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Renee Ashley Baker in NYC. . . .

August 24, 2010

Bruce Willis in The Siege

The Crocodile God "Sobek" by Catherine C. Harris


ABOUT MY MOTHER: Mrs. B aka Mrs. Ashley 

My Mother owned/wore beautiful things like: BROWN crocodile high heels (with matching BROWN crocodile handbag) and  french perfume from Paris France (“Worth by  Je Reviens”) .  My mother also  loved hats  (hats that came from Stix, Baer, Fuller and Famous Barr in St. Louis Missouri ).   My mother  carried her hats with her whenever she traveled. . . . SO — when I, Renee Ashley Baker,  arrive in New York City I will meet with Samantha Thavasa and  Louis Vuitton about my designing “crocodile handbags” and “signature train/make up cases”.     In  Paris France — I, Renee Ashley Baker, will meet  with the Chairmen of  Chanel (about Chanel launching a fragrance –a perfume –called “Renee”). . . .also. . . . in Paris France I, Renee Ashley Baker, will meet with the Chairmen of Hermes about my designing a “hatbox” called “Irmgard”. . . . 

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s mother wearing a ‘real’ diamond pendant. . . .

There will be “NO” book until Renee Ashley Baker is married to a terrific and successful Jewish Man: 

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