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Glamorous Wednesday:Good-Bye Sidney Pollack

May 28, 2008



                                        Sidney Pollack, American Movie Director


QUOTE:  “Most of the great directors that I know of were not actors, so I can’t tell you it’s a requirement.  On the other hand, it’s an enormous help” — Sidney Pollack (Academy Award Winning Director)

Renee’s Aside:  I got to “see” Mr. Sidney Pollack, in person, when I walked into his Century City office one day.  I remember that day vividly, I was wearing a “strapless black and white zebra print dress” .  Although I’ve told this story before I forgot to add that going into the Century City building I saw–I walked by–a $100,000 car.  It was an Excalibur and–it was “purple”….


Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars.  (U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will co-produce/consult….)


Wednesday: Mothers Who Are Glamorous

May 6, 2008


                                    Momma Jackie (with Lil Caroline and John, Jr)                                              

                                     Momma Barbra

Momma Sharon

Momma Demi 

 Momma Barbara

Brand New Momma Cate

                                                                                              Brand New  2008Momma Hanna (wedding photo from 2006) 

Momma Jodie 

                                                                                Momma Julia

Momma Pamela

                                                                       Momma Gwyneth

Momma Kate (Moss)

                                                                                                Momma Claudia

Momma Minnie (to be)

                                                                              Momma Marcia 

Momma Meg

                                                                                Momma Naomi

Momma Katie

                                                                                Momma Kate 

Momma Heather

                                                                Momma Julianne

Momma Liv 

                                                                                             Momma (that is parent) Brangelina

Jaguar XF ($ 56,000)

The best Mother’s Day gift for these gorgeous and glamorous moms?  How about the 2009   Jaguar XF ?  (To transport the lil ones).   Cost: $56,000

ABOUT ADOPTION: Renee Ashley Baker would like to “adopt” children from Russian and Chinese orphanages….

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….

History Monday: “Good-Bye Charlton Heston”

April 7, 2008

Charlton Heston\'s handprints at Walt Disney Hollywood Studios             

Above, the “handprints” of Charlton Heston in front of “The Great Movie Ride” at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (formerly known as the Disney-MGM Studios Theme park….) 

                               ” HEROIC  HESTON”

               Charlton Heston (Academy Award winning film actor) often played the “hero” in “epic films” (such as: “Ben Hur”, “Planet of the Apes”, and “Soylent Green”  to name a few)….Heston was born John Charles Carter in Evanstan Illionois and he was the son of Lilla (nee Charlton) Carter and Russell Whitford Carter….
              In 1944, Heston enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Forces and served for two years (as a B-25 radio operator/gunner) in the Alaska Aleutian Islands.  He served with the Eleventh Air Force and  he rose to the rank of Staff  Sergeant.   (Also–in 1944 Heston married Northwestern student Lydia Marie Clark….)
               In 1950, Hal B. Wallis of “Casablanca” spotted Heston in a 1950 production of Wuthering Heights and offered him a ‘film contract’.  The rest–as they say–is history: “The Agony and the Ecstasy” (1965), “Julius Caeser” (1970), “Antony and Cleopatra” (1972)….In all, Heston appeared in 100 films during his 60 year long career….
             Mr. Charlton Heston died on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at his home with Lydia, his wife of 64 years, at his side….Charlton and Lydia have a son, Fraser Clarke Heston and an adopted daughter Holly Ann Heston*
   “I love you Charlton Heston”….From, Renee Ashley Baker
*special thanks: Wikipedia 
         Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….To read more (click link below):










Movie Tuesday: New “Another Year”

January 28, 2008

                            Tobe Hooper

                                  Kevin Costner

                                             Mel Gibson

Movies:  “The January Man”

Tobe Hooper (“Invaders From Mars”, born Jan 25)

Kevin Costner (“Dances With Wolves”, born Jan 18)

Mel Gibson (“Braveheart”, born Jan 3)

“Happy Birthday” from Renee Ashley Baker

“The January Man” poster  “The January Man” starring Kevin Kline and Harvey Keitel  (release date: January 13, 1989)

                Birthday Cake

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


January 21, 2008


       Vector Movie Reel

                                                             President John F Kennedy

                                              About Renee Baker Studios

                                                         (aka RBS)


                                                Renee Ashley Baker

4th  On RBS slate: A motion picture that will be Executive Produced and Written by Renee Ashley Baker and which would cast–now get this–Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison (from “House”), Asian Beauty Li Bing Bing (or Ming-Na or  newcomer Tang Wei), Paris Hilton, Clive Owens, Renee Ashley Baker and Dustin Hoffman.  (…Mind you none of these actors have said yes to anything yet but just try, if you can,  to “guess” this movie’s plot. Hint:  I  “boss everybody”  including Dustin!…) 

3rd On RBS slate: A motion picture comedy which would star Renee Ashley Baker and Brad Pitt. (…Mind you I’m ambitious!….)

2nd On RBS slate:  “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”  (…which hopefully will star actor John Travolta….).

1st On RBS slate:   Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an output deal valued at $73.5 million dollars…. (….Note:  I also have movie projects to present to Mel Gibson and Kim Basinger only they’re not in same movie….)

Renee’s favorite actors: (short list)

 Val Kilmer, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Nicholas Cage, Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Day Lewis, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Russell Crowe, John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Sir Anthony Hopkins….


Renee’s Favorite Actresses (short list):

Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, Charlize Theron, Goldie Hawn, Kim Basinger, Jodie Foster, Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Daryl Hannah, Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand, Rene Russo, and Renee Ashley Baker.

