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FUTURE FRIDAY:New Reign…Victoria…

January 10, 2008


                              Queen Victoria 1


Queen Victoria:  “A glorious new reign begins”…

Ship Facts:  Guest capacity: 2000; Guest accommodation: 990 staterooms; Guest decks: 12.   Public rooms include: ConneXions Internet Centre, Cunard Royal Spa and Fitness Centre, Churchill’s Cigar Lounge, Empire Casino, The Golden Lions, Library, The Royal Court Theatre (with private boxes); The Royal Arcade, and “The Queens Room” (where white gloved afternoon tea is served…).

                                  Queen Victoria logo    (


Queen Elizabeth coronation 1953 1  The 40 year old liner  (QE2) set sail from South Hampton England last Sunday on its final global voyage before being turned into a floating hotel.  The QE2 was sold in November by U.S. cruise operator “Carnival” for $99 million U.S. dollars.  The new owner is Istithmar the investment arm of state-owned tourism company “Dubai World”.  The QE2 was launched by Queen Elizabeth II  it’s namesake (pictured above) in September 1967.   The QE2 was previous owner Cunard’s longest operating ship….(“Good-Bye Queen…Hello Queen”)


History Christmas:Renee Ashley Baker’s Royals

December 30, 2007


Best Queen:

Queen of England 1Queen of England 3Queen of England 3                                                             

                     Queen of England 4

pictured above: The Queen

Hundreds of well-wishers braved the rain to see “The Queen”  ….

(The British royal family celebrated Christmas in Sandringham….).

         Queen of England on YouTube 

pictured above:  Best Royal  “You Tube”

Best in Romania:

 Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle

pictured above: “Dracula’s  Castle”

The Archduke Dominic Habsburg, a 69 year old New York architect,  has put his family’s castle (pictured above) up for sale at “only” $135 million dollars.  The Archduke (a member of Romania’s “former” Royal Family) commented to reporters that he would only sell the castle to a buyer who would treat the property and it’s history with appropriate respect.

(Renee’s aside: “News flash!  News flash!  your ArchDuke-ship, sir.   Ain’t nobody, nobody, gonna be ‘dissing’  Vlad — now are they? “….

And–the sign read:  CASTLE FOR SALE, CALL: TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000…) 

Best at Disney:

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland 

 pictured above: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland

Although–it was originally “Snow White’s Castle” when Disneyland opened in 1956….

(Note: Renee Ashley Baker is buying a $5.2 million dollar castle–er– home,  in Washington DC from Sotheby’s International.   Sotheby’s International Realty  is the realtor to the world’s “royal families”.   Again, thank you for the $73.5 mil Disney!…)

Best in Scandinavia:

           Julenisse Christmas Gnomes 

pictured above: Julenisse

The little Gnome who left Christmas presents under all the Christmas trees in Scandinavia… 

Best In Boston:  Opera Singer Cecilia Bartoli 

Best Handel:  Opera Singer Cecilia Bartoli

                              Cecilia Bartoli      Bartoli Cake  

 Diva Bartoli with “Bartoli Cake”….

Best History Monday: The Lion Queen

December 20, 2007

The Young Elizabeth Cate Blanchett

Best Legend: “Young Elizabeth” starring Australia’s Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth….  

                             Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth 2                                        

                                                  Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth 1

Best Legend Part II: “Elizabeth The Golden Age” starring Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth….Now playing, at a movie theatre near you….