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December 16, 2009

Renee Ashley Baker's Atlas by Jimmy Choo


Below Are Websites To Give You Some Ideas or To Help You Decide How To Give (Charitably) (Renee’s Kennedys) (Renee’s Marines) (Renee’s Great)
and (Renee’s Soldiers) (Renee’s Daddies)



I, Renee AshleyBaker, am a woman who loves fragrance. So much so that I want to produce and market my own fragrance. I’ll call it “Renee #9 by Chanel” or “Renee Perfume by Chanel” …(Of course I’ll be talking in greater detail with Chanel about this). Anyway–there is nothing like wafting into a room and leaving a scent flowing behind you. (The looks on peoples faces when I enter a room wearing a fragrance can only be described as ‘delightful). Below are some websites for women who just have to wear a “fragrance”. And Below is the only fragrance for a woman to wear—“Chanel”….

Fragrance Websites:







Fashion Week/Paris France:Women’s Page by Renee Ashley Baker

October 10, 2009
Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Holloween Pumpkin #2 by Xero79 (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Bakers  Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

Renee Ashley Baker's Aristocrat by Aristocrat (on Flickr)

CHANEL meets the ‘Bardot Beehive’….

Chanel Spring 2010

Chanel Spring 2010

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

Fashion Week Front Row at Chanel Marie-Josee

(Renee Ashley Baker’s Aside: “I, Renee Ashley Baker, want front row tickets to fashion week and….I want to KISS DANIEL CRAIG and KISS MEL GIBSON TOO)

Plus…More (Moore) Woman Size Couture?

Balmain spring 2010 2

Balmain spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 2

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

Christian Dior spring 2010 1

plus–remember–“They Don’t Know Where It’s At”

Friday Futures:Looks a like McCain’s House + Chinese at dinner?

August 15, 2008



above, celebrity-look-alike Brian as V.P. Dick Cheney  (photo courtesy of Classique-Productions)

above, the “real deal” V.P. Richard Bruce Cheney…. 

The Beast and now….The Beauty 

above, movie star Milla Jovovich modeling Renee Ashley Baker’s Chanel evening gown.  (Renee’s Aside:  “Thanks Mr. Lagerfeld!”)


above, the former of home of John and Cindy McCain.  As you can see above the house has a “resort” size pool.  The house is located in Phoenix Arizona and is being represented by Sotheby’s International Realty.  Cost: $12 million dollars. 



above, Jennifer 8 Lee author of “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles”.   Jennifer is one of the New York Times most popular bloggers.  According to her website, Jennifer’s new book (The Fortune Cookie Chronicles) “takes readers on a remarkable journey both foreign and familiar”…. 

(Renee’s Aside 2:  “Confucious say, He who sit on ‘fortune cookie’ need to watch where they big ‘ga-donka-donk’  butt is aimed at.   ‘Say-o-nara !’ )



Disney Corporation will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal.  “THANK YOU ROBERT IGER  OF DISNEY FOR THE $53.5 MILLION DOLLARS”….

Glamorous Wednesday: “Night and Day”

June 30, 2008


                        YOU ARE THE ONE….

For Renee, at Night at the “Yacht Club” maybe?

Harry Winston Attraction Necklace 

 (Harry Winston’s Attraction Necklace)

 Renee during the day at a Yacht Club luncheon….maybe? 

Chanel Resort 2009   

Chanel Resort Collection….

Re:  Destination Hyannisport

Dear WWD Editors:

In lieu of inappropriately revealing swimwear I have opted to pack, instead, for day, long sundresses for sitting by the sand or for lounging by the pool.  And….for Night (evening soirees and yacht parties) I am packing evening gown (but no low cut necklines, I’m on important business).  However, for those who can “show some leg” try the suit below (it’s at Neiman Marcus).

                                        Burberry swimwear at Neiman Marcus

Disney will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars….Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars….

History/Tradition Monday: Wedding Bells!

April 19, 2008


PART I : Here Comes The Bride !


                                     Chanel (Queen?)     


Eugenia Couture (Old World)Badgley Mischka (Grecian)Reem Acra (mermaid)Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings


Oleg Cassini at David\

Wedding Gowns: Chanel (Queen?), Eugenia Couture (Old World?), Badgley Mischka (Grecian)?, Reem Acra (Mermaid?), Kirstie Kelly for Disney (Fairy Tale?) and Oleg Cassini (Champagne?).


Rings On Her Fingers… (From Tiffany & Co: “Etoile” Diamond Wedding Band $12,000, “Braided” Diamond Wedding Band $7,000, “Elsa Peretti” Diamond Wedding Band….)

                                                                            Etoile Diamond Pave Wedding Band at Tiffany & Co $12,000                                        


Braided Diamond Wedding Band at Tiffany & CO $7000             

                                                                                         Elsa Peretti\'s Diamond Wedding Band at Tiffany & Co                      

Bells On Her Toes…. (Peter Fox’s “Victorian” and Jimmy Choo’s “Empire”)

                          Peter Fox \                     Jimmy Choo\'s Silk and Satin \ 

Something Blue….(Oscar Heymann’s Sapphire and Diamond Necklace $420,000)

                         Oscar Heymann Sapphire and Diamond necklace $420,000



                                                  Wedding Cake by Sylvia Weinstock

Something Sweet by Michelle (in Worcester, MA)                               Wedding Cake Dress by Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes

                                             Wedding Cake by Ron-Ben Israel

From top to bottom: “Victorian Roses” by Sylvia Weinstock Cakes (NYC), “Champagne Silk Orchid Cake” at Something Sweet by Michelle (MA), “Wedding Cake Dress” by  Elisa Strauss at Confetti Cakes (NYC), and Wedding Cakes by Ron-Ben Israel (NYC).


