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How To Make History: Caroline Kennedy

February 3, 2009


Question:  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  ask:  “Who Will Not Take An Honest Woman?”…..

Answer:  Those who want “smooth talking criminals”  who steal 401k’s ….

















Diogenes ….still searching for an honest man….er…woman….


SIR JOHN’S ship  ‘Victory’  being raised by Zeus? 

(Renee’s aside:  “You betcha!”)









I, Renee Ashley aka Renee Ashley Baker,  will STILL accept $50,000 a year salary and $3 million dollars from The Kennedys.  I, Renee Ashley aka Renee Ashley Baker, will reside in Boston Massachusettes.



Addendum To Monday: Shopping with Cyber Bob

November 27, 2007

         Mondera Diamond

For Robert:

Pictured above, “The Mondera Diamond”.  A 60.19 carat, D-color, “flawless” diamond.

Purchaser: Robert Mouawad.      Price:  “priceless”

“Say Wha?” –you say?  You’re “not” interested in the Mondera Diamond? And–you say you missed Cyber Monday?  Then — check out the websites below for some terrific online Christmas shopping. (But–go easy–last year on Cyber Monday online shoppers spent a whopping $600 million dollars !)….

Christmas Shopping (Online)

I.  For Him

II.  For Her

III.  For The Kids

IV.  For Them

A.  (Misc)

B.  Food & Wine





(kosher gourmet)

(confections and desserts)

(wine & spirits)