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Heavenly, Handle, and Handsome (plus Florida Debates 2012: Newt Gingrich vs Mitt Romney by Renee Ashley Baker)

January 24, 2012





p l u s

renee has got a new handle….on  twitter….




Renee’s    Boss   ?

Who is this “handsome man” ?   Log onto  Renee Ashley Baker’s Facebook page to find out.


The New York apartment below belongs to a famous showbusiness pioneer?    Can you guess which one?   Maybe  the owner would be interested in one of the shows I “created” for Oprah….Maybe “Paging Miss O”.    I’m offering a “right of second refusal”….

Hint: (the owner of the apartment is  NOT  Renee Ashley Baker)


(scroll down below to view “the  wealth  men”….)




        Can somebody tell me why the European economy (socialism) and the United States economy (capitalism) both collapsed at the same time?  It  seems  one or the other should have collapsed but not both–and  NOT  at the same time !    Where is the economist who can explain this to me?

      Can somebody tell me why politicians and journalists frequently (and outrageously) LIE and why billions of dollars are routinely sneaked away–syphoned off by crooks?  It seems we’ve become able to live “future age” healthy into our 80’s and 90’s only to be surrounded and accosted by “liars and thieves”. 

     In my day (this is my day–what am I saying);  I mean–in grade school– “liars and thieves”  were outcast and shunned.   In  college– the discussions of  literature were about characters and the moral decisions that confronted them about lying (name one?) or about thievery (name one?).   That–is why– I was so, so (taken aback?) when two “old dogs”  from AARP stood in my face and told bold face lies (and why weeks ago Englewood library employee “Debra”  tried to steal my “flash drive”).  These “old ” (fill in the blanks) are not,  NOT  my Mother’s people.    My Mother (the beautiful  “Mrs. A” ) used to say there were two things she couldn’t stand, and those two things were a “liar and a thief”. 

       So– I sit here following the Republican race for the White House hoping that some old and much  needed “glory” will come shining through the clouds but so far–none has.  (Although I’m kind of pulling for Newt Gingrich  because he lives in Roswell.  Roswell is  the  “exclusive”  gated community in Georgia where my relative –Justice Department employee —Clemmie lives).

      Anyway–such is the reason for the rant yesterday (which I removed from my blog)  so that “new readers” could view my more cogent  (and   flameless)  writings.



        houses, houses, houses….

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s France real estate?

   Renee Ashley Baker and Chanel Corp  will own a $300 million dollar “Erma French Perfume and Design Company” (including “Ashley Lane Jewelers”   and  “Erma’s Beautiful Day Bed” ).


above, a house for “C” (that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “build” with Sotheby’s Real Estate  and with Tiffany & Co and Chanel Corp)….


Capture  Me 

    Who will photograph Renee Ashley Baker in New York City?  Patrick Demarchelier (Princess Diana’s favorite photographer, of course ).

and…. News  at   11








      This is the year that   I, Renee Ashley Baker,   will be posting photos of  my “dates with wonderful men” on this WordPress web Blog.    The dates that I,  Renee Ashley Baker,   will go on  will be “arranged”  by Janis Spindel (aka the millionaire matchmaker from New York) .  These Men have to be  (a) caucasian/Jewish  (b) millionaires   (c) reside in New York, Canada ,  France,  Switzerland , Scandinavia or Israel (I’d love to date  an  Israeli businessman or  date  a Finland Soccer Team Owner) and  (d) These Men will have to DO ME,  BUY ME,  GIMME (“GIMME”  also known as  “taking  me shopping” ….)


                                                        (scroll down for moore)




TO BANKERS AND FINANCIERS (re: “Renee Ashley Baker LIVE! In Progress”)

October 24, 2011




(above Rothschild Bank logo

         I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be getting a mortgage from Rothschild bank to buy my house in France.  I, Renee Ashley Baker was born at the rich Jewish hospital in St. Louis, Missouri)





To My Bankers and Financiers:

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am wearing 4 hats on this one:  Executive Producer, Writer,  Star, and Music Composer.  Your most immediate attention is appreciated….

 View My New Tripod Addition….


 Lil Kim…Will  She “Bee”  There ????? 







(listen to “sample”  of  “CHRISTMAS CHILL OUT ” at bottom of this page…)







  I, Renee Ashley Baker, wrote the song below about “being in love with a man”.  I will sing it–acapella –on my TV Special. 

