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December 19, 2007

Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst: Socialite, Heiress, Ford Model,  and Riverkeeper Intern

Best Charities To Give To:  The Rivers (–Robert F. Kennedy, Jr  is Chairman); Special Kids (–another Kennedy charity); More Special Kids (; Hair for bald kids (; Oceans (; Wildlife ( or; Animal Rescue (; Forrests (; Kids Make A Wish (; Orphaned Pets ( and last but not least: Aids Research (…. 


                                        Sharon Stone and Liza Minelli    

Sharon & Liza, sing out at an AMFAR Event

Sharon Stone


                       Best Bon Appetit:                                        


      Chefs at Le Cordon Bleu

Best Chef:

The world’s best chefs come from the Cordon Bleu and Renee Ashley Baker will be hiring a personal chef from Le Cordon Bleu in France….

Best Untrained Chef:  Brian Zupont of  “Z Kitchen”.

Z Kitchen is actually Brian Zupont’s apartment on the Duke University campus.  No hell’s kitchen has Brian–his friends find his culinary delights oh so heavenly!  However–Brian’s website (and his Z Kitchen) are being revamped.  When ready you can reach Brian via his new website at:

Your own chef:  Big City Chefs

Hire your own personal chef?  Why not?  

Visit:….(They’re nationwide….)

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