forget the Pitbull’s (I mean Palin’s) boss….

Presidential Candidate John McCain….



View My Tripod:

 special thanks: “Luggage” by nhanusek on Flickr

Friday Fourth: “4TH Of July”

July 2, 2008


George Washington\'s home in Mt. Vernon                             VERNON AND ARKANSAS

                  George Washington\'s home in Mt. Vernon

Above, home of President George Washington (in Mt. Vernon)

                                    Arkansas Flag and Banner in Little Rock Arkansas

Above, home of store Arkansas Flag and Banner (in Little Rock)


                             President Franklin D. Roosevelt

In June of  1944 President Roosevelt signed the “G.I. Bill”…. 


                              President Dwight D. Eisenhower 

In June of 1956 President Eisenhower signed the “Federal Highway Act”….



DVD Rentals…..

“Patton”  starring George C. Scott


and….”Born On The Fourth of July” starring Tom Cruise


RECIPES:  Renee’s 4th of July Sandwiches (The Monte Cristo)

AT THE MOVIES–NOW PLAYING (click link below)

P.S. Madonna is the “Dog” that I’m not going to let “sniff up underneath my dress”….


June 19, 2008



Globetrotter Luggage 

Globetrotter Luggage….Carried by “The Queen”


                                                                      Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008 

                                         Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008


Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008 

Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008


                                                                        Chanel Resort Collection 2008 

                                                 Chanel Resort Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

Chanel Spring Collection 2008….”A Tartain Doll”


                                                                                                  Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

                                       Chanel Spring Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 evening

Chanel Spring Collection Evening 2008



                          DIARY:  “DESTINATION  HYANNISPORT”

         I have decided to visit Hyannisport (aka “The Kennedy Compound”)….I will stay for 30-60 days (during the months of July and August 2008)….I have decided to visit Hyannisport for two reasons–(1) it “is” the home of  the legendary President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (he was and still “is” America’s “favorite”  U.S. President) and  (2) I must make the trip to Hyannisport  for “history’s sake”  (and so that I can talk with and meet “my” Kennedy family)….I have decided to “keep a diary” of my stay at Hyannisport also–for “history’s sake”….  (I may or may not “go sailing” on one of those “famous Kennedy boats”).  I will also get to visit the “JFK Library” in Boston–which I will include in “my screenplay”….

   MY PACKING LIST:   My packing list, for Hyannis Port,  will include all the items pictured above plus– 6 pairs of  Jackie O “Bernardo Sandals” .  I will also pack my black Jimmy Choo evening pumps, my Tiffany sunglasses, a Mikimoto Pearl choker with matching pearl bracelet, and a gold Judith Lieber evening clutch…I will Executive Produce my motion picture and U.S. Senator Edward M Kennedy will co-produce and consult….I will make $104.3 million dollars but President John F. Kennedy and U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy both–want it that way….

MY MAGAZINE LIST:  Conde Nast, Hearst, Fairchild, Washington Post/Newsweek, Mort Zuckerman’s Publications.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will appear on the cover of 22 magazines…)



February 18, 2008

                                                          President John F Kennedy

Archive: The Speeches of President John F. Kennedy


President Ronald Reagen


“Our people look for a cause to believe in.  Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of not pale pastels, but BOLD COLORS which make it unmistakably clear  where we stand on all of the issues troubling the People…” –RONALD W. REAGAN  (03/01/1975)

Video Below For First Lady Nancy: “Recover Soon”–Renee Ashley Baker

Learn: Presidential Code Names (continued)


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History Monday: Presidents’ Day !

February 15, 2008

          Did you know that presidential code names have little to do with the actual ‘safety’ of the President?   Once upon a time….presidential code names were useful when radio and phone communications were “unsecured” and could easily be picked up by outsiders.   Nowadays, however, the military and the Secret Service can communicate over highly “secured” lines — making a presidential code name irrelevant.  Still, habit lives on…as you’ll see below.

          (Renee’s Aside: “All presidential code names are chosen by the U.S. Military.  George Bush, Jr was given his code name back during his ‘rowdy days’ when his dad –George Bush, Sr– was still President.  It takes too long to say, let’s go get ‘George who can really throw one back’.    So,  the Secret Service shortened it, and said,  instead, ‘Let’s go get Tumbler’ ….Tee, hee, hee”….)

special thanks: Code Name  ‘Pickle’

P.S.  Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service Code Name is “Evergreen”.  Evergreen!  Evergreen!   But–I thought?   Duh-Whuuuut???????…

President George Bush,Jr  Code Name: Tumbler

Code Name: Timber Wolf President George Bush, Sr 

President Bill Clinton  Code Name:  Eagle

  Code Name: Rawhide President Ronald Reagen

Can you guess President Kennedy’s ?  

                             (Renee’s Hint:  “Guinevere” )

President John F Kennedy 1   

                                                               President John F Kennedy

Code Name:  “Lancer”….

also…special thanks: The Washington Post (for the research).