      Note:  Neither Oprah Winfrey , nor Oxygen, nor Warner Bros/ nor HBO will be broadcasting my TV Special: “Renee Ashley Baker LIVE !  (In Progress)”

                   “The  Bells of St. Where  (Christmas With You)”


                                                Renee Ashley Baker

                            Copyright 2003 by Renee Ashley Baker

                                       ALL  RIGHTS  RESERVED

When —I look in your eyes

It’s just a sign

That I’ve said for time–I will love you

But I realize, it’s all in my mind

For you’ve said good-bye to me

St. Nick—Oh do hear me quick

Just one wish for me, he’ll come back to me

Calling St. Nick—oh don’t let them ring, they’re ringing for me, they’re starting to ring—-


The Bells of St. Where

Ring you are not here

To bring Christmas cheer

A—nother snow has come and gone

I’ve waited so long

Return love that’s gone

Oh I want to spend Christmas with you….

(verse 2)

When—-I look at the stars

Twinkle a far

I want where you are—I still love you

But my heart re-starts–then fractures apart

For you’ve said “no more” to me

St. Nick—Oh do hear me quick

Just one wish for me, he’ll come back to me

Calling St. Nick–Oh don’t let them ring, they’re ringing for me, they’re starting to ring—-

The Bells of St. Where

Ring you are not here

To bring Christmas cheer

A—nother snow has come and gone

I’ve waited so long

Return love that’s gone

Oh I want to spend Christmas with you

(bridge—musical interlude)


St. Nick–Oh do hear me quick

Just one wish for me, he’ll come back to me

Calling St. Nick–Oh don’t let them ring, they’re ringing for me, they’re starting to ring—

The Bells of St. Where

Ring you are not here

To bring Christmas cheer

A—nother snow has come and gone

I’ve waited so long

Return love that’s gone

Oh I want to spend Christmas with you

(The End)

                                                   MEN  WILL BE THERE! 

Two men will be on the “TV Special” as  “dates” for Renee Ashley Baker.  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  LOVE men ! men! men! men!  I, Renee Ashley Baker am what they call “man crazy” (I’ve been so since I was a little girl).  So–I, Renee Ashley Baker, write “love songs” to men and–I, Renee Ashley Baker, write “love songs” about men.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, expect to “get hooked up” via Janis Spindel’s Matchmaking Service…

I keep saying “I Renee Ashley Baker” so the STUPID will know who I’m talking about on this webite!!!!

Renee Ashley Baker will be   MOVING   TO   FRANCE….





Why are you “hating”  the  Queen ?????

DON’T FORGET ! plus THE BACK STORY ABOUT RENEE (with “10 Documents”)

January 24, 2011


In February I’ll use/I’ll post a New York  FAX  NUMBER (to collect orders for “10 Documents”) . . . .









 “Renee Ashley Baker’s Rolodex” (for   Royalty, the Jet Set, Aristocrats, Diplomats, and the French  fashion and beauty industry).

Renee Ashley Baker’s Schedule:

 1.  April  15,  2011  Move to France

(Date Handsome Men in France)

2.  2012 Design Handbags (Tiffany & Co?)

3.  2013  Launch Perfume (Chanel?)

4.  2013  Publish “Live! (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker (Renee Ashley Baker’s book about the Fashion and Beauty Industry. . . .

    IF–IF–I get the “deal” I’m seeking I do WANT the Burger Sotheby’s house on the French Riviera….

SHOUT  OUT  . . . . 


From:  Renee Ashley Baker

        Can  I  get/rent/lease an apartment in Paris for  $3000 per month?   And will I be able to  move in  April 2011?

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “meet with”  the Chairmen of  Chanel Corporation when I arrive in Paris France. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will live/RESIDE in Paris France (WITHOUT) Gale/Gail.   Gale/Gail  will NOT  be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker and Oprah Winfrey will NOT be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker.




1000 orders ($99 each) if 500 or less ($297 each)

Make WIRE TRANSFER  or  CASHIERS CHECKS   Payable  to my first, middle and last name [E.R.A.]

(I’ll meet with Tiffany & Co and Janis Spindel when I arrive in New York) . . . .



