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Movie Thursday: Glam Film/Glam Spy

February 28, 2008

Video:  What Will The Well Dressed Spy Be Wearing This Spring?….            Why,  Louis Vuitton, Of Course!

                                         GLAMOROUS  FILM  REMAKE ?


           A remake of “Casablanca” with the war in Iraq as the plot or backdrop?….Roger Simon thinks there should be one.  Roger Simon thinks a “buck”  of Hollywood’s current  “anti-Iraqi-war trend” would “work” cinematically and (in addition) be “popular” and “profitable” as well (in movie speak “Boffo Box Office!”)….

        So, let’s say our financing is in place (Mr. Murdoch at 20th Century Fox would have the gumption and the dollars).  Next, are our “lists”.  Who would direct?  Minghella?  He made “The English Patient” (which was brilliant).  Nichols?  He just made “Charlie Wilson’s War” (which “is” brilliant).  And—there has to be a “leading man” and a “leading lady”.  Julianne Moore comes to mind (but she starred in the English war movie/love story “The End Of The Affair” opposite the handsome and talented Ralph Fiennes).  Kate Winslet also comes to mind.  She could be “paired with” Harrison Ford in the “male lead”.  (Cate Blanchett and Harrison Ford would also be “great casting”)….

        They say–you should “never” remake a “classic” but if anyone could do it Roger Simon could.  Roger is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter who worked with the “diva” of all “movie divas”  La Streisand!!!    Roger Simon  is also the CEO of Pajamas Media.  Will Roger be a “Pajama Mogul?”.  Read Roger’s article on the “new media” (click link below)

Note:  Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars….

Casablanca poster



November 4, 2007

              Disney’s Little Mermaid

Queen Of The Sea

See Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”….opening on Broadway in November….

Glamorous Wednesday (continued)….Renee’s “52 Pick Up”….Why “52 Pick Up?”  Because Renee Ashley Baker is holding all the cards!….

Renee’s Bling H20

                                                        Louis Vuitton “Tribute” Patchwork BagRenee’s Francis Coffee Maker at Neiman Marcus

Renee’s Monte Carlo

                   Renee’s Baronet SchonbekRenee’s Rolls Royce Corniche

                            Chanel Evening Gown

Pictured above:  Bling h20 (price: $52 per bottle), Francis Coffee Maker (price: $520 at Neiman Marcus), Chanel evening gown ($5,200 per gown) Louis Vuitton “Tribute” Patchwork Handbag (price: $52,000 per bag), Monte Carlo vacation home (price: $52,000 per week rental), Rolls Royce Corniche (price: $520,000) Renee’s Washington DC Mansion ($5.2 million dollars)….

Monday PREVIEW: Renee Most Expensive

October 13, 2007

             Chanel purple                              Bling h20

Francis Coffee Maker Neiman MarcusLouis Vuitton Tribute HandbagDu Casino de Monte Carlo

White Rolls RoyceLighting

Title:  “Renee’s 52 Pick Up”

Why ’52 pick up’ ?… Because –Renee is holding all the cards! 

(Disney will release Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide….)

Pictured Above:

$52   Renee’s Bling H20 (bottled drinking water)

$520 Renee’s  Francis coffee maker (sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus)

 $5,200 Renee’s Chanel evening gown by Chanel 

$52,000  Renee’s Louis Vuitton “Tribute”  handbag

$52,000 week  for Renee’s vacation chateau in Monaco, Monte Carlo

$520,000 Renee’s  White Rolls Royce Corniche

$5,200,000 Renee’s Washington DC Manse (Renee’s broker:  Sotheby’s  International Realty )