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DON’T FORGET ! plus THE BACK STORY ABOUT RENEE (with “10 Documents”)

January 24, 2011


In February I’ll use/I’ll post a New York  FAX  NUMBER (to collect orders for “10 Documents”) . . . .









 “Renee Ashley Baker’s Rolodex” (for   Royalty, the Jet Set, Aristocrats, Diplomats, and the French  fashion and beauty industry).

Renee Ashley Baker’s Schedule:

 1.  April  15,  2011  Move to France

(Date Handsome Men in France)

2.  2012 Design Handbags (Tiffany & Co?)

3.  2013  Launch Perfume (Chanel?)

4.  2013  Publish “Live! (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker (Renee Ashley Baker’s book about the Fashion and Beauty Industry. . . .

    IF–IF–I get the “deal” I’m seeking I do WANT the Burger Sotheby’s house on the French Riviera….

SHOUT  OUT  . . . . 


From:  Renee Ashley Baker

        Can  I  get/rent/lease an apartment in Paris for  $3000 per month?   And will I be able to  move in  April 2011?

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “meet with”  the Chairmen of  Chanel Corporation when I arrive in Paris France. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will live/RESIDE in Paris France (WITHOUT) Gale/Gail.   Gale/Gail  will NOT  be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker and Oprah Winfrey will NOT be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker.




1000 orders ($99 each) if 500 or less ($297 each)

Make WIRE TRANSFER  or  CASHIERS CHECKS   Payable  to my first, middle and last name [E.R.A.]

(I’ll meet with Tiffany & Co and Janis Spindel when I arrive in New York) . . . .



Oprah Winfrey has “Live Your Best Life”

Renee Ashley Baker has “Live! (In Progress)”

(I , Renee Ashley Baker, will design crocodile  handbags (for Tiffany & Co?) I, Renee Ashley Baker, will launch my perfume line (to be owned by Chanel Corporation in a 30/70 profit share ?) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will set up my CAFE PRESS MERCHANDISE  STORE  (click link)




To Whom It May Concern:

    The “BOSS”  in question was my boss at a company in Orange County California.  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was on a sales staff  of 20 or so employees and was making what I thought–at that time–was “good”  money (I was making between $700-$1000 per week –which –I spent every weekend at Orange Coast Plaza –in  Cristal Court– and at Fashion Island –in Newport Beach).  The sales manager, Bob, (who was Jewish) was “cool”.    He had once been a “stock broker” who had made/earned  a million dollars.  His  wife (also Jewish) worked there as well and was the “very jealous type”  (but I assuaged any and all fears she may have had because I was funny and she laughed at everything I said).   The entire sales staff went skiing every weekend during ski season at Big Bear.  (They always invited me–Renee–to go with them but I always said “No” because –as I have said on this blog before–I can’t ride the T-lift).   TO BACK TRACK:   About  “the office”  –we were the Motley Crue for the “yuppie set” (as Orange County California always is).  There were two brothers who worked in the office–one looked just like Patrick Swayze — they were trying to start a line of “surfer wear”.   Also in the office was a non-Jewish couple who were “golfers”— they played on different “golf circuits” (and won money!).    The one “celebrity” in the office was a woman, who was maybe 70 years old (but you couldn’t tell it) and she used to babysit for DUSTIN HOFFMAN (Hi Dustin !).   Then there was myself–who–in addition to periodic splurges at the Bally Shoe Store in Cristal Court and supporting  Orange  County’s manicurists —I— was writing.   I was–at that time–working on a screenplay to “star” Tom  Cruise. The story was about a “talent agent” who “falls in love” with his client. . . .

(Note:  I’ve been pregnant three times by three white men  all three men are still living well. . . .) 



 re:  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service 

         DEAR  Janis Spindel:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  arrive in  New York I will stop into your office. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “getting married” in the year 2011…. (HE must be 50-70 years of age, Caucasian/Jewish, a millionaire and reside in New York, Canada or Paris France. )

re:  U. S. CONGRESS  (BUY 3 for $299.00)

HOW  TO  ORDER:  “10 Documents”

To  U.S. Congress and To The Worldwide Press/Media

I must have 1000 orders  (at $99 per order) or 500 orders (you must buy 3 for $299.00).




      Renee  Ashley Baker will be “moving” to the South of France. . . .

and  finally. . . .


      Hoorey that Colorado’s Bill Ritter is out of that Governor’s mansion and Hoorey that John Elway is back in the Broncos’ front office where he belongs (I did not and I DO NOT want any of that missing  $70 million dollars !).. . . . 

