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October 29, 2007

                                        Leona Helmsley and Trouble

                     Demi Moore

Paris Hilton

                          Jessica Simpson

White Trouble….right here in River City.

Yep, Uh  huh, Yes siree Bob….”Trouble” ,  Leona Helmsley’s white Maltese, was left $12 million dollars by Leona…(Talk about a windfall and a most expensive shopping spree  in the Neiman Marcus doggie wear department!  But, alas, there is some bad news….”Iggy” is still MIA….)

Movie to see: “Benji” (No not AMC but  APC–which stands for “A Pooch Classic”….) 

See above the “celeb pampered pets” of Demi Moore, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson….