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Most Expensive: Beautiful Faces & Beautiful Dreamers

November 19, 2007

                                               Creme de la Mer

For Her:

The world’s most expensive faces wear “Creme de la Mer”.   Price: $1000 per jar….And…whether it’s a”A Midsummer Night’s Dream” “The Princess and the Pea”, Princess Caroline of Monaco, or Princess Caroline of Hyannis Port–every fairy tale princess needs her beauty sleep.   Dux Mattress of Sweden.     Price: $7,000 (each)

Dux mattress of Sweden


Preview: Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorites

November 8, 2007

Renee’s Favorite chocolates:           Price: $10-$50 and up per box.

                   Godiva Chocolates                                                 Lindt Chocolates

Renee’s favorite face cream:      Price: $1000 per jar.

La Mer

Renee’s favorite skirt, jacket & silk blouse to wear to a Disney production meeting.  Price: $4000 per suit (the silk blouse is $800 extra).


Renee’s favorite party nails :  (I wore them, on my pinky, in the 1990’s but they’re back! A 9ct gold nail with diamond star-setting.  Price: $96 per nail).

Gold/Diamond fingernail

Renee’s favorite mandatory for celebrating…Russian Beluga caviar:  Price:  $700 per ounce.


Renee’s favorite “champagne” (photo below was taken by Renee Ashley Baker, in New York City, with a Sony Ericsson camera phone)

                                                                                    “Champagne” by Renee Ashley Baker

“Champagne” by Renee Ashley Baker. Copyright 2003 by Renee Ashley Baker.  All Rights Reserved