NO to ALL those Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to. . . .(I can’t stand Jessica Alba, I can’t stand Christina Aguillera, and I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez etc etc etc)

(Still “NO” to Halle Berry, No to Tyra Banks, No to Whitney Houston,  No to Beyonce Knowles, and No to Janet Jackson).


   The  “fabulous”  Renee Ashley Baker


Men! Men! Men! by Renee Ashley Baker

November 9, 2010



                          “56   STEPS”  by  Renee Ashley Baker

                                          YES!  YES!  YES! 

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be Tom Cruise’s   ‘leading lady’  in a motion picture –at Paramount —  . . . .(What say you Tom?)


                        above, Top Man (with messed up hair)


Women–want to know what guys like?  Well,  according to the November issue of Esquire Magazine men like . . . .



“Runner”  by DeSciose

The Michele Mosko Fine Art Gallery  exhibits PRINTS by Christo, Jasper Johns and Huang Yan;  Mosko also exhibits PHOTOGRAPHY by Bob Kollbrener, Amalie R. Rothschild, and Nicolas DeSciose. (above  “Runner” by Nicolas DeSciose).  The Michele Mosko Fine Art Gallery is located in Denver Colorado. 


The Structured House (Cost:  $3  million +)

Also known as  “The Sleeper House” because Woody Allen used the house in his movie, “Sleeper” (a comedy about “the future”). The house is located just outside Denver Colorado and goes up for auction tommorrow.

  Listed By:  Kentwood Cherry Hills Real Estate 

 Opening Bid:  $3 million dollars 

Auction Date:  November 10, 2010. 



“Living Large” by Sarah Z. Wexler

and books by Jeannies!

read  “Barbara Eden: My Story”   (by Barbara Eden)

MEN  LIKE . . . .


above, fur coat sold by Dan Sharp Luxury Outerwear (in Cherry Creek/Denver)




Credit Cards A La Carte!

(The New Zync from American Express) 



New Restaurants A La Carte!

ABC Restaurant (New York)

Gather (Berkley)

Menton (Boston)

Miller Union  (Atlanta)


” Bon Appetite!”

Award Winning Chef Graham Elliot

Try Graham’s Pan Seared Scallops with Basil Hayden’s Bourban Maple Jus  (click link below):

and  A Votre Sante ?

Award Winning Cocktail:  “The New Esquire Cocktail”

Recipe (click link):


 Men Like


View Video: (Red Lights)


View Video:  (One Republic)


FOR LIFE:  Dating and Romance (Matchmakers)




A beautiful woman on his arm at ALL the upcoming Christmas parties! . . . .See Louis Vuitton below

Below the Hotel Pierre (in New York)




(above, TATA suite, inside the Hotel Pierre)


MEN’S FAVORITES. . . . (Men  Saying: “Good-Bye”)









Army Lt Dan Choi (an Iraq War Veteran and West Point graduate)

The War Effort:


 (above, Operation Family Fund)


(above, Cell Phones For Soldiers)






HAPPY  VETERANS DAY!  (For My Father Mr. Ashley)

 To View My New “November Video” . . . .

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Fashion Week/Paris France:Women’s Page by Renee Ashley Baker

October 10, 2009
Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Bakers  Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Baker's Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

CHANEL meets the ‘Bardot Beehive’….

Chanel Spring 2010

Chanel Spring 2010

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

(Renee Ashley Baker’s Aside: “I, Renee Ashley Baker, want front row tickets to fashion week and….I want to KISS DANIEL CRAIG and KISS MEL GIBSON TOO)

Plus…More (Moore) Woman Size Couture?

Balmain spring 2010 2

Balmain spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

plus–remember–“They Don’t Know Where It’s At”

RICH? Then Chase–It’s The Credit Card For You….

October 7, 2009
Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Zero79 (on Flickr)

Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Zero79 (on Flickr)

Car Chase by Sanbeiji (on Flickr)

Car Chase by Sanbeiji (on Flickr)



Only At Chase Bank….

Chase Card Services, a unit of JP Morgan Chase & Co, will now offer a rewards card designed for “wealthy customers”.
The new card, the “Chase Sapphire” is designed for the top earning 15% of U.S. Households. It ofers travel services, access to round the clock customer service, and a “rewards program” ….

FOR THE UPPER MIDDLE EMPLOYED (with good crust taste….)

Panera Lobster Sandwich (photo by

Panera Lobster Sandwich (photo by

Panera Bread’s $17 Lobster Sandwich….Brought To You By Panera Bread Company of St. Louis Missouri

Saint Louis Panera Bread Company

Saint Louis Panera Bread Company

FOR THE UPPER, UPPER CRUST (with good taste and lots of dough….)

