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About Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (plus “Good-bye Lynn Redgrave”)

May 3, 2010


pictured :  Renee Ashley Baker’s  mother (Mrs. Ashley) wearing her ‘real’ diamond pendant and ‘real’  yellow gold rings, earrings and watch  (also pictured are  Mrs. Ashley’s  crystal  from Germany  and  her Hummel from Germany ….


When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was a little girl my mother Mrs. Ashley  (pictured above) would make me FRENCH TOAST for breakfast. 

 When I was a girl growning up my mother had, in her mini mansion (in St. Louis ) various pets.   Such as:  a canary, a parakeet, gold fish in a large acquarium, and several dogs and puppies.  (In fact–during the mid-1960’s one of my mother’s pets  was a pure bred Beagle that looked just like the one President Lyndon Johnson had in the White House at the time. Unfortunately he– the  Beagle — met the fate of  President Clinton’s “Buddy”)…

For Mothers’  Day —  I am going to offer a contest.  A  free poster of ‘YOUR  MOTHER’ –from PosterBrain–to anyone who can name any one of my mother’s pets. (You can make your guess  before ,  on,  or  until the following week after,  Mother’s Day). 


“Good-bye Lynn Redgrave”   from Renee Ashley Baker



     LISTEN TO:  CUPID  CUPID   (click link below)



Friday Legend: Mothers Who Were Great

May 7, 2008


                              “GONE….BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”

                                             Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy


President John F. Kennedy (with brothers Robert F Kennedy and Edward M Kennedy)

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy (aka Mrs. Joseph patrick Kennedy, aka Countess Rose Kennedy) holding Joe, Jr (circa 1918)….President John F. Kennedy, U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy and U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy….


Princess Grace (with Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie)

HRH Princess Grace of Monaco (with Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie)


Princess Diana (with young Prince William and young Prince Harry)

HRH Princess Diana (with young Prince William and young Prince Harry)


Oscar heymann\'s Ruby and Diamond Necklace ($320,000)


Oscar Heymann\'s Emerald and Diamond Bracelet ($10,000) 


Leron hand embroidered linens for Queen bed ($10,000 per set)

Best  Mother’s Day gift for these “legendary mothers” ?  Oscar Heymann’s Ruby (and Diamond) necklace  (Cost: $320,000) or  Oscar Heymann’s Emerald and Diamond bracelet (Cost: $10,000).  And…. for a sleep “fit for a Queen”  why not Leron’s Hand Embroidered Bed Linens.  It takes an entire year to make–to complete–just one set  of Leron’s bed linens.  (Cost per set: $10,000)….

                                  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars.  U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will “remain” Renee Ashley Baker’s co-producer/consultant….

Future Friday: Working Moms Unite (Finally!)

May 2, 2008



                                                                      June Cleaver as \

                              June Cleaver as “Mom” 

 Did you know?….That, women count for 40% of the work force?  That,  thousands of corporations, around the world,  now have “day care centers” on site?   That, some 70 corporations around the U.S. now have “Baby at Work” programs?  (Meaning, that mothers can actually take their babies to the office every day.  However–you should consider the following before taking ‘your’ baby to ‘your’ office.  Consider: the personality of your baby, the safety of your office and the cleanliness of your office….)

 June Cleaver as \

June Cleaver as “Mom in an apron”….


       Mother’s Yellow Dress….              Mother\'s Yellow Dress


                                              Mother\'s (still)


              Atlas Platter (at Tiffany & Co) 

Atlas Platter at Tiffany & Co (For mother’s lunch break–Wonderbread for the Breadwinner!)


Vita Nelson Desk Clock (by Design Public $340)

Vite Nelson Desk Clocks (by Design Public $340)

                                                                                            Limoges stamp box (from Victorian Trading Co)

Limoges stamp box (at Victorian Trading Co)

 Dransfied & Ross Crocodile Pencils $27 (for box of 6 pencils)

 Dransfield & Ross Crocodile Embossed Pencils ($27 for a box of 6)

                                                                                         Henry IV Convertible Baby High Chair by Sibi $1,350 

 Henry IV Convertible Baby High Chair by Sibi $1,350

Parnian world\'s most expensive desks $6,000-$200,000

 Parmian (makers of the world’s most expensive office desks $6,000-$200,000)


Chanel J12 women\'s watch

Chanel’s J12 Women’s Watch (so Mom can “stay on time”)


                                                                                           Chanel Denim works for moms and non moms alike

Chanel Denim (beautiful on moms and non moms alike)  

 Dane Beatrix baby bag stroller tote $110

Dane Beatrix Baby Bag/Stroller Bag $110


                                                                        Nestt Baby Car Seat baby check in the egg

Nestt (World’s Best Baby Car Seat with “chick-in-the-egg” technology)  


Mercedes Benz SLR goddess gull winged wonder

Mercedes Benz SLR (The “Goddess’s Gull Winged Wonder”)


www (the mom’s “myspace”)

www (the mom’s”facebook”)

www  (the mom’s “site for advice from the famous”)

The above desk appointments sit on Renee Ashley Baker’s desk who is, alas, a “non-mom”.  And….I will “place” the above Mercedes Benz in my motion picture “as a product placement” IF–Mercedes Benz of Germany gives me the car free of charge….Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide,  under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


Glamorous Wednesday: Mother’s Day (May 11th)

April 1, 2008


For: April 2, 2008 ….


Chocolates 2                                                                                               

Noka Vintages Chocolates ($854 per pound)

                                                              Chocolates 1

Neuchatel Of Switzerland Chocolates ($508 per pound)

“Fakes” by Renee Ashley Baker

Rose Teacup #1656 (Photo Above Not For Sale )  “Fakes”  by Renee Ashley Baker”.  Copyright by Renee Ashley Baker.  All Rights Reserved.  (and….Not For Sale)

                                          Mother’s Day

                                 (Getaways To Plan Now!)

I.  Mother’s Day Spa Package

   (For Mom in the ‘Big Apple’)

1.  Bliss in Soho

(Founder Marcia Kilgore says, “Bliss combines and “obsession with celebrities” with old fashioned “friendliness”.  Regulars include movie stars and fashion models).

2.  Other “Upper East Side”  Spas:

      a.   “Djerradines” (founded by French born Yasmine Djerradines):

     b.   The Spa at Equinox :

II.  Mother’s Day Package

         (Mom by herself)

These are mainly for mother’s residing on the “East Coast”….


III.  Mother’s Day Package

          (Mom With “Mickey”)

The Disney name says it all….


IV.  Mother’s Day Package

        (Mom With Children)

These “trips” are from 2007 but they’re still great “packages” for Mom and the Kids….


V.   Mother’s Day at the Ice Cream Parlor or the Corner Candy Store….

         (Mom at Home)

        a.  Try a lovely crystal bowl full of “Jelly Belly” jelly beans (to have with a cup of  “Constant Comments”  or “Lipton tea”).

       b.  Try an old fashioned “ice cream sundae parfait” for six that is made of–what else– but “Oreo Cookies and Cream” (click link below for Renee’s ‘own’ original recipe !):