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FUTURE FRIDAY : New and “Extreme”

January 4, 2008

                                                                Mike Huckabee, Candidate

                                                                   New Winner

                                                              Mike Hucka-hoo? 

New Flavor:

                  Whitey’s Ice Cream Parlor

Did you know that Iowa has an ice cream parlor that attracts celebrities and “everyday Iowans” alike?   That’s right–Whitey’s Ice Cream  is located  in  Davenport Iowa and is “known”  for its innovative ice cream flavors…. 

 In fact,  back in July of 2007 Bill and Hillary Clinton stopped into Whitey’s and he had an ice cream cone while she had an ice cream drumstick.   However, history has it that Chester “Whitey” Lindgren  founded Whitey’s Ice Cream in 1933  (in Moline).   And, next summer Whitey’s  will celebrate it’s 75th anniversary.   And boy –Iowans can’t wait for Whitey’s  annual “create a flavor” contest in which the winner will win  a year’s supply of free ice cream! 

So–If you were going to name an ice cream flavor after any one of the candidates –what would it be?   I would name mine “Chocolate Verry Vary” …. for Hillary Clinton….

(Tee–hee–hee–I’m just kidding Mrs. “C”….)

         Chocolate Berry Ice Cream

                                                                                                                               Hillary Clinton 3                                Hillary Clinton 2

After ice cream                               Before that scoop

special thanks to: “Progoddess on Flickr” for the photo of the chocolate berry ice cream in a bowl.


New Flying Suit: “Wingsuit” 

New  Surfing: “Glacier Surfing Alaska” 

New Rolling: “New Zealing Zorbing” 

New Car: “Moller Sky Car” 


Most Expensive: Futuristic Friday

November 8, 2007

               Jaeger LeCoultre

For Him:

“Combo Please”

Combination watch, car door opener and car starter.  Price: $25,000

Note: The Astin Martin that you need to go with it is $240,000 British pounds extra….(“Gentlemen, start your engines!”)

Moller Sky Car M400Moller Sky Car

For Him: 

The Howard Hughes Special?

The “Moller Sky Car, the evolution of transporation from the chariot to the M400” — Paul Miller.     Price: Models start at $90,000


September 28, 2007

Moller Sky Car, USA

   Moller Sky Car M400 

Above: A ‘Chariot’  That Is  ‘Critical Path Free’…

Quote 1:  “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motor car is coming.  You may smile…But it will come” — Henry Ford,  Ford Motor Company, 1940.

Quote 2: “The Moller Sky Car: The evolution of transportation from ‘the chariot’ to ‘the M400’ ” — Paul Moller, Moller International