                        Perivolas, Santorini Greece $565 per night

                 Perivolas, Santorini (Greece)  $565 per night….

Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay $7,025 per night

The Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay (Hawaii) $7,025 per night….

PART IV:  What If it should all go sour “after” the resort?  Then–you can always resort to the “Angry Wife’s Rant”…. (above)

 Weddings:The 411 (read further)

Wedding Music: The Venus Ensemble (A Chamber Orchestra in NYC)

Wedding Catering: Chef Daniel Boulud (NYC)

Wedding Planner:  Marcy Blum (NYC) and Lisa Light (NYC)

Wedding Planner Websites:, 1 800,

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….

Friday: Renee’s “Files and Fashion”

April 11, 2008


                                      A   LOOK   BACK



                                       PC To PC File Transfer For Dummies 


Yves Saint Laurent Necklace

Yves Saint Laurent necklace…. 


                                                    Chanel Pearlized Gold Quilted Purse

                                      Chanel Pearlized Gold Quilted Purse….



special thanks: Decades Inc and special thanks: Dummies.Com

Glamorous Wednesday: Renee’s Chanel Lace

March 26, 2008

                                    Chanel Evening Lace

                      I have already prepared my Chanel “order”.     I am buying the   outfit (pictured above) to wear out and about in Washington DC….Senator Edward M. Kennedy will be taking me to dinner.  (I will be sending a photo of my dinner with Senator  Kennedy–and Mrs Kennedy– to the editor of the “society page” of   “Town & Country”   magazine….)

     What a fabulous look for evening.  (It’ll  fit  nicely in my closet Mr. Karl !)

                                                                             Karl Lagerfeld

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal”  valued at $73.5 million dollars….

   “NO” to Gail/Gale….and still “NO” to Hausfadter

   (now….read about Jodie below)….

Preview: Renee’s Endeavors “On The Set”

March 20, 2008

                                                           Chanel Evening 2                                      

                               “Fashion:  Renee’s Chanel Order”

            To:  Chanel

            Below are the “outfits” that I wish to order  from Chanel.   I’ll want them in your “largest” pret-a- porter sizes….(I am not fat but  I am  not a “bone showing” size 2 either).

           As you can see  ( link below) this wardrobe (this “War—robe”) has to carry me through the day “on the set”,  “at the office”,  at “dinner or event”, and on weekends (for shopping or for facials at the salon).

           After,  this “2008 spring-summer/fall winter season” I would like (for 2009) a “look book” and– I’d like “front row seats” at your show.  (I’m not “good friends” with any celebrities yet so I’ll probably come alone.  Unless, say,  actress Catherine Deneuve would “sit with me” at the Paris shows).

          Anywho  I will  be in for “couture” fittings (for a  “Ball Gown” and three or four Chanel suits which I want “lined” in patterned silk and “trimmed” in sable….)         

           I look forward to meeting with you at your Washington  DC store which– I believe– is inside the Watergate Hotel.   (Note:  I “will” be handing in my “white pages” once I have arrived in Washington DC but–I “won’t” be doing “this”  at the Watergate).

           Continued thanks.  
          Very truly yours,

         Renee Ashley Baker                            

                             On ” The Set” :  Chanel Denim

                             At “The Office”: Dresses and heels




    For Dinner or other Events: cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and the lace evening pant

                            Chanel scarves
                            Chanel quilted chain handbag
          Chanel spectator flats/Chanel tennis                                       
                            Chanel jewelry
                            Chanel Red lipstick



           Thank you Disney for the $73.5 million!                  


Glamorous Wednesday: Rag Show

February 6, 2008

                                      Renee Ashley Baker’s Couture 

  New Chanel:

Chanel spring couture 2008  Chanel Spring/Summer

               Chanel Resort Chanel Resort Collection

Old LaCroix :

Christian Lacroix 1                                                                    

                                                    Christian Lacrois

The Paris Couture Shows….Coming to a boutique near you….

Glamorous Wednesday: Cells & Make Up

December 19, 2007

  Best Good Sport:

 Shira Barlow is my “Best Good Sport” because she got Paris Hilton’s old cell phone number — and kept on smiling — even at 2 a.m. in the morning!…

(How does  that song go?  — “Ring, Ring, Telephone Ring”….)    

                Shira Barlow

               Paris Hilton phone 1Paris Hilton 3Paris Hilton 3Paris Hilton phone 5

                            Paris Hilton in Shanghai

 “Happy Birthday, Paris”  from  Renee Ashley Baker

Best Holiday Make Up:


                     Drew Barrymore Cover Girl

                         Japanese eye lash

                      Stella’s Eye 

Holiday Glitter: Body Glitter (Hard Candy or Benefit); Nail Glitter (Hard Candy or Harry Winston’s Diamond Chip Manicure); Eye Glitter (Chanel or Hard Candy); Eye Lashes (Shu Uemura’s real mink lashes); and For Lips (Benefit Lip Jewels, Bobby Brown Lip Gloss, Mac Lipglass); For face vavoom (Alexis Cosmetics);  For the bath (Gilchrist & Soames Glycerin Soap);  For soft hands and feet (LaMer hand cream, Barielle hand cream, or Kleenex’s new Spa Sensials socks and gloves that you sleep in).

Chanel Make up lesson: “The Pretty Asian Eye”  (click link below) 

(pictured above:Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl, Japanese outrageus eye, and “Stella’s Eye” by Kt  Snooch).

            Shu Uemura 

Mac Lipglass

Gold fingernail                                                                                   Gilchrist and Soames

Kleenex Spa Sensials