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Fashion Week/Paris France:Women’s Page by Renee Ashley Baker

October 10, 2009
Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Bakers  Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Baker's Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

CHANEL meets the ‘Bardot Beehive’….

Chanel Spring 2010

Chanel Spring 2010

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

(Renee Ashley Baker’s Aside: “I, Renee Ashley Baker, want front row tickets to fashion week and….I want to KISS DANIEL CRAIG and KISS MEL GIBSON TOO)

Plus…More (Moore) Woman Size Couture?

Balmain spring 2010 2

Balmain spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

plus–remember–“They Don’t Know Where It’s At”


Potpourri:Fine Art and Fine Living

August 18, 2009

The Film Mystique (Movies To See….Now)

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens (Drama) ….Starring jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore (411: About Park Avenue/Hamptons Socialites “Big and Lil Edie Bouvier”)

The Time Travelers Wife

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” (Love Story) Starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams (411: Produced by Brad Pitt)

District 9 the movie

“District 9” (Action) Starring Sharlto Copley and Jason Cope (411: Cost only $30 million to produce)

Brad Pitt starring in Inglorious Bastards

“Inglorious Bastards” (History) Starring Brad Pitt (411: It stars Brad Pitt!)

The Fever Dream Mystique (Now On Tour)

Hall and Oates

Roger Daltry

Now On Tour: Daryl Hall and John Oates, Roger Daltry, Depeche Mode, Jackson Browne, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt.

The “Far Out ” Mystique

DVD Woodstock 3 Days of Peace and Love

DVD: Woodstock 3 Days of Peace and love (Now In Memory)

The Feminine Mystique

Model by DeSciose

DeSciose (of Denver)

Gilles Bensimon and model

Gilles Bensimon (of Paris )

photograph by Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier (of London)

Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton (of Germany)

Monte Carlo by Louis Icart

Louis Icart (of Monaco Monte Carlo)

The Fourth Estate Mystique

Helen Thomas

“Happy Birthday Helen” from Renee Ashley Baker

The Fluffy Estate Mystique

Leona Helmsley with Trouble

“Ruff Ruff” (or “Rip off! Rip off ! In dog language). Trouble, Leona Helmsley’s “pampered pooch” is suing (in court!) to get a bigger cut of the $136 million dollars left to him by hotel queen Leona Helmsley.

The Freedom Mystique

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R Levin

“Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin

The Floating Word Mystique

Rattle poetry magazine

“Rattle” by resident poet and editor in chief Alan Fox
(Renee Ashley Baker’s aside: “Hey, Mr. Fox, how about a real estate loan?”)

“The Fois Gras Mystique”

Pate de fois gras by Petrossian

Pate de Fois Gras by Petrossian (Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite snack–on toast).

The “That Far Away?” Mystique
New York by Zachwsu on Flickr

A second Exodus? Yup, out of New York City. “Why not?” says Scott Friedman of DAT Minyan Synagogue in Denver, Colorado. Friedman wants to incide a great western migration–Oregon Trail style–but Jewish. Check out Scott’s website at:

The Favorite Star Mystique

Mel Gibson 1

Mel Gibson 2

Mel Gibson 3

“I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to meet Mel Gibson. He is my absolute favorite star. But–I’m torn and I don’t know what to say to him. (Yes, I do wear glasses)….What I mean is, I feel as though it was I, Renee Ashley Baker, who somehow–via osmosis–put Mel with “Nurse Moore”. So–I’m sad about the “marriage” break up. On the other hand he is Mel Gibson–the “sexiest man alive” Mel Gibson! So–I’m running a contest: “What Should Renee Ashley Baker Say To Mel Gibson?” Should it be–
“I’m glad you got rid of her now you and I can be together?” Or….
“What do you think you’re doing getting rid of Robin–Batman?”….

Statement 1 or Statement 2….Which should it be? Serious or hilarious. (Although something tells me Mel Gibson would laugh –out loud– if either statement came out of me) ….

The public can mail their contest votes to: “What Should She Say To Gerard?” (at

Future Friday:Renee’s $104.3 million

June 27, 2008



“Good-bye George Carlin”




                                            “GOOD-BYE  TIM  RUSSERT”

ABOVE:  Tim  Russert (the past)  with Son Luke (the future) ….






plus….The Boss sings….

NO to Madonna….Madonna is still the “Dog” that I’m not going to let sniff up underneath my dress….


Movie Tuesday: New “Another Year”

January 28, 2008

                            Tobe Hooper

                                  Kevin Costner

                                             Mel Gibson

Movies:  “The January Man”

Tobe Hooper (“Invaders From Mars”, born Jan 25)

Kevin Costner (“Dances With Wolves”, born Jan 18)

Mel Gibson (“Braveheart”, born Jan 3)

“Happy Birthday” from Renee Ashley Baker

“The January Man” poster  “The January Man” starring Kevin Kline and Harvey Keitel  (release date: January 13, 1989)

                Birthday Cake

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


November 6, 2007

Mel Gibson 

Movie Star:  Mel Gibson has set up a charitable foundation to build a 17 acre religious compound in Agoura Hills California.  On the property sits a 9000 sq ft “Holy Family Catholic Church”.     

Price: (“I won’t tell”)


 Pictured above: A Church…(not Mel’s church but I liked the picture and I’m using it.  Besides,  if there is a God I don’t think he/she would mind….)


November 6, 2007

                                  Mel Gibson as Mad Max

  “And they will follow….”

Price: Mel is spending $5 million to break ground….

                                                             (“We love you Mel”….)

                                                                                       Mel Gibson


August 18, 2007

Mel Gibson

 Mel Gibson in “The Adventures of Cliff Damage” ?????

Joke: “Super Heroes Party”

It’s the annual new years party.  Batman and Spiderman are chatting.   All of a sudden the Hulk rushes in all red and perplexed.

“What’s up?” asked Batman

“Well, I was upstairs looking for the bathroom and I passed the bedroom and saw Wonder Woman naked on the bed moaning and groaning.  I started feeling randy and thought what the hell and jumped on top of her!”

“Was she surprised?” asked Spiderman

“Yes, but not as surprised as The Invisible Man!”

Mel Gibson is my “favorite actor” (love him like a brother). View “The Suit by Renee Ashley Baker” (click link below)