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Future Friday: Glam Fabulous/House

February 29, 2008

Hillandale…For Sale For Only $95 million dollars….

Hillandale Main House

Hillandale Entry

Hillandale Sitting

Hillandale Sitting 2 

Hillandale Dining Room

Hillandale Breakfast Area

Hillandale Living Room

Hillandale Game Room

Hillandale Garden View

 Hillandale is the 263 acre estate of Liberty Travel Founder Gilbert Haroche.  The estate is on the Connecticut-New York border and has five homes, a Chapel, and a private lake.  The house is over 20,000 sq ft and has eight bedrooms, and an indoor swimming pool.  Hillandale was once owned by The Sulzberger Family, the longtime publishers of the New York Times….

Renee Ashley Baker will consider buying Hillandale if—Mr. Haroche lowers the price to say  $15 million….

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars.  (Renee Ashley Baker will purchase a house in Washington DC via Sotheby’s  International Realty for $5.2 million dollars….)