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“Perils of Showbusiness” by Renee Ashley Baker (Why I Say No!)…#Entertainment News…#Celebrity News…#Hot Topics

December 2, 2013

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I thought I’d let the public know what type of crooked SH_T is going on here in Denver Colorado….

1. It appears there is something called “Middle Management”. I gather “middle” refers to geographical location? (Such as “middle of the country” between LA and New York). Or “Middle Management” possibly refers to being without a “talent agent” or without a “talent manager” (say for instance an “act” not yet signed to a major record label but “showing promise”). Or “Middle Management” is something with The Crips that “targets talent” trying to “break into showbusiness”…..

2. What these “Middle Managers” do is “steer” (this “steering” is done via COERCION, THREAT, DURESS AND INTIMIDATION).

3. Who signs Crip Stars? It appears that these “not-in-showbusiness criminals” (aka “Middle Managers”) tell “TARGETED TALENT” who they MUST “do business with”. For some reason Denver’s “Middle Managers” steer their “targeted talent” to three companies and they are: Universal/MCA, Warner Bros/Interscope, and ICM. (I believe these Denver Criminals are trying to make “DreamWorks SKG” their 4th company. YES DREAMWORKS !). What I believe is going on is that the “rap music industry” has gone bust–broke–and is not NOT making money. I believe “Interscope” is broke and can’t “drain itself” anymore. So–the Criminals (at least those “stalking” around Denver) have figured its time for them to follow Interscope founder (Dave Geffen) over to DreamWorks where they can start “draining” there too. (I won’t do this to DreamWorks). These Denver “Criminals” are trying to beauregard over Steven Spielberg and Jeff Katzenberg. How? In Denver these “criminals” are walking arund saying “Geffen” is going to pay. WHY? I have not asked Geffen to pay me. (Besides nobody in the “industry” calls him “Geffen”. They say either “Dave Geffen” or “David”. I, for one, refuse to help Denver criminals (Denver “Middle Management”) syphon money out of DreamWorks. I’ve been trying to tell this for five years but no one would listen!.
On “Geffen” (aka Dave Geffen aka Dave aka David). I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been going to Los Angeles since I was 17 and 1/2 years old. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, never slack as I was a frequenter at the HardRock Café in Beverly Hills and at the downtown “weekend club” (a disco) that Princess Stephanie and her then boyfriend used to own. It was a “club” frequented by rich handsome white guys in Lotus sports cars)…Anyway…this–is what I know about “Dave Geffen”. I know that Dave Geffen’s career began–literally–in the “mailroom”. (Dave Gefen was one of the William Morris “mailroom” showbusiness geniuses). Dave Geffen soon moved himself into a “job” at Warner Bros becoming a “big whig” (an “impressario”) so important to “music” that Warner Bros gave Dave his own label aka “Geffen Records”. (BackStory on the BackStory: Dave–not gay in those days–was cohabiting with Cher. Dave was trying to get Cher out of her “$1 a year contract” with Sonny. Cher became the first “act” signed to the new Geffen Records. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, still “can’t stand” Cher). Anyway….once again things went so “great for Dave” –the Golden Boy of the “music industry” — that soon once again Warner Bros was offering to “buy out” Dave Geffen (and I do recall and will never forget that number “$700 Million Dollars”). Dave Geffen accepted the offer and for a while was dating every “starlet”. (I recall his being linked to the fashion heiress, model and actress Marissa Berenson. Whom, I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to become for the owners of Chanel)…Anyway…somehow Dave started a new company (which puzzled everybody because it was said that he had signed a “non-compete clause” with Warner Bros Records); the new company was called “Interscope”. Dave held onto his often printed title “Music Impresario” for years then THAT offer came to join two other “Golden Boys” in a new company….(BackStory #3: Dave Geffen sold his company “Interscope” to three people: Two music execs and the CAPO they had “dangling” around their necks)…..Crooked Denver is trying to “hand me” the same bullsh_T. Dumb Denver, Denver’s Mentally ill, the Shantytown Poor of Englewood, Little Crip Sambo, and the “half-a-Capos with Soapy Smith” are ALL trying to tell ME who I must “do business with”; and…they keep saying the name “Geffen”. WHY? I am not even in music. I am not NOT a musician. (Meaning that I am not a singer and I don’t play any musical instruments). So…WHY are Denver Criminals saying “Geffen will pay” ? Are these Denver Criminals looking for a “front” a “shill” to hand out money? Well I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “hand out money” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not NOT set up any “movie payrolls” nor “record cd deals” at Universal/MCA, nor at Warner Bros/Interscope, nor with ICM nor with those I’ve previously said NO to. (Any deal that I may, MAY have had with “DreamWorks SKG” would have been offered to ME personally by Steven Spielberg or Jeffrey Katzenberg…not by Denver’s “Middle Management Criminals”. So, because of this “MESS” any and all deals with “DreamWorks SKG” ARE NOW GONE. GONE! As I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not, NOT lead Denver’s “Crud and Criminals” (aka Denver’s Middle Management) over to “Dreamworks’ coffers”. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not allow those in Denver insulting me and insulting my Mother to “have/own/use” Renee Ashley Baker to make “showbusiness money”…..I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not, NOT let “Gang Bangers” nor “CAPOS” into the door to DRAIN “DreamWorks”).
P.S. If I, Renee Ashley Baker, am able, I, Renee Ashley Baker, may MAY sign an “exclusive” 7 Year Deal with Disney/ABC for a “game show” that I created which is to be owned by CP Irrevocable Trust. Disney/ABC would get “Network Broadcast Rights” and “Worldwide Syndication Rights” and I, Renee Ashley Baker would get from Disney/ABC $30 Million Dollars a year for 5 years….