Oprah Winfrey has “Live Your Best Life”

Renee Ashley Baker has “Live! (In Progress)”

(I , Renee Ashley Baker, will design crocodile  handbags (for Tiffany & Co?) I, Renee Ashley Baker, will launch my perfume line (to be owned by Chanel Corporation in a 30/70 profit share ?) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will set up my CAFE PRESS MERCHANDISE  STORE  (click link)




To Whom It May Concern:

    The “BOSS”  in question was my boss at a company in Orange County California.  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was on a sales staff  of 20 or so employees and was making what I thought–at that time–was “good”  money (I was making between $700-$1000 per week –which –I spent every weekend at Orange Coast Plaza –in  Cristal Court– and at Fashion Island –in Newport Beach).  The sales manager, Bob, (who was Jewish) was “cool”.    He had once been a “stock broker” who had made/earned  a million dollars.  His  wife (also Jewish) worked there as well and was the “very jealous type”  (but I assuaged any and all fears she may have had because I was funny and she laughed at everything I said).   The entire sales staff went skiing every weekend during ski season at Big Bear.  (They always invited me–Renee–to go with them but I always said “No” because –as I have said on this blog before–I can’t ride the T-lift).   TO BACK TRACK:   About  “the office”  –we were the Motley Crue for the “yuppie set” (as Orange County California always is).  There were two brothers who worked in the office–one looked just like Patrick Swayze — they were trying to start a line of “surfer wear”.   Also in the office was a non-Jewish couple who were “golfers”— they played on different “golf circuits” (and won money!).    The one “celebrity” in the office was a woman, who was maybe 70 years old (but you couldn’t tell it) and she used to babysit for DUSTIN HOFFMAN (Hi Dustin !).   Then there was myself–who–in addition to periodic splurges at the Bally Shoe Store in Cristal Court and supporting  Orange  County’s manicurists —I— was writing.   I was–at that time–working on a screenplay to “star” Tom  Cruise. The story was about a “talent agent” who “falls in love” with his client. . . .

(Note:  I’ve been pregnant three times by three white men  all three men are still living well. . . .) 



 re:  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service 

         DEAR  Janis Spindel:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  arrive in  New York I will stop into your office. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “getting married” in the year 2011…. (HE must be 50-70 years of age, Caucasian/Jewish, a millionaire and reside in New York, Canada or Paris France. )

re:  U. S. CONGRESS  (BUY 3 for $299.00)

HOW  TO  ORDER:  “10 Documents”

To  U.S. Congress and To The Worldwide Press/Media

I must have 1000 orders  (at $99 per order) or 500 orders (you must buy 3 for $299.00).




      Renee  Ashley Baker will be “moving” to the South of France. . . .

and  finally. . . .


      Hoorey that Colorado’s Bill Ritter is out of that Governor’s mansion and Hoorey that John Elway is back in the Broncos’ front office where he belongs (I did not and I DO NOT want any of that missing  $70 million dollars !).. . . . 

NO to ALL those Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to. . . .(I can’t stand Jessica Alba, I can’t stand Christina Aguillera, and I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez etc etc etc)

(Still “NO” to Halle Berry, No to Tyra Banks, No to Whitney Houston,  No to Beyonce Knowles, and No to Janet Jackson).


   The  “fabulous”  Renee Ashley Baker

NEWS For The New Year, plus, 2011 SHOUT OUTS!

January 4, 2011


I’d like my first date on Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service (in Denver or New York)  to buy me,  BUY  me, a LG Quantum Windows 7 Phone so:  “When I text him —he can see through the windows to my heart”. . . .

My name (Renee Ashley Baker) produces between 7,900,000 – 16,000,000 “Bing” search results.  (That is more than Kate Gosselin but less than Paris Hilton who’s name produces 68,000,000 results. . . .)


   New Song Written by Renee Ashley Baker on Jan 2 (click link below):


I must get 1,000 orders (at $99 per order)


(Note: You WILL be able to FAX your orders)



                                          f r o m

                             Renee Ashley Baker


The   Hive

        Did you know that January 2, 2011 is the anniversary of the beehive?    Yes –hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt invented the “heightened hair hive”  at her Chicago hair salon over 50 years ago.  It is said that the history making hairstylist often told her clients: “I don’t care what he does to you from the neck down but from the neck up–I want him to leave you alone !”






















