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December 19, 2007

Goldie Hawn 9

                                   Goldie Hawn yo ho ho                  Goldie Hawn purple 

                            Goldie white on red carpet

ABC Gold: Goldie Hawn is set to return to TV for the first time in almost 40 years as producer and star of an uplifting drama based on Sara Davidson’s new book “Leap! What Will We Do With The Rest Of Our lives?”  The award winning actress has teamed up with “Friends” creator Marta Kaufman to create the series, which, like the book, investigates how individuals approach major life changes.  The show will debut on ABC network…. (ABC ‘leaps’ above the rest!)

Glamorous Wednesday 2: Kate Hudson       

                                    Kate and Mathew Fool’s Gold

                     Kate Hudson Raising Helen    

                      Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson stars in, “Fools Gold”  opening in movie theatres in 2008 … (Hi, Lil Goldie!)