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Friday Travel: “That Mikimoto Sea”

July 25, 2008


          “Come On Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise”….

Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite cruise is of course the new Queen Victoria (which replaced the mothership–the old QE2).  It– the new “Queen Victoria” –is truly a “Mikimoto Sea Cruise”…..  Below –are some more great cruises that you may wish to “explore”….

The Love Boat Cruise

2.  The Wedding Boat Cruise

3.  The Rock The Boat Cruise

4.  The Opera Boat Cruise

5.  The Golf Boat Cruise

6.  The Gay Boat Cruise

7.  The Religious Boat Cruise

8.  The Greek Boat Cruise

(Renee’s Aside:  “I’m inviting Val Kilmer.  You invite who you choose”).

Disclaimer:  Renee Ashley Baker advises all cruise takers to take responsibility for their own personal safety.  (That is–DON’T trust anybody, and don’t flash wads of cash!  Better to be safe than sorry) 



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