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Portrait of Renee by James….

November 7, 2009

Marilyn Monroe by James Gill

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will hire (commission) James Gill to paint Renee Ashley Baker’s portrait….


Renee Ashley Baker’s Exercise Routine

1. Nordic Trac Ski Machine
2. Ballet Bar
3. Jonathan Urla Pilates,
4. Renee Ashley Baker will meet (“date”) all 60 of the white males (that is the “love matches”) that have been “love matched” with Renee Ashley Baker on eHarmony.
5. Renee Ashley Baker “may” do a “radio show” (in New York City) which hopefully will be sponsored by, Yahoo/Bing and General Motors (or Mercedes Benz).
6. Renee Ashley Baker will sign a contract with Ford Modeling Agency for representation to 21 Companies for $21 million dollars (companies which include Chanel, Chanel Cosmetics –Renee Perfume by Chanel, Jimmy Choo, AT&T, Rolex and Swarovski for jewelry boxes to be designed by Renee Ashley Baker called, “Pandora’s Box”.
7. Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to Germany (Berlin)


Movie Thursday:Best Jumper(20th Century Fox)

December 17, 2007

Exactly what — is a Jumper?

                        MM Jumping

                                                            “MM Jumps”

               Brandelina at Jump

          “Brangelina Jumps”

Who Jumps?:  Ubersexsymbol Marilyn Monroe “jumps” in a famous photograph taken by uberphotographer Phillippe Halsman; while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (er–excuse me –“Brangelina”) “jumped” at the opening night performance of “Jump” at New York’s Union Square Station….And….David Lee Roth jumps….

David Lee Roth 1


Evel Knievel 3

Evel Knievel jumps….”Good-bye Evel Knievel”

(P.S. If–I, Renee Ashley Baker, “Star In” a motion picture with Brad Pitt I will “Executive Produce” the motion picture and Disney will distribute the motion picture in movie theatres worldwide….Wanna be in a comedy Brad?  The place will be jumping –er–I mean–Angie will be on that set ! )


November 29, 2007

                                   Sharon Stone 1Sharon Stone 2

Sharon Stone says, “Is that a___in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”   Price:  Sharon gets at least $5 million a picture.

                                 Barbra Streisand 1

                                           Barbra Streisand 2

Barbra Streisand says, “Is that a ticket in your pocket because scalpers really make me mad!” (Note: In the U.K. all it took was 20 minutes and tickets to Babs concert were sold out!    Price: $1530 per ticket!)

                                        Catherine Deneuve

                                          Catherine Deneuve 2

Catherine Deneuve

Question:  What is your favorite hero of fiction?

Catherine’s answer: Mandrake The Magician

Question: What is your greatest extravagance?

Catherine’s answer: Spending all my money when I was 17 years old on a Hermes Kelly Bag.

Q:  What is your motto?

Catherine’s answer: With a valiant heart, nothing is impossible.

                                                Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe says, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”…(Renee Ashley Baker says that too–so there!)

special thanks: Getty Images for the Sharon Stone in Monte Carlo photo


August 14, 2007

“MM: Happy Birthday Mr President 1962″

Marilyn, Pam, Sharon, Goldie, Charlize, Faye, Barbra, Farrah, Stevie, Nancy, Bananarama, Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith “all” on video and “all” on the same page ! ….

To View the “Hottest Web Page On The Planet” (click link below)

special thanks: Myspace videos