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Future Friday: SYBER [spelling incorrect]

March 14, 2008



            Whatever you call it — “being in the know”,  “having the 411”  (or even that now passe “FYI”) the ‘new’ social networking sites provide info on the ‘latest’ , ‘greatest’ and ‘debatist’ (if you’re political)….

           On these “big girl only” sites you can ‘display photos’  that you’re proud of.   You can also find great deals on the latest ‘it’ bag ( or  ‘must have shoe’)  and you can get comparative analysis of ‘spanks’ vs. ‘body shaper’ for holding it all in.  You can locate the ‘tastiest’ recipe and ‘plan’ the hit of the season party.   You can select the ‘hot’ novel to take to the beach or you can select a ‘hit’ movie to see with your guy.    You can post ‘your’ opinion on a ‘blog’ or you can read someone elses and ‘comment’.  Whatever your ‘purpose’ the new women oriented social networking sites are the popular way to spend it all (or share it all) in one place.   Further more “Wow!”….

            We all know that “high power” goals require “action” in order to be achieved.  A new website for ‘ambitious women’ has just been launched and ‘wow’ is it something.  The site (called “WowOWow”) is founded by four  ‘perpetual paragons of performance’ (Whew! Talk about your power phrases!).  They are:  Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl, Candice Bergen, and Marlo Thomas.   Their  ‘press release’  describes “WowOWow” as a “party disguised as a website where we can meet for coffee in our bath robes”…. 

      (“Renee’s aside: Only this party  is not selling tupperware, it’s selling power packed performance–and it’s free!”)….

Some Social Networking Sites  to explore:

Splendora: www

Team Sugar: www

My It Things: www

Women On The Web: www

and….further Moore….

                                    HAPPY  ST.  PATRICK’S  DAY!

What is St. Patrick’s Day?  Sexy Irish men of course….  Sexy Irish men for friendship and for good fun (‘good’ fun?).  Well anyway–find a ‘designated driver’ and have a “Safe and Happy St. Patty’s Day”….

   (“Renee’s aside:  Have a “Killian’s Irish Red” with that handsome Irish guy and enjoy the videos  below”….)

To see Ireland contact:  “Literary Ireland” at (Cost:  11 Days $3,400 .  Phone: 1 800 654 2048).


RECIPES–Renee’s St. Patrick’s Day Recipes (click link below):                                             

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