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Travel: Jet Set or Jet Blue (Pampering, Planning, and Photographing)

December 2, 2009


Renee Ashley’s Red ‘Globetrotter’ Travel Case

It is inevitable that you’ll get stuck in an airport somewhere, sometime, so why not relax while you’re waiting?

Get Pampered: At Detroit Metro Airport, you can get a facial, a massage, and a shower in McNamara terminal.

Listen to Chopin: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a pianist to serenade irritable would-be passengers.

Tee Off: At Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, you can play 36 holes of golf on airport property–if you’ve got the time.

Up Your Culture Quotient: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has spent millions on its world-class art collection.

Sample the Chardonnay: At Baltimore/Washington International, a wine bar serves flights of wine during delays.

Fly Early In The Day. At airports scheduled to capacity, any delay in the morning means there will be at least that much of delay for every flight thereafter.

Depart A Day In Advance. For crucial trips, such as a business meeting or a wedding.

Check the Delay Statistic For your flight: For how often that flight is more than 15 minutes late on a scale of 1 to 9 (the lower the number, the more often it’s late)–before you book your tickets. Airlines are required by law to give you the stat if you ask for it: many post it on their websites. If the number is 5 or below and time is of the essence, consider another flight.

Sign Up for the registered traveler program. At ( take some of the pain out of the preflight experience. Travelers who pass a voluntary background check can use special lanes to whisk through security at nearly 20 U.S. airports, including in Denver, Oakland, Orlando, and San Francisco.

Make A Call– If you get to the gate and the airline says you’ve lost your seat: Contact the ‘Coalition for an Airline Passangers’ Bill of Rights’ at 877-359-3776. Kate Hanni, the group’s founder, says stranded passengers have told her that seats were suddenly found for them when they called CAPBOR from the airport and let airline personnel know they’d done so. If your flight is canceled, the group’s volunteer staff will help you book hotels, research your flight status, offer alternative routes, help with car rental, and relay weather information.

Understand Your Options: When you’re stuck on the ground for hours after boarding, there’s a reason. “If the airlines lock the doors, the don’t have to provide refunds, credits, lodgling, and food expenses” says Paul Hudson, executive director of the Aviation Consumer Action Project. You can circulate a petition demanding to be let off the plane and take it to the cockpit. An airline can’t hold people against their will unless there is a safety reason, and the Captain has the authority to let people off. If the situation worsens, call the police or a local TV or radio station from your cell phone. CAPBOR hotline volunteers can also put you in touch with the media.

Join The Fight: To enact an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights federal legislation that would mandate, among other things. that passengers be allowed to deplane when they are held on the tarmac for more than three hours as well as require airlines to provide delayed passengers with food, water, sanitary facilities, and medical attention. Know, however, that the major U.S. carriers are dead set against the bill, arguing that cockpit crews should make these calls. For more information on the Passenger’s Bill visit:

Want To Take stunning pictures of your ‘holiday’ ? offers camera basics for beginners, with tips on lighting and low-cost ways to replicate expensive equipment.

Want To Load your holiday pictures onto one website and have them ‘magically appear’ on every website you have? Then try:,,,

GET 29:
Did you know that in 1929 the city of St. Louis hired Archie League, the country’s first air traffic controller? He uses two signal flags to direct planes. Red means hold; black-and-white means go.


I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be singing a contract with Ford Modeling Agency for representation to 21 Companies and for $21 Million Dollars (companies that include Chanel, Chanel Cosmetics–“Renee Perfume by Chanel”, Jimmy Choo, AT&T, IBM, General Motors, and Swarovski for a line of jewelry boxes to be designed by Renee Ashley Baker called, “Pandora’s Box”).

Renee Ashley Baker will reside in Germany (Berlin) and in Monaco, Monte Carlo).

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Potpourri:Fine Art and Fine Living

August 18, 2009

The Film Mystique (Movies To See….Now)

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens (Drama) ….Starring jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore (411: About Park Avenue/Hamptons Socialites “Big and Lil Edie Bouvier”)

The Time Travelers Wife

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” (Love Story) Starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams (411: Produced by Brad Pitt)

District 9 the movie

“District 9” (Action) Starring Sharlto Copley and Jason Cope (411: Cost only $30 million to produce)

Brad Pitt starring in Inglorious Bastards

“Inglorious Bastards” (History) Starring Brad Pitt (411: It stars Brad Pitt!)

The Fever Dream Mystique (Now On Tour)

Hall and Oates

Roger Daltry

Now On Tour: Daryl Hall and John Oates, Roger Daltry, Depeche Mode, Jackson Browne, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt.

