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May 30, 2008

                                                   The Exoskeleten Robotic Soldier


The Flying Man Suit

Software engineer Rex Jameson is pictured above wearing a “robotic soldier suit” that is an “exoskeleton” of aluminum and electronics that multiplies his strength and endurance as many as 20 times….The suit works by sensing every movement the wearer makes and almost instantly amplifies it.  Sarcos in Salt Lake City  Utah is helping the U.S. Army assess the suit’s  viability for the “soldier of tommorrow”…. 

(“Renee’s Aside: Does ‘faster than a locomotive’ ring a bell ?  Or is it ‘will the real “Iron Man” please stand up ?’  ” ….)

Sarcos is developing the technology under a two year contract worth up to $10 million dollars…..(Also shown above a “flying man suit” that is NOT  affilliated with the Sarcos company  in Utah)

Special Thanks: M. Jewell (AP)

 I will NOT be doing any motion picture projects with Angelina Jolie.  I do NOT want Angelina Jolie to “buy my story”. ( I “will” see “Kung Fu Panda” however I will NOT see “Wanted”). 

 “I’M  FOR  KENNEDY” — and I will be wearing my “white mink coat” when I attend my movie’s premiere (with Senator Edward M.  Kennedy and Miss Caroline Kennedy) in Washington DC and in Cannes….

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture ,  in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars.  Renee Ashley Baker will Executive Produce the motion picture and U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will co-produce/consult….


Future Friday: Fingerprint

March 7, 2008

                            Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

             Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

                       Cell Phone Boarding Pass from TSA

  Electronic Airline Boarding Pass on a Cell Phone

        (Renee’s Aside:  How about this as a way to prevent “illegal voting”.  What say—all registered voters be required to: (1) Report to DMV to give a fingerprint.  (2) The finger print would then be input into the “DMV database” and into the “Voter Registration database”.  (3)  On voting day–the “Voter” goes to the polls, signs his/her name and puts his/her finger on a “Biometric Finger print Authenticator” .   (4) The authenticator reads the “Voter’s Finger print”.   If there is a “match” the “Voter” is then “permitted” to vote….).

FYI:  I will “not allow” the C-list shakedown cowtown called Denver to build the Renee Ashley Baker Chinese Libraries.  They will be built in China by Chinese born construction workers.  I will give/donate $5 million dollars towards the building of the Renee Ashley Baker Chinese Libraries.


January 17, 2008


                    James Kim

Number 1 Son….(“I mean Number 1 Charity”….)

pictured above, Chinese “Gadget Guru” James Kim who founded the “James Kim Technology Foundation”. 

You may visit and support James’  website at:


Charity #2:

Renee Ashley Baker will  donate $5 million dollars to China for the building of  “The Renee Ashley Baker Chinese Libraries” (which– are to be built in China….)


“Happy Birthday James!”

From Renee Ashley Baker To ‘James Bobonoff’ The Producer of Disney/ABC’s “Good Morning America”….

(Renee’s “Sweet Baby James”)