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History/Tradition Monday: Wedding Bells!

April 19, 2008


PART I : Here Comes The Bride !


                                     Chanel (Queen?)     


Eugenia Couture (Old World)Badgley Mischka (Grecian)Reem Acra (mermaid)Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings


Oleg Cassini at David\

Wedding Gowns: Chanel (Queen?), Eugenia Couture (Old World?), Badgley Mischka (Grecian)?, Reem Acra (Mermaid?), Kirstie Kelly for Disney (Fairy Tale?) and Oleg Cassini (Champagne?).


Rings On Her Fingers… (From Tiffany & Co: “Etoile” Diamond Wedding Band $12,000, “Braided” Diamond Wedding Band $7,000, “Elsa Peretti” Diamond Wedding Band….)

                                                                            Etoile Diamond Pave Wedding Band at Tiffany & Co $12,000                                        


Braided Diamond Wedding Band at Tiffany & CO $7000             

                                                                                         Elsa Peretti\'s Diamond Wedding Band at Tiffany & Co                      

Bells On Her Toes…. (Peter Fox’s “Victorian” and Jimmy Choo’s “Empire”)

                          Peter Fox \                     Jimmy Choo\'s Silk and Satin \ 

Something Blue….(Oscar Heymann’s Sapphire and Diamond Necklace $420,000)

                         Oscar Heymann Sapphire and Diamond necklace $420,000



                                                  Wedding Cake by Sylvia Weinstock

Something Sweet by Michelle (in Worcester, MA)                               Wedding Cake Dress by Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes

                                             Wedding Cake by Ron-Ben Israel

From top to bottom: “Victorian Roses” by Sylvia Weinstock Cakes (NYC), “Champagne Silk Orchid Cake” at Something Sweet by Michelle (MA), “Wedding Cake Dress” by  Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes (NYC), and Wedding Cakes by Ron-Ben Israel (NYC).


                        Perivolas, Santorini Greece $565 per night

                 Perivolas, Santorini (Greece)  $565 per night….

Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay $7,025 per night

The Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay (Hawaii) $7,025 per night….

PART IV:  What If it should all go sour “after” the resort?  Then–you can always resort to the “Angry Wife’s Rant”…. (above)

 Weddings:The 411 (read further)

Wedding Music: The Venus Ensemble (A Chamber Orchestra in NYC)

Wedding Catering: Chef Daniel Boulud (NYC)

Wedding Planner:  Marcy Blum (NYC) and Lisa Light (NYC)

Wedding Planner Websites:, 1 800,

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


History Monday: The Primaries and ‘My’ Carolinas (Post #956)

January 18, 2008

Did you know that South Carolina is one of the ‘original’ American colonies?  Some well known South Carolina tourist spots  are: Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach and Cumberland.


JFK Jr Wedding

Did you know that JFK, Jr got married in Cumberland?  But  ‘that’ Cumberland is on the National Sea Shore of Cumberland Island Georgia.  The marriage ceremony  (pictured above and below)  took place on a Saturday, in 1996, in a small ‘white Chapel’.  The wedding party stayed at ‘The Greyfield Inn’ which is also where the wedding reception was held.  Did you know that this small resort on this secluded barrier island in Georgia where John F Kennedy, Jr  and Miss Carolyn Jeanne Bessette married  was once the vacation home for another famous and important family? ….The ‘Carnegie’  family…

Cuberland Dungenous

 Cumberland Main Road

About “My Carolines”….

View: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at the Fire and Ice Ball (from HarumiSan)

View:  Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (from Grace St. Clair)

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Most Expensive Wedding: “TSK”

November 29, 2007

                                     TK wedding

Headline: “Lions For Weddings”

Dateline–Italy.  The “bride” wore white and underneath it all?  Three thousand dollars worth of “La Bra” lingerie.  The wedding took place at the fabulous and royal Odescalchi Castle (in Bracciano near Rome) which rents for a whopping $50,000 per week.  The ever necessary paparazzi were given prime wedding viewing spots (costing a cool $1500 per spot)….

               From this…. TK wedding


To this….

Quote: “Can somebody tell me what the hell he said?” — Renee Ashley Baker

Price:  $6 billion dollars (the total box office gross of Tom Cruise’s movies)