       HAPPY NEW YEAR  (and happy birthday) MEL!




(I, Renee Ashley Baker, hope to be a ‘housewife’ soon. . . .)




HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  BABS  (and others !)






Happy New Year To Paris and Nikki Hilton !


Happy New Year To Matchmaker Janis Spindel !


                                         (scroll   down)

Election Day Humor/History by Renee Ashley Baker

November 2, 2010



    “Don’t  call  me  Mam!”




“What?  Did somebody say WHORE ?”




“That’s right  bee–atch!”








“Say– Ladies, high heels are on sale down the street and did you know that RAPISTS are born that way?”





 “Could  ALL of you please kiss lipstick on a  pig’s ____”




And  So It  Goes . . . .


   INSERT: “Chariots of Fire” music here




 The Final Voyage

above, Astronaut Nicole (Nikki) Stott

 One of 7 crew members on board “Discovery” (the seventh being Robonaut 2 (R2) the first state-of-the-art human-like ANDROID.

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s  R2D2  (from Star Wars)

above, space shuttle “Discovery” being launched (photo by Tony Gray/NASA)

The  Fragrance  Voyage

Speak  Now. . . .

Country music star Taylor Swift will create her own line of perfume and fragrance products to launch in late 2011






above,  Chanel (Renee #9 by Chanel ?) 


Women–Do you want sculpture without Botox?

above, The Sculptured House (aka The Sleeper House)built on Genesee Mountain in 1963 by architect Charles Deaton.  

Listed by:   Kentwood Cherry Hills Real Estate  (Denver). 

Auction Date:  November  10, 2010 

Opening Bid:  $3 million dollars





Women–Do you  want romance ? 

Try Janis Spindel’s  Matchmaking Service….


and  on portraits. . . . 


above, “Portrait Of A Lady”   (painted in 1919) 

 George Romney (1734-1802) was an English painter renowned for his portraits of aristocratic women.  Do you know who painted “Portrait Of A Lady” ?


above, Rose Elizabeth Kennedy (b 1890) wife of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.  and mother of President John  F.  Kennedy







 (Hint:  It’s Renee Ashley Baker’s New Home in France)

Answer:  the French Riviera





and. . . .

Final Quiz: 

Do you know who this  Woman  is ?





above,  Mozart’s sister  Nannerl




LINK TO THIS POST (copy and paste):


Addendum: Monday Morning SHOUT OUTS by Renee Ashley Baker

September 7, 2010


                                                “N.    BAKER”

SHOUT   OUT    #9

Dear Milla:  You are fabulous!




Christopher Chance the “Human Target”


Dear Fiona:  You are a beauty and a wonderful singer–I’d like you to sing/record a song written by Renee Ashley Baker. . . .



Who’s On First?

 Which Fortune 500  Corporation will be the first to give Renee Ashley Baker a job as a “Spokes Model” for a fee of $500,000-$1 million dollars?

  (Note:  Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York)


 Dear Ms. Tinsley:  I would  love to meet you and your mom for tea  in New York City. . . . 

SHOUT  OUT   #1 (Husband!)

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking 



Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York and to the South of France (to meet the Chandon family)



Happy Labor Day! Things To Do (plus Boating Safety)

September 1, 2010


above “Dawn” by photographer Nicholas DeSciose (of Denver)


p l u s

“Renee”   perfume by Chanel (Yes, Yes!) 

Socialite Sylvia Rubin of San Francisco  wearing St. Laurent

1st:  Renee Ashley Baker’s photo session with a famous Denver photographer….


2nd:  Renee Ashley Baker’s dates with handsome men (Jewish preferred) in Colorado, New York, Canada, and Europe:  Says Renee Ashley Baker ” I still like for a man to take me, buy me do me (even thugh I plan on being a handbag designer in New York City)….
3rd:  A  fabulous apartment in New York: At The Hotel Pierre or The Plaza Hotel . . . .Would a husband like to live at the Hotel Pierre or at The Plaza?  (Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York)
No To CBS TV Shows (No to Scott Caan’s TV Show), No to Fox 31 TV Shows (No to “Fringe”)….Renee Ashley Baker will NOT, NOT appear on any TV Shows (No to TV Series EXCEPT  Tinsley Mortimer’s  “High Society” which is taped in New York City).  No to Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton will NOT be producing any TV show, nor any music for Renee Ashley Baker) and NO, NO , NO to all others I, Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to. . . .NO BOOK….NO ELWAY’S….NO GALE/GAIL 
Click Link To The Coaction Group For Safe Boating


 Click Link:


 P  L  U  S

(pictured above, Mel Gibson as Captain Walker in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)

SO — Mel Gibson has  ‘ always’  been a ‘brawler’ he has always  had a temper.   Did you know that the night before he was to begin filming the first “Mad Max” (for Kennedy Miller) he got into a “bar fight” (in an Australian bar) and nearly got “blinded in one eye”  ? 

