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Easter: Shout Out To Tinsley plus Easter/Passover Recipes Below(I’m moving to New York)

March 30, 2010

When I, Renee Ashley Baker, was a little girl (at Easter) I always had two things: An Easter Basket (complete with white bunny) and a handbag to match the pretty dress my mother would buy for me from Stix Baer & Fuller or Famous Barr in St. Louis, Missiouri. (By the way Tinsley did you know that the wife of one of the founders of Standard Oil used to volunteer in the new born infant ward at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis Missouri? (Barnes Hospital in St. Louis Missouri is where I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born). And Tinsley did you know that Topper’s family attended college at DU/University of Denver? (DU is where I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended college). Anyway–Tinsley–I’d like you–to design a handbag especially for me. I want the handbag to be a lunch/dinner/high tea handbag. I want the handbag to be:
(a) Clutch size.
(b) In pink or white.
(c) Hand painted or silk screened with two figurines–a Chinese man and a Chinese woman.
(d) Have a long gold chain to hang over my shoulder….)

THANKS….P.S. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will reside in New York City (and in Monaco Monte Carlo where I will headquarter my charitable foundation: Special Olympics 2….)

plus….Happy Easter….





(to be completed)