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History Monday: The Primaries and ‘My’ Carolinas (Post #956)

January 18, 2008

Did you know that South Carolina is one of the ‘original’ American colonies?  Some well known South Carolina tourist spots  are: Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach and Cumberland.


JFK Jr Wedding

Did you know that JFK, Jr got married in Cumberland?  But  ‘that’ Cumberland is on the National Sea Shore of Cumberland Island Georgia.  The marriage ceremony  (pictured above and below)  took place on a Saturday, in 1996, in a small ‘white Chapel’.  The wedding party stayed at ‘The Greyfield Inn’ which is also where the wedding reception was held.  Did you know that this small resort on this secluded barrier island in Georgia where John F Kennedy, Jr  and Miss Carolyn Jeanne Bessette married  was once the vacation home for another famous and important family? ….The ‘Carnegie’  family…

Cuberland Dungenous

 Cumberland Main Road

About “My Carolines”….

View: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at the Fire and Ice Ball (from HarumiSan)

View:  Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (from Grace St. Clair)

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PREVIEW: “From One….To The Other?”

January 8, 2008



“No, No, No, No, No To Hillary”….

(“Yes To Giuliani….Renee Ashley Baker’s candidate will ‘remain’ Rudy Giuliani….”) Rudy Giuliani 1

Still “NO” to Gail/Gale  (I will testify against Gail/Gale). Still “NO” to Madonna (Madonna is a Dog). Still “NO” to the Mexican extortionists/criminals.

Primary Tuesday (and Movie Tuesday)….

January 7, 2008


                                       Ron Paul candidate

                     New Hampshire Winner: Ron Paul

                       (according to “Facebook”)



New Election/Old Slogan:  “In a country where anybody can become President, ‘anybody’ just did”….

 Movie: pictured above and below, “Dave” (1993) starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver.

                                                                        Dave kevin klein and sigourney weaver

and furthermore….

                       simpsons gay marriage

New Law/New Hampshire Too:

Did you know that New Hampshire is the 4th State to legalize “same sex unions”?  Which means — all state level rights and benefits of marrriage but “without” the title….(Maybe God did make Adam and Steve….)

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