P.S.P.S. By the way if its NO to DreamWorks then its no to Warner Bros/Interscope, No to Universal/MCA, No to Peter Guber, No to Pam Greer, No to NBC TV network, No to CBS TV network, No to Mitt Romney, No to Adelson, No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Gail King, No to John Elway, No to an IPO and…ALSO…No to Nicholas Cage, No to Sylvester Stallone, No to Robert DeNiro, No to George Clooney, No to Brad Cooper, No to Danny DeVito, No to Madonna, No to Lady GaGa, No to Charlize Theron, No to Angelina Jolie, No to Julia Roberts, No to Diane Lane, No to Pam Anderson, No to Carrie Underwood, No to Miley Cyrus, No to Katy Perry, No to Janet Jackson, No to Yolanda Adams, No to Jill Scott, No to Nicki Manaj, No to Rihanna, No to Snoop Dogg, No to Dr. Dre and No to Eminem, (Okay?)…. No to Jennifer Lopez, No to Lil Kim, No to Mary Blige, No to Beyoncé, No to Jay-Z, No to Sean Puffy Combs, No to The Bellagio Hotel, No to The Venitian Hotel, No to California, No to Football and No to all others who I, Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to.


#The Million Student March….and Can You Pass This “1912” Test? (“30 Questions from the 8TH GRADE”)…. #Education, #The Erma Foundation, #India, #Ethiopia

August 13, 2013


Dave Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi of Sifteo Cubes


Above, Dave Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi (of MIT’s Media Lab) with their invention “Sifteo Cubes”….

below OLD SCHOOL….(“B” is for Baby Blocks)

Baby Blocks


Sandra Okita with Projo

Above, Sandra Okita (of Columbia University Teacher’s College) with her invention “Projo” aka “projective agent”.

below OLD SCHOOL…. (“B” is for B-9)

Robot B 9



According to a recent UNESCO study, 57 Million children lack classroom “access”. Here are just two countries that over a MILLION “school-less children”:

1.6 Million in India

1.7 Million in Ethiopia

TEF (THE ERMA FOUNDATION) would like to provide individual learning materials to each household (in India/Ethiopia) where a child is NOT attending school.


Are there teaching computers/learning computers and teaching tablets/learning tablets that work….

(a) With electricity (a plug in learning computer/learning tablet).

