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Movie Thursday:Best Jumper(20th Century Fox)

December 17, 2007

Exactly what — is a Jumper?

                        MM Jumping

                                                            “MM Jumps”

               Brandelina at Jump

          “Brangelina Jumps”

Who Jumps?:  Ubersexsymbol Marilyn Monroe “jumps” in a famous photograph taken by uberphotographer Phillippe Halsman; while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (er–excuse me –“Brangelina”) “jumped” at the opening night performance of “Jump” at New York’s Union Square Station….And….David Lee Roth jumps….

David Lee Roth 1


Evel Knievel 3

Evel Knievel jumps….”Good-bye Evel Knievel”

(P.S. If–I, Renee Ashley Baker, “Star In” a motion picture with Brad Pitt I will “Executive Produce” the motion picture and Disney will distribute the motion picture in movie theatres worldwide….Wanna be in a comedy Brad?  The place will be jumping –er–I mean–Angie will be on that set ! )



November 19, 2007

                           The Brangelina Express 

What a ride!

Item: The first baby picures taken of  Brad and Angelina’s baby “Shiloh”.  Price Paid: $7 million (Brangelina donated the $7 mil to charity).

Item 2: Pad at the Waldorf Astoria Tower  (has 5 bedrooms, a library, 6 baths, and a huge gourmet kitchen).   Price: Brangelina are paying $100,000 per month which–comes out to $1.2 million dollars per year).

Item 3: Moby sized yacht.  Price: $268 million dollars (Brangelina must be rich!)

Buell Lightning and Angelina Jolie

Item 4: Lightning strikes twice for Lara Croft.  (Brangelina–er–I mean — Angelina– rides solo on this very expensive Buell Lightning motorcycle….)

Item 5: Beowulf          Price: $8 per ticket (not counting popcorn and a large soda…)



September 27, 2007

Disney’s National Treasure

Movie: Above Nicholas Cage returns  as “Mr. Gates”  in Disney’s “National Treasure:Part 2” (now in production). 

Brad Pitt as Jesse JamesBrad Pitt as Jesse James 2

Movie:  Above Brad Pitt (winner ‘Best Actor’ Venice Film Festival) as… Jesse James  in “The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford”…. (Opens–September 21, 2007 –in movie theatres across the U.S.)

“Nicholas, Gates & JJ, may I transfer your call?”


August 17, 2007

Brad & Angelina

Brad & Angelina to buy a $268 million dollar yacht….

special thanks: Hot Online News