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Most Expensive Movie Tuesday: ICE

November 29, 2007

The Wild Martini  Or  The Wild Jack (London)

          Martini              Polar Bear

Have a martini made with Stoli (Apres Ski) at:

1.  The Klosters (where Prince Willem and Prince Harry swoosh).

2.  The Corvigilia Club in Switzerland (where other of Europe’s Royals swoosh).

3.  Gstaad and St. Moritz , Switzerland (where the jet set swoosh).


Hear the call of the wild (Antartica) at:

1.  The Great White Polar Bear Exploration. (Call: Travel Wild Exhibiitions at 800-368-0077).

2.  Artic Exploration –includes “dog sledding”.  (Call: Artic Odysseys at 800-574-3021).


View: “The 11th Hour”

View:  “The Walrus”

The Walrus


“24’s” New Enemy? Climate Change? Or Jack Bauer “meets” The Rainmaker

August 6, 2007

Jack Bauer

Sutherland as Bauer, wondering, no doubt, how he’s gonna kill all that weather. (Jack Bauer “meets” The Rainmaker?????  Many Americans believe that Jack Bauer “IS” The Rainmaker)

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