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Tom Cruise + Daniel Craig = War Games

June 4, 2009



Tom Cruise in Valkyrie



Daniel Craig in Defiance



25  Things About  Renee Ashley Baker

         I, Renee Ashley Baker, had  ‘one’  brother and he worked for the State of New York  (and….he also  did work for the U.S. Secret Service….)

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History Monday: It’s History!!!!

June 9, 2008


                           Vogue Cover 1963

 Answer:      “Standing Tall”

Question:      Bernard Rudofsky?

“Yep!  Vienna trained architect Bernard Rudofsky became an intellectual celebrity.   Although not household name, Rudofsky questioned every aspect of modernism (from architecture and museum installations to textiles and fashion)….The 1944 show “Are Clothes Modern?”  that he curated at the Museum of Modern Art (in NYC) included shoes…. (Some of which he ridiculed for their unwearableness and others which he praised–were modeled after sandals from “antiquity”)….Soon after, Rudofsky founded “Bernardo Sandals” and by 1960 the fabulous and the one and only Jackie O (aka Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy) was said to own 16 colors of the same pair….

      Rudofsky designed the American pavilion for the 1958  Worlds Fair in Brussels and  after decamping to Japan he analyzed Japanese culture in “The Kimona Mind”…..Bernardo Sandals was relaunched in 2001….

(Renee’s Aside:  “I’d like one pair of each Bernardo Sandals design–in every color–in exchange for a motion picture product placement….”)  special thanks: Carol Kino (NYT)


                         Hillary Clinton portrait 

 Either way–IT  (the pant suit) belongs in the  Smithsonian”….Or it belongs on exhibit at the next “Costume Institute Gala”….

                                                     Anna Wintour of Vogue 


Tom and Katie at the 2008 Costume Institute Gala 

Above Tom and Katie and Anna Wintour (of Vogue attending  The MET’s 2008 “Costume Institute Gala” held annually in New York City )


Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars…..


March 27, 2008

                 GO TOM!  GO TOM!  GO TOM! GO TOM! 

We are not Tom Cruise’s boss–nor are we his judge, juror nor ex—plainor.  We are his fans!  Aren’t we?  Why–does it pain the public so much to see Tom Cruise happy?  Remember–he is grown and he ‘can’ legally do what he ‘wants’  to do.    Anyway–Tom Cruise ‘is’ the last of a dying breed.  And what ‘breed’ is that?    Why–‘real actors’ of course…actors who can ‘command the camera’….Signed,  Renee Ashley Baker

View the Birthday Boy ‘doin the worm’ (and he does a ‘mean snake’ too!):

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Movie Thursday: “Lions For Lambs”

November 29, 2007

                Lions For Lambs

Lions For Lambs 2

Congrats Tom!  On being honored by the “Museum Of The Moving Image” in New York City….

See:  “Lions For Lambs”.  Now playing at a movie theatre near you…

Most Expensive Wedding: “TSK”

November 29, 2007

                                     TK wedding

Headline: “Lions For Weddings”

Dateline–Italy.  The “bride” wore white and underneath it all?  Three thousand dollars worth of “La Bra” lingerie.  The wedding took place at the fabulous and royal Odescalchi Castle (in Bracciano near Rome) which rents for a whopping $50,000 per week.  The ever necessary paparazzi were given prime wedding viewing spots (costing a cool $1500 per spot)….

               From this…. TK wedding


To this….

Quote: “Can somebody tell me what the hell he said?” — Renee Ashley Baker

Price:  $6 billion dollars (the total box office gross of Tom Cruise’s movies)

Glamorous Wednesday: “Thank You For Smoking”

September 19, 2007

                                             Katie Holmes 1Katie Holmes in “Thanks For Smoking” 

TSK  Headline News:   Katie, red hot and smoking,  is named “Best Dressed” (with a new ‘Victoria’ posh bobbed hairdo)…while Tom– gets “Lions  for Lambs”….

Tell us Tom–do little lambs really ‘eat’  ivy?   We shall see Tom…we shall see….

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August 30, 2007

Suri Baby Gap                     

Dateline New York–Little Suri on a “go see”?  It seems that Little Suri (daughter of Tom & Katie Cruise) has taken New York City by storm.   She is the ‘new face of Baby Gap’.  Our sources tell us that while in New York Little Suri went on a “photo session” and that  when  lights and cameras were being ‘set up for her photo shoot’  she began “acting out” in grand model style.  Sources at the photo session spotted Little Suri taking in a “white substance” through a straw (“Got Milk!”–said Suri).  That she was  dancing around to jiggly sounds that boomed loudly from the Sony stereo speakers (“The Wiggles!”–shouted Suri).  Then, sources tell us, that “from all that acting” Little Suri  just passed out cold (“Sleepy, Okay!” –yelled Suri, just before she conked out)….

  Tsk, by the way, stands for Tom, Suri, Katie. And –Have ‘You’ Got Milk?

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