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March 3, 2008


                    1983 William F. Buckley, Jr


           He was a “Yalie” (class of 1950) and a  ‘rumored’  member of the ubersecret  “Skull and Bones”  society.  He was an editor, a columnist, a novelist, a debater,  and dare we say our “first” political pundit?   He was intelligent,  witty, (often mimicked by comedic impersonators) and till the end, a  “staunch”  Conservative….His loves (hobbies) were sailing, hunting, skiing, horseback riding, and music.  He hosted (starred on) the tv talk show “Firing Line”  and he founded (in 1957) “The National Review”.   (His first book, as an author, was the widely read “God, Man at Yale”….)

                 He was born on November 24 1925 (in New York City) and was the sixth of 10 children of prominent multi-millionaire parents.  (His father was of Irish-Catholic descent and his mother was of Swiss-German descent).  He spent his early childhood, in France and England, attending exclusive Roman Catholic Schools….

                His brother, James, was a one-term Senator from New York.  His socialite (a Vasser Girl) wife Pat, passed on in April of 2007.  His son, Christopher (like dad) is a noted author and satirist.  (Christopher’s  “Thank You For Smoking”  was made into a motion picture starring Katie Holmes). 

                      Mr. Buckley (William) had, for years , been withdrawing from public life.  Starting in 1990 he stepped down as top editor of “The National Review”.  And in 1999 he closed down “Firing Line” (after a 23 year run, when guests had ranged from Richard Nixon to Allen Ginsberg)….”You’ve got to end it sometime–and I’d just soon not die on stage”  he told the audience….

                P.S.  When I, Renee Ashley Baker, was in college (when I was attending the University) I took a photo of William F. Buckley, Jr.  He had come to my university to speak (And if I recall correctly, in front of a packed auditorium).  I took the photo of  William  with my Pentax 35 mm camea and a 135 telephoto lens.  I recall that the auditorium had a “low light” that day and I had to move in close (even with the telephoto).   I remember moving forward, towards the stage and the podium, and squatting down (I was wearing a black turtleneck sweater, and a mid-calf, midi-skirt and suede lace up boots that came to the knee).  I remember he looked right into my lens, and I got it.  I got  my picture of  “the”  William F. Buckley, Jr.  (The photo was published in the very next issue of the campus newspaper.  It was my first photo “by-line”.  The photo read:  “William F. Buckley by Renee Ashley Baker”….)

(Renee’s aside:   “Blacky–Blackford–Oakes has left the building”….) 

                                   William F Buckley 9491

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special thanks:  H.  Italie (AP Writer) and special thanks:  Wikipedia