(b) With electricity and and wireless router(the internet service would be FREE).

(c) With batteries (rechargeable batteries that would be collected and exchanged on a monthly basis).



How can “learning computers/learning tablets” be distributed to 1,000,000 (school-less)children in India/Ethiopia?

(a) Corporations buy them (at a tax write off) and give them away.

(b) Foundations buy them (at a tax write off) and give them away (holding fundraisers if necessary).

(c) American Families “adopt-a-student” wherein the American family would pay for the “learning computer” or the “learning tablet” and the batteries and the shipping (at a tax write off of course).


STILL SCHOOL….Can You Spell Disney?

Disney learning games









Click Photo Above Of Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (THE BEAUTIFUL MRS. A/B)




Do understand that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not, NOT be “working in showbusiness” for 2 reasons:

1. I have a physical injury from which I need to “recover”.

2. I am expecting an “out of court settlement” in the amount of $20 Million to $25 Million Dollars and I will be “moving to New York” to throw cocktail parties and to “become a New York Socialite”. And In 2015 I will be moving to Paris France to launch “Erma French Perfume and Design” hopefully with the Wertheimers.

Also…. 3. It is my relatives CL and Miguel (not Renee Ashley Baker) who is in the movie industry and who is in the music industry. And this–is how it is going to stay.

Also…4. Either I, Renee Ashley Baker, “cast/hire” who I want to or I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t work….(Tom Cruise would have been my choice…Surprise !….Surprise !).


(nOw….You May ScRoLL Down)

Presidents’ Day !, My New Video ! (plus Paris Hilton and Grammy Highlights: The 53rd Grammy Awards: A Review by Renee Ashley Baker)

February 14, 2011




Renee Ashley Baker

 copyright 2011 by Renee Ashley Baker



EXT                     BOSTON  MASSACHUSETTES        DAY


             WE  SEE  CARS speeding and speeding faster and faster till they are nothing more than a blur.  Is this a special effect?  A dream?   Or is it  the REALITY of the woman WE SEE standing at a city bus stop.  She stands alone;  wearing a “brown cashmere coat”.   CLOSE  UP   WE SEE   a  TEAR on her cheek.   Then –suddenly — a “strange smile”  comes upon her face.  Like a child–she begins to turn her arms back and forth, as though they are on the steering wheel of a car.  TRANSITION SHOT:  WE SEE the WOMAN now INSIDE THE CAR –a little yellow car–with matching yellow hubcaps.  (It   looks like a “toy”.)   And  –as  she is driving, driving (through the streets of Boston) WE SEE the little yellow car CHANGING COLORS as she drives.  Also as she drives–WE SEE people,  lined along the streets.  They are STANDING, STANDING, STANDING, waiting to SEE this odd scene–this car–that is changing colors and SEE  the WOMAN –who is behind the wheel.  When the WOMAN in her “color car” (with  color  hubcaps to match) has driven her route so ALL can see:  TRANSITION SHOT:  WE SEE the WOMAN and the car move–WARP–through an INVISIBLE  TUNNEL.   Once through this “time warp”  the woman and the car come out on the OTHER SIDE .  Only this time–the woman is wearing all WHITE and the car she is driving has also “transitioned”.    The car is now a WHITE ON WHITE ROLLS ROYCE CORNICHE .  The convertible top on this brand new white on white Rolls Royce Corniche is DOWN  and the woman (whose long hair is now blowing in the wind) is SMILING.  As we CLOSE UP on the car WE SEE the license plate.  It reads:  RENEE  1  . . . .  AS the Rolls Royce rolls along the scenic stretch of the Cote d’Azure (the French Riviera)  . . . .A CAMERA  OVERHEAD  FOLLOWS….

                                                               THE    eND








500-1000 Orders Needed. . . .



Renee Ashley Baker will be Moving to France.  (Renee Ashley Baker will be renting an apartment in Paris France and Renee Ashley Baker will be buying a house on the French Riviera.  Renee Ashley Baker will be “meeting with” the Chairmen of Chanel Corporation (in France)  and maybe–Renee Ashley Baker will open a discotheque on the French Riviera for the “jet set” and for the “fashion industry –called –what else?

