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MEN: Christmas 2013….More Gifts For The Family #Entertainment News, #Celebrity News, #Wedding News, (No to Robert DeNiro)

December 9, 2013

My Mother (Erma/Irma) always walked next to me ….HOLDING MY HAND…..


above, Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Erma/Irma) had “steak on the stove” when Renee Ashley Baker came home from school and there was always a “pie” on the pie plate or “Tollhouse” cookies in the cookie jar. (Yes—My Mother (Erma/Irma) was an “Eastern Star” and a “housewife” who sat home watching “soaps”. My Mother (Erma/Irma) saw the very first “soap opera” ….SECRET STORM….)


As previously stated, My Mother (Erma/Irma) the “Lady Behind The Soldier” had a “real” Leopard Coat while First Lady (Jackie Kennedy) wore the “faux” one…. Below Faux Leopard Coat by Alexander McQueen)

Leopard Coat by Alexander McQueen

Cartier Leopard

(above, “Real” Diamond Leopard Watch by CARTIER….)


FOR YOUR BROTHER: The Heavens To Watch

(My Brother “JAMES” was Air Force)

A Celestron Sky Prodigy 130 Telescope

Celestron Sky Prodigy 130

The Golden Planet (The Decommissioned “Dwarf Planet” PLUTO)

Dwarf Planet Pluto


Poloroid 8 inch Android Tablet W/Blue Tooth, dual Camera and Dual Core Processor (on sale for $99 at Walgreens)

Poloroid 8 inch Android Tablet

The Space Bar Modern Desk Organizer sold at Quirky com

Space Bar Desk Organizer

This is a “modern” desk organizer that can handle a 30 pound computer. It creates a “stowaway” space for both keyboard and mouse. It has four front facing USB ports for synching and two rear facing USB ports for charging.


FOR YOUR SISTER: The Hearth (Cookbooks)

The African American Guide To Living Well With Diabetes

Living Well With Diabetes

The Deluxe Food Lovers Companion

The Deluxe Food Lovers Companion


Hurom Premium Slow Juicer

above, Hurom’s Premium Slow-Juicer/Smoothie Maker for Home Smoothies.


Sauvignon Bot by NEC

above, Sauvignon Bot: This tiny robot from NEC can taste wine. Really! Through infrared “light sensors” in its left arm the bot can analyze the chemical composition of the liquid inside to determine type, brand, and flavor!
For purchase details visit: jp



Kiss The Kitty The Hamilton Collection by Kayomi

Kitty from The Hamilton Collection by Kayomi

Kick The Can: “The Twilight Zone: Complete Collection” sold at Amazon com

The Twilight Zone The Complete Definitive Collection 1959

FOR YOUR DAD (If Dad Is A Gadget Guy)

RCA Portable TV

RCA Portable TV

This is TV on the go and you’ll get more than 70 networks and cable stations over broadcast signals (not WiFi). Size: a tiny 3.5 inches. Sold at RCAPortableTV com


Digital Desk Top Weather Station at Radio Shack

above, Digital Desk Top Weather Station

FOR YOUR DAD (If Dad Needs Safety and Security)

Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera by Q sold at Walmart

Advance Elite Indoor Outdoor Camera at Walmart

Philips Spot On Motion Detector LED Lights…. Philips Spot On LED Sensor Light



CrownCap com

Petco Holiday Trapper Cat Hat

above, CrownCaps sold at CrownCaps com (and the Cat Holiday Trapper Hat above in red and green is sold at PETCO com)



Hotel Relais Du Foyer

A Christmas (Island) Getaway with the Saints

(Saint Vincent’s Hotel Relais; Saint Barthelemy’s Hotel Guanahani & Spa; and Saint Lucia’s Cap Maison Resort & Spa).


Breitling for Bentley

Chesterfield Coat at Burberry

Legal Definition

CP is getting for Christmas: A Breitling for Bentley Watch, A “Chesterfield” coat by Burberry and a legal document (aka CP Irrevocable Trust)….




Wedding Bells with cupid on top


SO–another of my relatives has announced his “impending” marriage. Congratulations my MAN! The “groom to be” is the multi-talented MIGUEL the Grammy Nominee who has worked with such music legends as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Miguel, like I said, needs to sign a deal with Sony Records or Richard Branson (Virgin Records). Universal/MCA is broke, I think, as Jay Leno has been paying his tv show band out of his own pocket. (Also Universal/MCA hasn’t even been “promoting” its new acts. Warner Bros/Interscope, in my opinion” is “drained”). Congrats to Miguel and his lovely bride to be (a pretty Caucasian woman from Vermont).

Live Long and Prosper My Man !…

Your Favorite Relative, Renee AB 9 aka The Erma Foundation aka Erma French Perfume and Design

(below photo of Miguel at my sister Miss M’s house Christmas 2011)

Miguel home at Christmas 2011



The Art Of It All …. (to be continued)….

September 29, 2012

Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to France to work for (hopefully) the owners of Chanel (aka The Wertheimer Bros)….

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The Art Of The Kiss (by–via–Janis Spindel Matchmaking.Com)

The Art Of The Wedding (by CRANE 2012)

The Art Of The Glass (by Steuben)

The Art Of The Sofa (Art Deco by Christopher Guy)

The Art Of The Queen (Alexander McQueen by The Rug Company)

The Art Of The Range (by La Cornue)

The Art Of “MY” Deal (by Sylvania ?)

The Art Of The Ski (by Nira Alpina in St. Moritz Switzerland)

The Art of the Couture (Chanel)


The Art Of The Hour (by Piaget)

The “Tradition” by Piaget (below) was a “favorite” of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The newest “edition” (an 18k rose-gold version) costs $57,000.

