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Mother’s Day 2014: Happy Mother’s Day: Always Love To My Mother Erma/Irma from Renee Ashley Baker….( Renee Ashley Baker to “Produce” for Disney Movie Studios?….No To Meryl Streep and No to Oprah Winfrey)

May 5, 2014



Minnie Mouse Mother's Day Gift Box

Sister Act 2

“Sister 1, Sister 2, Sister 3″ (Halleluyah, Sister Act 7 !)
By Renee Ashley Baker
Copyright 2013 by Renee Ashley Baker
All Rights Reserved

1. Whoopi talks to the three “SISTERS” on the “speaker phone” in their hotel room (aka the “briefing”). The three “SISTERS” are not really SISTERS but are cousins (aka the three daughters of three “Sisters”). The three SISTERS are given their tickets, passports and luggage and told “Bon Voyage”. (As always “SISTER #2” says “oh wait a minute” and she runs off to get something that she’s forgotten and wants to take on their “job”). What IS that something?

2. The three “SISTERS” board the ship (the Sea Odyssey); they sail; and when they “walk off ship” they are “IN UNIFORM”.

3. The three “SISTERS” check into their hotel suites (at the Renaissance), have the “bell hop” wheel up their luggage, then rush out of their rooms, eager to “sight see”.

4. While walking through the hotel they hear music coming from the “crowded” ballroom (Musical Number 1).

5. After a whirlwind of a “mini tour” they arrive back at their hotel. They decide to “hang out” in SISTER 2’s suite. “SISTER 2”, always alert, notices a “mysterious cryptic message” coming over her “laptop”. The message says, in big letters, WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHY? HOW? “SISTER 2” is baffled but “SISTER 3” suggests that it’s merely “Cyber Suri” the hotel concierge. The three SISTERS order lunch (via Cyber Suri). While waiting for lunch –for room service –to be delivered, “SISTER 1” notices, on the hotel TV, an important news flash. “Could this be what we’re looking for?”, says “SISTER 1”. The three SISTERS, stand alert, staring at the TV screen…


(The above “Introduction”, which was written by Renee Ashley Baker, will not be sold to DreamWorks. It will be sold to Disney Studios ONLY….UNFORTUNATELY, Oprah Winfrey has been “eliminated” from the cast of “Halleluyah! Sister Act 7”.



(above the Beautiful Mrs A/B aka Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother wearing “Real” 24kt Gold Rings and “Real” Diamond Pendant) and below a beautiful Crocodile Handbag by Tiffany & Co…(Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully designing the “Irmigard” crocodile handbag for Tiffany & Co).


Below The Cote D’Azur…

house for  sale on Cote dAzur 3

house for sale on Saint Jean Cap Ferrat 1

house for sale on -Côte-dAzur 2

Now, Back To Mommy(aka Her Majesty) and Her McQueen Crocodile Heels and Her Bentley 1919 Flying Spur !


Clive Christian Perfume

McQueen Crocodile


The Perfect Mother (the Lady Erma/Irmigard).

I, Renee Ashey Baker, had the “perfect Mother” who—who–had many “successes”. My Mother Erma/Irma raised three children who each have become “millionaires”. My brother JAMES who was career U.S. Air Force (serving 28 years) and who lived in New York in the early 1960’s (he lived on “5th Avenue” a block away from Jackie Kennedy Onassis) and who ran (for 20 years) a “department” for the city of New York mad $2 million dollars over his life time…..My Sister “Miss M” (who I call the Empress from Hong Kong) was a U.S. Air Force Master Sargeant’s wife (for over 40 years) and who is a Country Club Democrat and who has been invited twice to the Obama Presidential Inaugurals in 2008 and 2011. And myself—who will settle for a “out of court lawsuit settlement”. (My Mother Erma/Irma carried me, in her arms, onto U.S. Air Force bases in St. Louis Missouri when I was two years of age. My Mother Erma/Irma, in addition to paying for my ballet lessons also baught and paid for two houses–one being a “mini mansion” brought over from Paris France in the mid-1920’s by a JEWISH millionaire who was also a St. Louis “Judge”. My Mother Erma/Irma would “let me play” inside Stix Baer Fuller, and Famous & Barr whenever she’d “go shopping” there in St. Louis Missouri. My Mother Erma/Irma also “amassed” a “small fortune” of her own she had $262,000 credit line in her bank account (of course My Mother Erma/Irma had a a reverse mortgage and continued to have “expensive” things hanging in her closet from Bloomingdales in New York). My Mother Erma/Irma was an “Eastern Star” married to my father Mr. Ashley who was a “MASON”…..It is for My Mother Erma/Irma that I will be moving to France and launching “Erma French Perfume and Design” (hopefully with The Wertheimers, owners of Chanel).

Below “Portrait of a Lady 1919″….