                                         answer: “Renee  #9”

And….Renee Ashley Baker will be “meeting with” the Chairman of TLC (in New York).  Renee Ashley Baker would like to STAR   IN a 24 episode reality tv show for The Learning Channel….)






                            HAPPY    BIRTHDAY    PRESIDENTS!



Happy Birthday To John Travolta






Happy Birthday To Cybill Shepherd







and   Happy Birthday To Paris Hilton: 





TURN   IT  UP!  (Listen below)


 Renee’s  Favorite Radio….


                         The 53rd Grammy Awards


                             Renee Ashley Baker



      RENEE’S   REVIEW:  Gee GAGA I loved the St. Tropez outfit and I loved the new song “Born This Way”  (its classic pop) plus its easy to dance to (yeah I said it! ! !)….I like to dance like Gaga dances doing all the old dances and not just the new ones.  (This dancing “like you’re naked” dancing got me a following–and a fan club–when ever I’d go out dancing at the dance clubs (aka the “discos”)….When–I saw Gaga actually doing the “Charleston” in her “Bad Romance” video I flipped!

      Number of Stars:  *  *  *  *


PERFORMANCE:  Muse (From England)

     RENEE’S REVIEW:   I loved the RETRACTABLE set–it was awesome!  It did justice to this rebel–this “resistance”  song.  (“Victorious!”)….The 80’s music videos which this reminded me of–are still some of the most dramatic and CREATIVE ever made.

Number  of  Stars:  * * * *

 PERFORMANCE:  Bruno Mars (and the Gang)

            RENEE’S  RETRO  REVIEW: “Chic” meets “The Thompson Twins” then bumps into “Tears For Fears”…. But–all this is good!

Number of Stars:  * * * *

 PERFORMANCE:  Never Say, Never Say, Never Say, Never Say. . . .

      RENEE’S   REVIEW:  He (Justin Bieber)  has a  “1/4”  of a Beetle haircut, his dancing is cute,  and he CAN sing.

Number of Stars:  * * * *

PERFORMANCE: The Muppets (and Cee Lo Green)

           RENEE’S REVIEW:  Elton John BLACK !  The song is cute as are The Muppets.  (Gwynneth Paltrow looked like a tall blonde  “muppet–ette”  who can sing!)

PERFORMANCE:  The Avett Brothers

         RENEE’S  REVIEW:  Five handsome guys plus lyrics with a (1960’s) consciousness….

Number of Stars:  * * * *



             RENEE’S  REVIEW:  Still The Legend

  Number of Stars:  *  *  *  *  *



         RENEE’S   REVIEW:  Dolly’s “Jolene” is STILL one of my favorite songs.  (I even wrote a video for Dolly’s “Jolene”–that had an acting role in it for myself.  Maybe one day I’ll get to do it….)

“Congrats Dolly!  For Your Lifetime Achievement Award!

 Number of Stars:  * * * * *



         RENEE’S  ROLLING REVIEW:  With or without Jerri Hall Mick is still fabulous!  Thanks Mick (for being a rolling stone!).

        Number of Stars?   “WOW !   THAT  MANY ! “



           Barbra (aka Babs)  Streisand…..

               REVIEW  (NONE):   Just number of Stars:  A GALAXY!

and then….

 PERFORMANCE:  Arcade Fire !

           RENEE’S  REVIEW:  The “experience” of a live concert (in my living room) plus walking on the sidewalk in Huntington Beach California  (the bicycles  looked familiar )

             Number of Stars:  * * * * (for the light show and for the song….)






****Special Thanks To The National Post

above, The Fab Four in FAB-U-LOUS COATS….


(I , Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT be doing anything in Los Angeles with Arnold Swarzeneggar.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be moving to Paris France….)

below….photos of Renee Ashley Baker



                                                                       (NOW  TURN  IT  UP! )

 Listen–click link: (for Renee #9):



                                             (NOW   SCROLL   DOWN)