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How To Make History: Caroline Kennedy

February 3, 2009


Question:  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  ask:  “Who Will Not Take An Honest Woman?”…..

Answer:  Those who want “smooth talking criminals”  who steal 401k’s ….

















Diogenes ….still searching for an honest man….er…woman….


SIR JOHN’S ship  ‘Victory’  being raised by Zeus? 

(Renee’s aside:  “You betcha!”)









I, Renee Ashley aka Renee Ashley Baker,  will STILL accept $50,000 a year salary and $3 million dollars from The Kennedys.  I, Renee Ashley aka Renee Ashley Baker, will reside in Boston Massachusettes.



Renee Ashley Baker’s Champagne Holiday Recipes for 2008

December 27, 2008

The following is what Renee Ashley Baker has selected/picked for herself to “Dine In” or to “Dine Out”….

Dining Out


The Wheatleigh (in Lenox Massachusettes)



Guy Savoy (in Paris France)


I.  Gourmet Party In A  Box

A.  Renee’s favorite Pate (and Caviar)

B.  Renee’s favorite Caviar Blinis

C.  Renee’s favorite Caviar and Eggs


Renee’s Champagne Show:

Renee Ashley BAker will “Star In” ABC’s “The Bachelorette” ….

(to be taped/filmed in a Chateau in France)

Renee’s 9 Magazines: “9 Days Of Christmas”

December 12, 2008



1.  9 Magazines:  Nine magazines to purchase and publish photos of Renee Ashley Baker wearing “13 Dresses”.  (The “9” magazines are: US, Newsweek, WWD, International Herald Tribune, USA Today, The New York Times Magazine , Vanity Fair , Vogue and “The Star” to promote my “Live Internet Show” from Monte Carlo)….plus….

2.  A Personal Assistant.    I will hire a personal assistant who will “work for me in New York City” while I’m residing in Monaco Monte Carlo.  (If Judy Lederman wants the job she is hired.  She , Judy, can work “at  her home” approximately  50% of the time.   Judy Lederman of New York –was seen this week on the  “M & J Show”)….plus….

3.  The Kennedy Family.   I will “work ” for the Kennedy Family’s charity: SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2.    I will receive a salary of $50,000 a year and   I will “headquarter”  my  “work” for the Kennedy Family’s “Special Olympics 2”  in Monaco Monte Carlo….plus….

4.  Harper Collins.  I will receive a $ 3-5 Million Dollar Book Advance from Harper Collins.  I will receive a $3-5 million dollar cash advance  to write  the book: “How I Became Envoy For The Kennedy Family by Renee Ashley Baker”….plus….

5.  Microsoft.  I will receive $1 million dollars per  year from Microsoft for their “sponsorship” of my “Live Internet Show”  which– will be broadcast from my condominium in Monaco Monte Carlo….plus….

6.  $5 million dollars in real estate.  A $3 million dollar condominium in Boston Massachusettes and a $2 million dollar condominium in Monaco Monte Carlo.


“Casino de Paris Monte Carlo” by Fort Ogden (on Flickr)


                                   “Monte Carlo”  by Millionengewi



June 19, 2008



Globetrotter Luggage 

Globetrotter Luggage….Carried by “The Queen”


                                                                      Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008 

                                         Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008


Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008 

Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008


                                                                        Chanel Resort Collection 2008 

                                                 Chanel Resort Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

Chanel Spring Collection 2008….”A Tartain Doll”


                                                                                                  Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

                                       Chanel Spring Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 evening

Chanel Spring Collection Evening 2008



                          DIARY:  “DESTINATION  HYANNISPORT”

         I have decided to visit Hyannisport (aka “The Kennedy Compound”)….I will stay for 30-60 days (during the months of July and August 2008)….I have decided to visit Hyannisport for two reasons–(1) it “is” the home of  the legendary President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (he was and still “is” America’s “favorite”  U.S. President) and  (2) I must make the trip to Hyannisport  for “history’s sake”  (and so that I can talk with and meet “my” Kennedy family)….I have decided to “keep a diary” of my stay at Hyannisport also–for “history’s sake”….  (I may or may not “go sailing” on one of those “famous Kennedy boats”).  I will also get to visit the “JFK Library” in Boston–which I will include in “my screenplay”….

   MY PACKING LIST:   My packing list, for Hyannis Port,  will include all the items pictured above plus– 6 pairs of  Jackie O “Bernardo Sandals” .  I will also pack my black Jimmy Choo evening pumps, my Tiffany sunglasses, a Mikimoto Pearl choker with matching pearl bracelet, and a gold Judith Lieber evening clutch…I will Executive Produce my motion picture and U.S. Senator Edward M Kennedy will co-produce and consult….I will make $104.3 million dollars but President John F. Kennedy and U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy both–want it that way….

MY MAGAZINE LIST:  Conde Nast, Hearst, Fairchild, Washington Post/Newsweek, Mort Zuckerman’s Publications.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will appear on the cover of 22 magazines…)