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Glamorous Wednesday: “Lady Whirly Bird”

April 21, 2008


                                     Britain\'s Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton at RAF Cranwell in England 

                                    “The Prince And His Lady”

     Britain’s Prince William landed a Royal Air Force helicopter in the garden of his girlfriend Kate Middleton’s family home but the British Defence Ministry defended the young Prince’s actions saying, “These highly honed skills are used daily in conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan”….

        (Renee’s Aside: “The big whigs give thumbs up on ‘whirly-bird-wheely-poppin!'”)

View some Royal Vessels at RENEE’S FLICKR:

special thanks: London (Reuters/Michael Dunlea) for photo of Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton at RAF Cranwell in England

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History Monday: Renee’s Prince Charming 2

March 24, 2008

           Prince Harry 1

           Prince Harry 2 

        The  Prince is back in the nest!  No more MRE !  (“MRE is military jargon for meals-ready-to-eat”)…. The young Prince completed pilot training  in a Royal Air Force Prop Plane….He bravely did a brief  “tour of duty”….Is a “royal wedding” next? ….Like his father– the young Prince will wear the Royal “kilt”  when he finally does marry….

  (“Renee’s aside: Such a “Braveheart” this young Prince….Right Davey?”)….

                                            Prince Harry and Chelsea

History Christmas:Renee Ashley Baker’s Royals

December 30, 2007


Best Queen:

Queen of England 1Queen of England 3Queen of England 3                                                             

                     Queen of England 4

pictured above: The Queen

Hundreds of well-wishers braved the rain to see “The Queen”  ….

(The British royal family celebrated Christmas in Sandringham….).

         Queen of England on YouTube 

pictured above:  Best Royal  “You Tube”

Best in Romania:

 Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle

pictured above: “Dracula’s  Castle”

The Archduke Dominic Habsburg, a 69 year old New York architect,  has put his family’s castle (pictured above) up for sale at “only” $135 million dollars.  The Archduke (a member of Romania’s “former” Royal Family) commented to reporters that he would only sell the castle to a buyer who would treat the property and it’s history with appropriate respect.

(Renee’s aside: “News flash!  News flash!  your ArchDuke-ship, sir.   Ain’t nobody, nobody, gonna be ‘dissing’  Vlad — now are they? “….

And–the sign read:  CASTLE FOR SALE, CALL: TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000…) 

Best at Disney:

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland 

 pictured above: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland

Although–it was originally “Snow White’s Castle” when Disneyland opened in 1956….

(Note: Renee Ashley Baker is buying a $5.2 million dollar castle–er– home,  in Washington DC from Sotheby’s International.   Sotheby’s International Realty  is the realtor to the world’s “royal families”.   Again, thank you for the $73.5 mil Disney!…)

Best in Scandinavia:

           Julenisse Christmas Gnomes 

pictured above: Julenisse

The little Gnome who left Christmas presents under all the Christmas trees in Scandinavia… 

Best In Boston:  Opera Singer Cecilia Bartoli 

Best Handel:  Opera Singer Cecilia Bartoli

                              Cecilia Bartoli      Bartoli Cake  

 Diva Bartoli with “Bartoli Cake”….