(I added my own name to the list above because I will  “star”  in a Renee Baker Studios motion picture.  So, there !)….

****Addendum:  “NO” to CBS, “NO” to Gail/Gale, “NO” to Warner Bros, “NO” to NBC, “NO” to Universal, “NO” to Grammercy, “NO” to MCA, “NO” to Farm, “NO” to rap music, “NO” to rappers.

Glamorous Wednesday: Glamorous Renee

January 16, 2008


                  RENEE in TC                                           

                          Boller TC                                                      

                      Pepsi in TC

             Pierce yellow doing stunt TC

                Pierce star and producer 

                         Rene Russo

Rene and Pierce in TC 2

                     John McTiernan                      

                  Faye and Steve TC 4

                           Faye Dunaway in TC

Faye and Steve TC 2

Faye and Steve TC 1

MGM logo 

 Rene/Dorothy  in “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1999)

      (“Thanks Tommy”, said Renee 9)


January 10, 2008

There Will Be Blood panel

Movie:  “There Will Be Blood”

New Oscar?

pictured above, one of my favorite actors Ireland’s Daniel Day Lewis.  Could this be another Oscar “buzzworthy” performance out of Daniel Day?  (“There Will Be Blood” has already been nominated for 2 Golden Globes).

                                                                    Daniel Day Lewis


January 9, 2008

Helen Hunt white 1

New Hunt

Movie:  pictured above, the fabulous (and glamorous) Helen Hunt who wears “four hats” as Producer, Writer, Actress and Director  for  her new motion picture, “Then She Found Me”….

Helen Hunt red 2

 Hi  Hunt–tress !

                                                  Helen Hunt b & w 3

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


January 2, 2008



plus… also   “NEW” :

 China: New Cover Girl

                            Li BingbingLi Bingbing in “The Forbidden Kingdom”

White:  Li Bingbing

Miss Li Bingbing is the gorgeous actress who plays the “White Haired Demoness” in “The Forbidden Kingdom” (which also stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan and is to be released in movie theatres in April 2008).   Miss Li is also January’s cover girl on Chinese Harper’s Bazaar….

 (“Yes, my country slow ones there “is” a Chinese Harper’s Bazaar”).

special thanks: Silent Monkeys (for the photo).

Australia: New Girl (liked) New Dress (not liked)

                                              Natalie Imbruglia from Australia

pictured above: Natalie Imbruglia, Australia’s up and coming singer/actress as she causes a “hateful stir” during the opening of the David Jones store in Sydney Australia on “Boxing Day”….  ( Note:  Stylefrizz called the dress a “Granny” dress but the dress is actually the “Fireball Tear Dress” by Alice McCall…So there!).

England: Newly Back

 Kate Winslet

She’s Back:  Kate Winslet 

 Kate “has” been out of the spotlight but are we glad she’s back…. (acting in movies that is).  Look  for Miss Winslet in  “Romances and Cigarettes”, “All The Kings Men” and “The Holiday”….

 Germany: New Ageless–The Super Beauties

                                         Countess Veruschka

pictured above: The Countess Vera von Lehndorff (aka Veruschka).

Claudia Schiffer

And…the beautiful Claudia Schiffer (who appeared on 500 magazine covers).

France: New Miss France

                                                                                                Miss France Valerie Beague

Because Miss France (Valerie Beague) did a racy photo shoot for Entrevue Magazine that included a shot of her in a Christ-like pose in a swimming pool, she is now banned from competing in Miss World and Miss Universe beauty pageants.  She will, however,  get to “keep her crown”….  P.S.  The “new” non-crucified Miss France “hails”  from the Polynesian Islands… ( Talk about crossed up! ).

England: New Hit Movie

Helen Mirren

 pictured above: Academy Award Winner, Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is now starring in “National Treasure: Book Of Secrets” which in only two weeks of release, has already made $70 million dollars at the box office!…. (“You go Queen!”)

American Actress: New Birthday Girl   (December 3rd)

Daryl Hanna

Daryl Hannah red   

 “Happy Birthday, Daryl Hannah” from Renee Ashley Baker

 “Born In The U.S.A.” and that New-Old Money

                               Jessica Springsteen and Richard Feldman

pictured above: Winner Jessica Springsteen

Did you know that American canter Bruce Springsteen is being sued by an Olympic equestrian (Todd Minikust) for allegedly backing out of a contract to buy a $850,000 horse for his daughter Jessica?    It seems that Jessica is a budding young rider who participates in (and wins) riding competitions held in “The Hamptons” (see picture above).  Will an equine dispute resolution be forthcoming? ….(“Frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn” …Whinny!)

Movie Tue:Best Performance by a White Swan

December 20, 2007

Bjork Dancer In the Dark 2

                                          Bjork Dancer In The Dark 1

                                    Bjork Swan Dress 1

         Bjork Swan Dress 2

Best Actress:

Q:  Best Performance by a newcomer in a motion picture?

A:  Bjork in “Dancer In The Dark” ….  Written and directed by Lars von Trier, this  movie was nominated for an Oscar plus –it garnered an additional 33 nominations (and 21 wins!)….

Best Oscar dress:  If you recall the eclectic (and Icelandic) Bjork wore that famous “swan dress” to the Oscar ceremonies in 2001.  (Note:  Bjork’s “swan dress” was later auctioned for charity….)

Best Distributor:  Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an “output” deal valued at $73.5 million dollars….


Best Music Video: Still Bjork