The “Far Out ” Mystique

DVD Woodstock 3 Days of Peace and Love

DVD: Woodstock 3 Days of Peace and love (Now In Memory)

The Feminine Mystique

Model by DeSciose

DeSciose (of Denver)

Gilles Bensimon and model

Gilles Bensimon (of Paris )

photograph by Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier (of London)

Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton (of Germany)

Monte Carlo by Louis Icart

Louis Icart (of Monaco Monte Carlo)

The Fourth Estate Mystique

Helen Thomas

“Happy Birthday Helen” from Renee Ashley Baker

The Fluffy Estate Mystique

Leona Helmsley with Trouble

“Ruff Ruff” (or “Rip off! Rip off ! In dog language). Trouble, Leona Helmsley’s “pampered pooch” is suing (in court!) to get a bigger cut of the $136 million dollars left to him by hotel queen Leona Helmsley.

The Freedom Mystique

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R Levin

“Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin

The Floating Word Mystique

Rattle poetry magazine

“Rattle” by resident poet and editor in chief Alan Fox
(Renee Ashley Baker’s aside: “Hey, Mr. Fox, how about a real estate loan?”)

“The Fois Gras Mystique”

Pate de fois gras by Petrossian

Pate de Fois Gras by Petrossian (Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite snack–on toast).

The “That Far Away?” Mystique
New York by Zachwsu on Flickr

A second Exodus? Yup, out of New York City. “Why not?” says Scott Friedman of DAT Minyan Synagogue in Denver, Colorado. Friedman wants to incide a great western migration–Oregon Trail style–but Jewish. Check out Scott’s website at:

The Favorite Star Mystique

Mel Gibson 1

Mel Gibson 2

Mel Gibson 3

“I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to meet Mel Gibson. He is my absolute favorite star. But–I’m torn and I don’t know what to say to him. (Yes, I do wear glasses)….What I mean is, I feel as though it was I, Renee Ashley Baker, who somehow–via osmosis–put Mel with “Nurse Moore”. So–I’m sad about the “marriage” break up. On the other hand he is Mel Gibson–the “sexiest man alive” Mel Gibson! So–I’m running a contest: “What Should Renee Ashley Baker Say To Mel Gibson?” Should it be–
“I’m glad you got rid of her now you and I can be together?” Or….
“What do you think you’re doing getting rid of Robin–Batman?”….

Statement 1 or Statement 2….Which should it be? Serious or hilarious. (Although something tells me Mel Gibson would laugh –out loud– if either statement came out of me) ….

The public can mail their contest votes to: “What Should She Say To Gerard?” (at

How To Awsome!: Hillary Clinton

March 3, 2009

 secretary-of-state-hillary-clinton-in-jakarta-indiaAWSOME !   HILLARY CLINTON IN JAKARTA INDONESIA….






Women’s Pant Suit













Above, photos of Renee Ashley Baker as “The Mermaid”; and  Renee Ashley Baker’s Jimmy Choo Pine Metallic Sandal…

plus …above…. “The Arno Leopard” 

        Pictured above is the  Arno Leopard ….a 115 ft yacht that comes with 4 cabins, 4 crew and can accommodate 9 guests.  The “Arno Leopard” is for sale at  yacht broker Camper & Nicholson …(Renee’s Aside:  I’ll love living in Monaco Monte Carlo where all my friends will “have 115 ft yachts”….Does  Chanel make  a topsider ?)….

re:  Miley Cyrus….I will “not” be doing any projects with Miley Cyrus but– to the “talented” Miley:  Those ‘Scottish rifts’  are ‘Highland’ awsome! 

Renee’s Bugatti: “11 Days Of Christmas”

December 12, 2008


$2 Million for Hermes?

Above, the Bugatti Veyron Fbg (Fbg stands for Hermes headquarters on the Faubourge Saint Honore in Paris).

The Face:  The “face” of this fabulous automobile has been revamped with a brushed–aluminium trademark horse collar grille which is now flanked with a panel that has two air inlets .

The Body:  A 1001-bhp V-16 quad-turbo charged engine (which means this car can do 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds) plus…the piece de resistance?….Hermes loops on the wheel hubs.

The Price:  The price of this Bugatti Royale?  A cool $2 million dollars. 

(Renee’s Aside:  Anyone for a spin around Monte Carlo?   Thanks Bill Gates for my $1 million dollars a year.   My customized license plates?   They’ll  read:   HERA 1)