(pictured  above,  Renee Ashley Baker)

LINK  TO  THIS  POST (copy and paste):
(now  scroll  down)

Renee Ashley Baker in NYC. . . .

August 24, 2010

Bruce Willis in The Siege

The Crocodile God "Sobek" by Catherine C. Harris


ABOUT MY MOTHER: Mrs. B aka Mrs. Ashley 

My Mother owned/wore beautiful things like: BROWN crocodile high heels (with matching BROWN crocodile handbag) and  french perfume from Paris France (“Worth by  Je Reviens”) .  My mother also  loved hats  (hats that came from Stix, Baer, Fuller and Famous Barr in St. Louis Missouri ).   My mother  carried her hats with her whenever she traveled. . . . SO — when I, Renee Ashley Baker,  arrive in New York City I will meet with Samantha Thavasa and  Louis Vuitton about my designing “crocodile handbags” and “signature train/make up cases”.     In  Paris France — I, Renee Ashley Baker, will meet  with the Chairmen of  Chanel (about Chanel launching a fragrance –a perfume –called “Renee”). . . .also. . . . in Paris France I, Renee Ashley Baker, will meet with the Chairmen of Hermes about my designing a “hatbox” called “Irmgard”. . . . 

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s mother wearing a ‘real’ diamond pendant. . . .

There will be “NO” book until Renee Ashley Baker is married to a terrific and successful Jewish Man: 

                                   (NOW   SCROLL   DOWN)

America’s Got Talent 2 . . . .

August 17, 2010

 Renee Ashley Baker’s Limousine Service is:  Towne & Country Limousine  of Denver & Boston. . . .








I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will be joining Janis Spindel’s Serious Matchmaking Service . . . . 


  love, love  fabulous females like Renee Ashley Baker. . . .





 SHOUT  OUT  TO:   “America’s Got Talent” 


Check Out: Winners of the Denver Jewish Day School Talent Contest



plus  Renee Ashley Baker’s  Grandparents?

VIEW  VIDEO:  “Grandma Tracy Break Dancing In New York”

VIEW   VIDEO:  “Grandpa GaGa Dance”



Old Blue

Hey Josh–I, Renee Ashley Baker– will be going to– I will be MOVING to New York.   I’ll be “documenting” myself while in New York City.   I   WILL be making this “documentary” on video tape.  I’d like you to appear on my video “documentary”– I’d like you to portray a HOT DOG VENDER who’s cart is outside my hotel:  The Waldorf Astoria, The Plaza  or  The Hotel Pierre

VIEW VIDEO: “Josh Blue Winner of Last Comic Standing”


The New Blue

Steven Slater Winner?  Yep, he just got his own reality tv show.  About what?  Helping people “quit their jobs–IN  STYLE”. . . . 


p l u s    p h e n o m

9  Year Old Singing Sensation Jackie Evancho on “America’s Got Talent” 



last but  never, never least….the makeup artist!

above, Michael Moore, make up artist to the “stars”. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker,  would like Michael Moore to “do my makeup” for my Denver photo session.  I will be sending an EMAIL to Mr. Michael Moore. . . .

Note:  About the photographs

The PHOTOGRAPHER  will retain rights to the photographs that he takes of Renee Ashley Baker and the The PHOTOGRAPHER  will then SELL these photographs to art, beauty and fashion magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire, Detour  etc etc etc  

***** Renee Ashley Baker will be MOVING TO NEW YORK to work in the “fashion and beauty industry” as a designer.   To read more SCROLL  DOWN

Don’t Forget:  Link To This Blog Post (COPY  &  PASTE LINK):


                                          ( NOW     SCROLL      DOWN)