“Merry Christmas!” (and “Happy Hanukkah!”) by Renee Ashley Baker

December 15, 2010


   Renee’s  Christmas 2010 with Family–meaning relatives! 

  (So–What–I’m Stupid Too!  Some will have to Excuuuuuuuse me!)

                Signed Renee

1000 (99) Kennedy Documents (click link below)

  P L U S  . . . . “Good-bye” To Blake  Edwards (Below)






 Christmas Song by Renee Ashley Baker (click link ):

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s beautiful  Mother (Mrs. Ashley)

              Dear Mother:

              I say,  “Merry Christmas Mother” because you made me French toast on Christmas morning (and because you made me French toast every morning when I was a little girl growing up in your house in St. Louis, Missouri).

               I say, “Merry Christmas Mother”  because you made every Christmas a happy and memorable one as I shall never forget your endless gifts to me of bubble bath and bath salts, nightgowns with matching robe and house slippers, necklaces and watches, and cameras and tape recorders.

                   I say, “Merry Christmas Mother” because I remember, even now, the beautiful colors, of the wheel that lit your silver Christmas tree and lit (warmly) the beautifully wrapped packages that you had carefully placed underneath it (year after year after year).

                    I say, “Merry Christmas Mother” because the smell of your Nestle Toll House Cookies and apple pies wafted through  the house every Christmas as I sipped iced tea through a straw out of one of your colorful plastic tumblers .  (I was only two years old at that time but it wasn’t until I was older that I got to drink out of the crystal glasses that my brother “James” brought to my mother from Germany.  The same crystal glasses (with the gold rims) that my brother would play music on whenever he came home for Christmas.  (Note:  It is my same brother–James–who was in the U.S. Air Force,  who did some “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service,  who was friends with a real ‘Dupont’, and who lived on Fifth Avenue in New York just a few short blocks away from the Fifth Avenue apartment of  former First Lady Jackie KENNEDY  Onassis. . . .).

                     I say, “Merry Christmas Mother”  because you  were always beautiful and because I love you and because it is you who Royalty, the jet set, and other  “very important people”  will see when they look at this website and when they look at me.

Note:  My Mother (Mrs. Ashley pictured above) wore silk dresses and crocodile heels; wore real diamond jewelry (pictured above), wore a real leopard coat and  owned a  real sterling silver tea set (not silver plate).  My Mother (Mrs. Ashley pictured above) was an Eastern Star (the female equivalent of a Mason) and –My Mother (Mrs. Ashley pictured above)  was born in the great year (with Bentley) of  1 9 1 9. . . .

 For down to the wire last minute Christmas shopping Renee Ashley Baker’s  beautiful mother (Mrs. Ashley pictured above) recommends:









    McQueen’s Crocodile Shoes                  Cost:  $ 3,000

   Bentley (founded 1919 )                        Cost:  $190,000

                                                       and. . . .

                                     (Mother  also  recommends)







Jane Seymour’s Diamond “Z”                                     Chanel Gift Box Set

 (sold exclusively at KAY )                   ( sold at fine department stores)


and  Christmas Charity (In England)

                                     “The Man Who Would Be King”

HRH has two charities he loves:  Duchy Originals (headed by Andrew Baker) and The Prince’s Trust (headed by Martina Wilburn).   Merry Christmas to HRH Prince Charles,  HRH Prince William ,  HRH Prince Harry and. . . . Merry Christmas to THE QUEEN  !



                                      f a s h i o n    w a l k s

                                 FASHION  WALKS  FOR   AUTISM


                                         Renee Ashley Baker 

             While in New York   I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to set up (organize) a fund raiser to benefit autism.  (To benefit my autism research foundation:  “Special Olympics 2”).    I will name  my annual fund raiser (held both in New York and in Paris France) “Fashion Walks For Autism”.  . . .

                                                       a n d 

                                       HAPPY   HANUKKAH !                    




                                                 why  Jello (of course)


RECIPE:  Pink Champage Sorbet!

click link:


                                                      for  you

                                       CHRISTMAS   MUSIC

                                      (and the winners are)



To Listen To The Winners (click here):



p l u s. . . .

                                   “I  hear  Angels’  voices”

 To Hear Them (click link):


                                                              and. . . .

                              “Twas The Drunk Tank On Christmas”


                                            Renee Ashley Baker

                                            (to read click link below)


                               What Does Renee Want for Christmas? 

                                 Well, Renee Ashley Baker wants. . .

From Janis Spindel:  I’d like Janis Spindel to “find me a husband” for FREE.  (He has to be Caucasian/Jewish–and be — alas–a millionaire). . . .

From:  Mr. Jimmy Choo:  I’d like Mr. Jimmy Choo (Princess Diana’s shoe maker) to come to my wedding reception in the south of France (on the yacht  Christina O ?).

From Tiffany & Co:  I’d like to design crocodile handbags for Tiffany & Co. . . .They’ll look like my mother’s crocodile handbag. (And  I’d like Princess Kate Middleton to carry one of the crocodile handbags designed by Renee Ashley Baker. . . .)

From Chanel:  I’d like Chanel Corporation to manufacture  my perfume line (Renee #9).   Chanel Corporation would  OWN my perfume line and the profits would  be split as follows 30/70 . . .(30%  to Renee Ashley Baker and 70% to Chanel corporation)

                                       MORE  GIFT  SUGGESTIONS ?

(the Nikon Coolpix for great holiday photos)

(Posterbrain for making posters of great holiday photos)

 P L U S

Renee’s   Nutcracker. . . .







. . . .   Renee’s    Ballet

                                 The Moscow Ballet in “The Nutcracker”







    “Good-bye Blake Edwards”  from Renee Ashley Baker




Santa 2


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