Portrait of a Lady 1919


Mother Rose Kennedy 2

Michelle Obama 1

Michelle Obama 2

Michelle Obama 3

Mother Carter

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco Monte Carlo

Princess Diana

Princess Kate Middleton

Susan Rice

UN Ambassador Samantha Powers

Elisabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton

Beverly Johnson 2014

Jane Birkin 2014

Jerry Hall 2014

Jane Seymour

Kathy Hilton

Estee Lauder

Nita Ambani

Lauren Powell Jobs

Madeleine Pickens

Karen Zuckerberg

Astrid Menks


Normas Restaurant New York

(above Norma’s Restaurant …Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorite….They Serve the $1,000 Caviar and Lobster Mother’s Day Omlet. Add the beautiful Tiffany & Co Emerald Butterfly Clip-Brooch to Mom’s Plate on May 11th)

Tiffany & Co Emerald Butterfly Clip Brooch


Mothers Christofle Tea Service

Royal Albert Rose Tea Cups

Heritage Lace Placemats

The French Art Of Tea


Mariage Tea & Coffee (New York)
McMulty’s Tea & Coffee (New York)
Dominique Ansell Bakery (New York)
William Poll Sandwiches (New York)
LaVie En Rose (New York)
Fortum & Mason (New York)


Carved Creations The Page Pendant

Designs by Janessa fingerprint pendant

Tiffany & Co diamond heart lock pendant


Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Jimmy Choo perfume

Chanel No 5 Perfume

Lady Primrose Royal Bathing and Skin Luxuries


Rothschild Faberge Egg at Christies
(above, Rothschild Faberge Egg auctioned by Christie’s)


Air Force Mom

and FINALLY…..


Flower Girl NYC


“Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother Erma/Irma”

–Signed Renee Ashley Baker (pictured above)

East Hampton Party

I, Renee Ashley BAker, plan to “give a party” in East Hampton (in June or July 2014) then I’ll be leaving for France right afterwords. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be having a “MAN” travel with me to France (a MAN who is not in showbusiness)…..



Completed—-The Jackie Tapes: Who Killed President John F. Kennedy?

August 10, 2011

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “buying a house” in France with a mortgage from the Rothschild Bank….(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will work in the “fashion and beauty” industry with Chanel Corp and with Tiffany & Co….)


3000 Sales Per Month Needed.  Tell Your Friends! 

“Irma’s House of Numbers” (click link to buy):


In  soon-to-be-released  tapes Jackie tells who she thinks killed President John F. Kennedy….



            My mother didn’t have “radical movements”–she had establishment, society, (the Bourgeoise) and the Military.  My mother was an “Army wife” and an “Air Force mother”.    My mother even had “secret society” because she was an Eastern Star (i.e. a Mason’s wife).   My mother NEVER drank liquor and my mother NEVER smoked cigerettes.  My mother was a “beauty” who had a French style—which–is why I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be heading up my mother’s fashion and beauty company “French Perfume and Design”.  (“French Perfume and Design” will be headquartered in Paris France.)    I expect my mother (pictured above wearing 24kt  gold rings and a diamond pendant) to be like Estee Lauder (and Co Co Chanel)–a power house of beauty and style. . . .

Military  Style ?

                           (Military Vintage–Eisenhower Jacket)



“Highway  99”


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2011 by Renee Ashley Baker


Hear about the Highway 99 killer

 Criminal mind sway the game like a thriller

Thinking bout his prey while he sips at a Miller

Through the window pane like a Dane, and he’ll get her





       I, Renee Ashley Baker, need a sofa that will seat 4 people.   I plan to give “tea parties” in Boston to “raise funds” and “raise support” for “The Erma Foundation”.   I like the above sofa from Opulent Items  if–I can get a 20% discount….


And….Renee’s Priorities

1st Priority:  Renee Ashley Baker will “get married”….

REQUIREMENTS:  He–Renee’s Groom– must be Caucasian/Jewish, 50-70 years of age, make between $250,000-$1,000,000 a year and reside in Boston, New York or Paris France….

2nd Priority:  Renee Ashley Baker will sign a contract with Tiffany & Co

To design a crocodile handbag called the “Irmigard” that will sell for $3,000….

3rd Priority:  Renee Ashley Baker will sign a contract with Chanel Corp

To Launch perfume line ($300 an ounce), to design a line of french bed linens that will sell for $300 a set, and to design a line of fine jewelry that will sell for $3,000-$100,000….

4th Priority:  Renee Ashley Baker will sign a conract with Ford Modeling Agency

TO represent Renee Ashley Baker as a “spokes model”….



Friday:Mothers Who Are In Business

May 14, 2008

Estee Lauder

Momma Estee (Lauder)


      Estee Lauder’s “Creme de la Mer”       Creme de la Mer


ILona of Hungary (logo)

Momma ILona (Makari) Royal Salon logo….



 “Within”….A fragrance from ILona of Hungary

         ILona Makari and her husband were both awarded the “Knighthood Cross” from the President of Hungary.  Previously, this royal honor had been  bestowed upon Dr. William Teller (noted Hungarian-American physicist)….

VIEW VIDEO:  “Lady In The Pantsuit” ?  (click link below)

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….