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Wednesday:Mothers Who Were Greek Goddesses (or Heiresses)

May 13, 2008

                           Renee  Ashley  Baker


QUOTE:  “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts” –Kassandra  Of Troy

             (GIVE ME…BUY ME…BRING ME…SEND ME….)

         No, I don’t have any children but–I “do” have a LOT OF NERVE.    I,  Renee Ashley Baker,  would like the following, from the following:

     I.  Renee’s Movie Roles:  

a.  From MGM:  I want to be a “Bond Girl” or a “Bond Villainess” (the story set in Europe)

b.  From Disney: I want  a role in “National Treasure” as a (?)

         II.  Renee’s Magazine Covers

c.  22 Magazine Covers:  I’ll start with “22” magazine covers (to promote my motion picture production) but I would like to end up with “500” magazine covers over a period of the next 10  years.

d.  “Architectural Digest and “Town & Country”:  I want a “photo layout” of my $5.2 million dollar Washington DC “mansion” which–I am purchasing from Sotheby’s International Realty.

e.  “Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog”:  I want to be on the cover of the “Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog” (2009 or 2010).

          III.  Renee’s Freebies (aka ‘Product Placements’)

f.  From: The Owner of Marilyn Monroe’s “million dollar” Dress.  I want to wear “the dress” in Paris, France (for “photo layout” and for “an event in Paris France”).

g.  Mercedes Benz Gull Winged  Coupe 

h.  Estee Lauder’s “Creme de la Mer” (Value: $1,000 per jar)

i.  Louis Vuitton “Patchwork Tribute Bag” (Value: $50,000)

j.  Sony Corp of Japan “Liquid Flat Screen TV’s and Sony Vaio Computers”

k.  From: The Owner of  “The Christina” (the “Onassis” yacht).  I want to lease the yacht for a “photo layout” and for “parties in Greece or parties on the French Riviera”.

         IV.    Renee’s Purchases (To cut to the head of the line to purchase):

l.  Fendi Mink and Sable Coats 2008-2009 collections(Value $10,000 Mink-$181,000 Sable)

m.  Hermes’  (Kelly Bag–Crocodile– Value $30,000 each)

n.  Neiman Marcus Services:  “NM Home Interior Design” and “NM Personal Shoppers”.

o.  Jonathan Urla (Pilates/Yogalates Instructor to the Stars in Washington DC)

p.  Kristy Le (Hillary Clinton’s  Christophe manicurist in Washington DC)

q.   Alexis Vogel, Cloutier, Celestine (Make up artists to the Stars in Washington DC)

r.  Chanel and Princess Diane von Furstenberg (Couture Fittings)

s.   Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin (Couture shoe fittings)

t.  Hill & Knowlton  (Publicists to be hired for worldwide publicity).

        V.  Renee’s Exhibits

From “four” museums: Smithsonian Museum (DC), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Guggenheim Museum (Las Vegas), and The Louvre (Paris).  I want an “exhibit” (a showing) of my photography which–can be viewed on my “Flickr” page…. (Renee’s Photography On Flickr at:



MOTHER  GREECE….                                                            

             Christina Onassis 38 Carat Diamond

Dateline–London–Christie’s To Sell Onassis Jewels

The jewels of Christina Onassis, daughter of Greek ship owner Aristotle Onassis (who as we remember was married to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy) will be auctioned off in London by Christies on June 11, 2008.  The lots are expected to bring in more than 3 million pounds (thats $5.9 million U.S. dollars).  The lots are “highlighted” by a pear shaped 38 carat, D-color, flawless diamond necklace (see pictured above)….

 72.22 Carat Diamond

72.22 Carat Diamond (brings $10-13 million?)

On April 10, 2008 Sotheby’s (of Hong Kong ) auctioned what is probably one of the most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction.  It is the above flawless, D-color, pear shaped diamond which is GIA graded.  (And which is so large that it can fill a tablespoon).

 Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide,  under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars.