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Celebrities ! plus Christmas Gift Ideas (+ Armor Concepts and Wedding Bells

December 7, 2010

 Don’t Forget….

AT  THE  MOVIES:   “True  Grit”




The name Renee Ashley Baker produces 7,900,000 -12,000,000 results on the search engine Bing.  (That’s more than Kate Gosselin but less than Paris Hilton whose name produces 68,000,000  results . . . .)


 Christmas Gift Ideas:   books

1.  CLEOPATRA: A Life by Stacy Schiff


No–an autobiography  about Keith Richards  !#@! (ha ha LOL)

 2.  Life  by Keith Richards

or. . . .

A Mad Man AD Man Christmas. . . .

3.  Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man

A GIFT OF WINE. . . .  


(This website sells “rock”  celebrity named wines like Mendocino made Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot, Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon, Woodstock Chardonnay, The Police’s Synchronicity.)

 not a wine drinker?  how bout. . . .

  5.  Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka


SHOUT OUT:  “Hi Tom”  (from Renee Ashley Baker)



there’s  7








 (on page one):









Renee Ashley Baker’s  Schedule:

1.  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service (Renee Ashley Baker dates men in Colorado and in New York).

2.  New York City: 

 Renee Ashley Baker  will sign with Ford Modeling Agency —for representation as Spokesmodel for:

          (a) Nikon Coolpix

         (b) General Motors

        (c) and Other Companies (previously named).

 3.  Renee Ashley Baker will also sign with a HANDBAG  MANUFACTURER (Tiffany & Co for a crocodile handbag?).

 4.  Renee Ashley Baker  will sign with XM/Sirius for Radio Show (Dr. Laura producer?).

5.  Renee Ashley Baker gets married?  

6.  Renee Ashley Baker moves to France (the French Riviera).

7.   Renee Ashley Baker  launches her  perfume line called  —     “Renee     #9″ .    Renee #9 perfume will HOPEFULLY  be  manufactured by Chanel  (NOT  BY ELIZABETH TAYLOR).

and  so . . . .

Planning   A   Wedding?

  Would you like your June wedding broadcast ONLINE  to framily and friends?  Here are three companies you’ll want to explore:

1.  LiveInternetWeddings


3.  Freedom Calls (for those who are engaged and who are serving in the military).,32b7063d&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=d3GQ3T0UzcGyi6FcfXhqHw




    I, Renee Ashley Baker, have vowed to ‘take vows’ before the end of 2011. . . .   “I want to get married on a Greek island (maybe Skorpios?) with the wedding reception (for 400 guests) on a yacht docked on the French Riviera (maybe the yacht Christina O ?). . . .I’ll have wedding bells that will ring (and helpers to ring them) I’ll have white doves that will fly (and helpers to release them)–and–Instead of wedding gifts I’d have my 400 guests make donations to my favorite charity (maybe Special Olympics?). . . . Can you hear me Janis Spindel?


         CHRISTMAS   GIFT   IDEAS. . . .

                                      That Touch of Mink   (in Pink!)

     by  Nick  Pologeorgis of New York











and last  (but never least)  . . . .


a sailable House !


an edible  House! 


Renee’s Favorite Charities. . . .











11. (Smithsonian Institute Legacy Society)

and for the Soldiers:




Still “NO” to Warner Bros , No to Universal, No to MCA/Farm, No to Madonna’s Company, and No to all others Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to. . . .


                                        and  for home safety

VIEW  ARMOR CONCEPTS  VIDEO (click link below):


Renee’s French Riviera



Where Renee Ashley Baker will go to design handbags. . . .


Alumni: NYU, Columbia, Harvard, plus Germany Memorial Day

May 20, 2009


                         Renee Ashley Baker’s  Universities….

Columbia UniversityNew York University

Harvard University


           10.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended two private colleges. 

                                               HELLO  ALUMS !

         To all those who attended New York University, Columbia University in New York, and Harvard University  I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to run an advertisement for your business (your lawfirm, your apparel company, your day spa, your consulting firm, your hand bag company, your foundation, your restaurant, your travel agency, your mortgage company, your real estate brokerage, your software company, your fashion boutique, your art gallery, your photography studio, your architechtural firm, and your shoe company (aka Brown Shoe Company in St. Louis– Missouri).

               As you may know 70 Million People log on to the internet each day.  Approximately 700 Million People log on to the internet each week–worldwide.   (And–75% of all American households now have the internet).

               Also–as you may know a “display ad” in a local daily newspaper may reach 200,000 -500,000 readers (and can cost from $1,000-$10,000 for a one-time only run).  By contrast, an advertisement on a Blog can reach 70 million web-surfers/web shoopers each day and will cost far less than a newspaper ad.

             The minimum run on my Blog for small to medium size businesses  is 1 month ($200) and 3 months (for $600) and 6 months (for $1200).   Large “corporations” must buy for 12 months minimum (or $2400). 

               I, Renee Ashley Baker, look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to promoting your product or services.

              Very truly yours,

              RENEE ASHLEY BAKER


                      “25 Things About Renee Ashley Baker”

11.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am giving my mother (Mrs. Ashley) an endowment (a chair) at Wellesley.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am giving my father (Mr. Ashley) an endowment (a chair) at Harvard.

 12.       I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a permanent citizen of Monaco Monte Carlo.

 13.     I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be Christie Brinkley….I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a “SpokesModel” for 13 companies (including Hermes St. Louis Cristal) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be paid a “total” of $24 million dollars from these 13 companies.  (The Kennedys’ names will go on the $24 million dollar bank account)

   14.      I, Renee Ashley Baker, hate “American Idol” the tv show.

   15.      I, Renee Ashley Baker, hate “Coca-Cola”.

    16.   I,   Renee Ashley Baker, hate “California”.

plus….for the Holiday….. 


Bently GTC by Jeroenolthof on Flickr

Memorial Day Drive ( in the country?)…Try the new  Bentley 2009 GTC Convertible

Lobster Gram com

Memorial Day Dinner (in the city?)….Try


                                  German Memorial Day ? Wall


                                         FALL OF THE WALL

            I, Renee Ashley  Baker, am learning to speak fluent German;  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  plan to live in Germany (for a year or two);  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have friends who are German and I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have “dated” German men ….Therefore– I, Renee Ashley Baker,  am “eligible”  right?….

           IT is my understanding that Germany has been seeking a “design” for what is being called the “Fall Of The Wall Memorial”.  

         This “memorial” all commemorate the “fall of the Berlin wall” (in 1989).  This  “memorial” is to be located right in the heart of Berlin on land that is approximately 3000 sq metres. 

          So….I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to hereby –officially–submit, to the Culture Minister of Germany, my CONCEPT for the “Fall Of  The Wall Memorial”….

                                    “99 White Balloons”


                                     Renee Ashley Baker

         Copyright 2009 by Renee Ashley.   All Rights Reserved

            A WALL,  6ft tall,  made of newly invented “see through concrete” .    On top of the wall,  are 99 WHITE BALLOONS.  These 99 WHITE BALLOONS , made of glass and with white strings attached, are pulling “The Wall” up, up, up towards the right . On the ground, at  left , pushing “The Wall” upwards is a BLACK VOLKSWAGEN  BEETLE…..

      (Note:  My design, of course, is inspired by the 1984 song, “99 Luft Ballons” by Nena)

VIEW VIDEO:    “99 Balloons” by Nena                              

                           HAPPY   MEMORIAL   DAY!

(Scroll Down To See “Millionaires Weekend Retreat”)