Sapphire Jewelry auctioned by Sothebys May 2009

"Sapphire Jewelry" auctioned by Sotheby's May 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009….At A Sotheby’s Auction In Geneva Switzerland the “Sapphires” (pictured above) were estimated to bring between: $500,000-$800,000 (earrings); $320,000-$520,000 (necklace) and $450,000-$650,000 (bracelet)….


“GOOD-BYE WILLIAM SAFIRE’ From Renee Ashley Baker

(William Safire 1929 – 2009 Winner of both the “Presidential Medal of Honor” and the “Pulitzer Prize”….)



The Bread Of Life? Croissants of course….
Renee Ashley Baker says that she does NOT eat donuts–that she absolutely ‘hates’ donuts–but that she loves to eat “CROISSANTS’ –fresh baked–with or without butter….
(Renee Ashley Baker will sign with Ford Modeling Agency–in New York City–for representation to 21 Companies which include: Moet Champagne/Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Chanel Cosmetics, Chanel Perfume –‘Renee Perfume by Chanel’– and– Rolex of Switzerland….)

Robert F. Kennedy: How To Fight

March 26, 2009



I, Renee Ashley Baker, am with the “Fighting Irish”. 






How To Awsome!: Hillary Clinton

March 3, 2009

 secretary-of-state-hillary-clinton-in-jakarta-indiaAWSOME !   HILLARY CLINTON IN JAKARTA INDONESIA….






Women’s Pant Suit













Above, photos of Renee Ashley Baker as “The Mermaid”; and  Renee Ashley Baker’s Jimmy Choo Pine Metallic Sandal…

plus …above…. “The Arno Leopard” 

        Pictured above is the  Arno Leopard ….a 115 ft yacht that comes with 4 cabins, 4 crew and can accommodate 9 guests.  The “Arno Leopard” is for sale at  yacht broker Camper & Nicholson …(Renee’s Aside:  I’ll love living in Monaco Monte Carlo where all my friends will “have 115 ft yachts”….Does  Chanel make  a topsider ?)….

re:  Miley Cyrus….I will “not” be doing any projects with Miley Cyrus but– to the “talented” Miley:  Those ‘Scottish rifts’  are ‘Highland’ awsome! 

Movie Thursday: Glam Film/Glam Spy

February 28, 2008

Video:  What Will The Well Dressed Spy Be Wearing This Spring?….            Why,  Louis Vuitton, Of Course!

                                         GLAMOROUS  FILM  REMAKE ?


           A remake of “Casablanca” with the war in Iraq as the plot or backdrop?….Roger Simon thinks there should be one.  Roger Simon thinks a “buck”  of Hollywood’s current  “anti-Iraqi-war trend” would “work” cinematically and (in addition) be “popular” and “profitable” as well (in movie speak “Boffo Box Office!”)….

        So, let’s say our financing is in place (Mr. Murdoch at 20th Century Fox would have the gumption and the dollars).  Next, are our “lists”.  Who would direct?  Minghella?  He made “The English Patient” (which was brilliant).  Nichols?  He just made “Charlie Wilson’s War” (which “is” brilliant).  And—there has to be a “leading man” and a “leading lady”.  Julianne Moore comes to mind (but she starred in the English war movie/love story “The End Of The Affair” opposite the handsome and talented Ralph Fiennes).  Kate Winslet also comes to mind.  She could be “paired with” Harrison Ford in the “male lead”.  (Cate Blanchett and Harrison Ford would also be “great casting”)….

        They say–you should “never” remake a “classic” but if anyone could do it Roger Simon could.  Roger is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter who worked with the “diva” of all “movie divas”  La Streisand!!!    Roger Simon  is also the CEO of Pajamas Media.  Will Roger be a “Pajama Mogul?”.  Read Roger’s article on the “new media” (click link below)

Note:  Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars….

Casablanca poster


November 4, 2007

              Disney’s Little Mermaid

Queen Of The Sea

See Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”….opening on Broadway in November….

Glamorous Wednesday (continued)….Renee’s “52 Pick Up”….Why “52 Pick Up?”  Because Renee Ashley Baker is holding all the cards!….

Renee’s Bling H20

                                                        Louis Vuitton “Tribute” Patchwork BagRenee’s Francis Coffee Maker at Neiman Marcus

Renee’s Monte Carlo

                   Renee’s Baronet SchonbekRenee’s Rolls Royce Corniche

                            Chanel Evening Gown

Pictured above:  Bling h20 (price: $52 per bottle), Francis Coffee Maker (price: $520 at Neiman Marcus), Chanel evening gown ($5,200 per gown) Louis Vuitton “Tribute” Patchwork Handbag (price: $52,000 per bag), Monte Carlo vacation home (price: $52,000 per week rental), Rolls Royce Corniche (price: $520,000) Renee’s Washington DC Mansion ($5.2 million dollars)….