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Super Bowl 2012 For Men, Safety For Women, Men For Women, and President Obama (aka President ? )

January 31, 2012


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      I hereby now and forever officially dub thee, President Drone.

Yes–President Obama is now  “President Drone”  (and this IS  how World Leaders view President Obama).   So— can the Republican and Conservative opponents  for the White House stop being “piddly” ?     Can you stop acting like school girls?   (Stop acting like the piddly school girls in the silly high school movie “Mean Girls” ?).  Yes–you read right–I did say “GIRLS !”….   Do you Republicans  and Conservatives really think you can beat President Obama with all that garbage?  He has a billion dollar war chest fools!     So–from now on don’t–  anyone–  bring up the following:

(a) President Obama’s  “birth qualifications”. (Mitt Romney has recently announced that “his” father was born in Mexico).

(b) President  Obama’s  “grades and academic achievements”.  (President Obama went to two ivy league colleges –Columbia and Harvard’.   His grandmother–caucasian–was a banker but he probably got scholarships…)

(c) President Obama’s “drug use” ?   Remember–both Clinton and George Bush Jr were reported cocaine /crack cocaine users.  (In fact, in case you didn’t  know —  one of George Bush Jr’s  longtime friends– a popular chinese restaurant owner–was arrested–in Denver—for running a “drug trafficking ring” (LOL)….

(d) President Obama’s “grandiose spending”.  (What grandiose?  Do we want World Leaders to see the President of the United States as some “po welfare man”?)    COME  ON !

The United States is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world.  If President  Obama doesn’t look right world leaders, especially dictators like Ahmadinejad,  will “point and laugh”.  Besides, he–President Obama–could have gone skiing in St. Moritz Switzerland but instead he went to Hawaii where he was born!  ….

What–I think Republicans and Conservatives need to do is STOP and start over with a new plan.  A plan to either “repair” or “embellish” in 2017.    President Obama  IS  going to win another term.  FACE  IT!    And– in 2017 — the Republicans and Conservatives will then have “their chance at it”….The Republicans and Conservatives  will then be able to “embellish” how  Obama “turned it around”  or  “repair” the damage Obama did during his 8 year term.  So–either way have a plan you Republicans and Conservatives and be ready to “jump in” and “get started”  once “Obama” is “out of there” …

By the way–do you know WHY President Obama will win a second term?  Click link below to view 49 million votes that will be “going to President Obama”  in  November….Forty-nine  million votes going to the same man Conservatives have called “the food stamp president’….Click link to view 49 million voters….





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Dorial Green-Beckham football star from St. Louis Missouri

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Renee Ashley Baker was born in St. Louis Missouri….


St. Louis chasing a Tiger

above, photograph  taken by Renee Ashley Baker (at a “relative’s house”)….



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Glamorous Wednesday: Belated Goodbye

April 8, 2008

                        Margaret Truman Daniel

                              Margaret Truman Daniel

                       (February 17, 1925-January 29, 2008)

                 She was born in Independence Missouri and christened Mary Margaret Truman (for her aunt Mary Jane Truman and her maternal grandmother Margaret Gates Wallace) and she was called “Margaret” from early childhood.

              Margaret graduated from George Washington University and in the late 1940’s she under went operatic vocal training and pursued a singing career that was widely publicized during her father’s Presidency.  She performed on stage, radio and television until the mid-1950’s….

             On April 21, 1956 Margaret married New York Times reporter (and later editor) Clifton Daniel (1912-2000).  They had four sons Clifton Truman, William Wallace, Harrison Gates and Thomas Washington. 

              In later life Truman resided in her Park Avenue home in Manhattan and served on  the Board of Directors for the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum along with Board of Governors for the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute. 

             Margaret Truman Daniel died in Chicago  on January 29, 2008 at the age of 83.   Her ashes and those of her husband E. Clifton Daniel were interred in her parents’  burial plot at the Truman Library and Museum in Independence Missouri….

special thanks:  Wikipedia

History Monday: Presidents’ Day !

February 15, 2008

          Did you know that presidential code names have little to do with the actual ‘safety’ of the President?   Once upon a time….presidential code names were useful when radio and phone communications were “unsecured” and could easily be picked up by outsiders.   Nowadays, however, the military and the Secret Service can communicate over highly “secured” lines — making a presidential code name irrelevant.  Still, habit lives on…as you’ll see below.

          (Renee’s Aside: “All presidential code names are chosen by the U.S. Military.  George Bush, Jr was given his code name back during his ‘rowdy days’ when his dad –George Bush, Sr– was still President.  It takes too long to say, let’s go get ‘George who can really throw one back’.    So,  the Secret Service shortened it, and said,  instead, ‘Let’s go get Tumbler’ ….Tee, hee, hee”….)

special thanks: Code Name  ‘Pickle’

P.S.  Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service Code Name is “Evergreen”.  Evergreen!  Evergreen!   But–I thought?   Duh-Whuuuut???????…

President George Bush,Jr  Code Name: Tumbler

Code Name: Timber Wolf President George Bush, Sr 

President Bill Clinton  Code Name:  Eagle

  Code Name: Rawhide President Ronald Reagen

Can you guess President Kennedy’s ?  

                             (Renee’s Hint:  “Guinevere” )

President John F Kennedy 1   

                                                               President John F Kennedy

Code Name:  “Lancer”….

also…special thanks: The Washington Post (for the research).


January 26, 2008


photo above taken by Renee Ashley Baker (with a Motorola camera phone) ….View “RFK” Video (click link below):

special thanks: Paolo from Italy(for the video) ….

To: The Worldwide Press/Media and to The Public

From: Renee Ashley Baker

Not “one” of the employees of the Denver Public Library has said anything “nice”  about the Kennedy Family….  (Disney will be “distributing” Renee Baker Studios’ first  motion picture  in movie theatres worldwide under an “output deal”  valued at $73.5 million dollars.   I,  Renee Ashley Baker,  will “Executive Produce” and   U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will “remain” my Co-Producer/Consultant.


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November 4, 2007

                 First Lady Jackie Kennedy by Andy Warhol                                                       

                                                     Windblown Jackie by Ron Galella 

The First Lady: A  ‘Most Expensive’ Second Act

Did you know that while married to Aristotle Onassis Jacqueline Kennedy received a set of earrings as a birthday present to commemorate the “Apollo 11” mission?   In “Jackie Oh!” by Kitty Kelley the earrings are described as follows:  “A sapphire-studded earth (globe)  at the ear and a large ruby moon hanging from a chain.  The Apollo Ship was attached to a thin gold thread which circled the sapphire earth and then dropped down to the ruby moon”.  And…did you know that Aristotle, the attentive and  adoring husband, made a habit of leaving a little surprise for Jackie on her breakfast tray each morning, even if he was thousands of miles away?  Sometimes it was a poem, but more often it was a gold or diamond bracelet.  Once, Jackie found a string of Japanese cultured pearls wrapped around a roll….

(pause here,  for Renee’s aside: “Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to “with six you get egg roll”….now continue reading….)

Ari happily indulged his wife Jackie’s spending sprees.   In “The $20,000,000 Honeymoon” author Fred Sparks let the title speak for itself.  Sparks calculated that the  ‘$20 million’  broke down to approximately $384,615.33  cents per week.*

special thanks: *above paragraph taken from previously published source material.