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Most Expensive Wednesday: An Ice Cream Cone

November 19, 2007

                                                                  Lazare Kaplan International $1 mil

“Ice Cream, Ireland?”

Dateline–New York:  Did Alec Baldwin make up with daughter Ireland by taking her out for an ice cream cone?   The one pictured above would set uberpunctual daddy Alec back some frosty dough.  It weighs 152.16 carats and was created by jeweler Lazare Kaplan International.   The Price: $1 million dollars…So–when asked if he was buying the one million dollar ice cream cone for daughter Ireland, daddy Alec reportedly looked angry and snapped,  “When pigs fly!” ….

 (Gotcha Again!…er…smile Kim)

special thanks: Lazare Kaplan who will donate the $1 million dollars from the sale of the phone to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America….