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Future Friday: Fingerprint

March 7, 2008

                            Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

             Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

                       Cell Phone Boarding Pass from TSA

  Electronic Airline Boarding Pass on a Cell Phone

        (Renee’s Aside:  How about this as a way to prevent “illegal voting”.  What say—all registered voters be required to: (1) Report to DMV to give a fingerprint.  (2) The finger print would then be input into the “DMV database” and into the “Voter Registration database”.  (3)  On voting day–the “Voter” goes to the polls, signs his/her name and puts his/her finger on a “Biometric Finger print Authenticator” .   (4) The authenticator reads the “Voter’s Finger print”.   If there is a “match” the “Voter” is then “permitted” to vote….).

FYI:  I will “not allow” the C-list shakedown cowtown called Denver to build the Renee Ashley Baker Chinese Libraries.  They will be built in China by Chinese born construction workers.  I will give/donate $5 million dollars towards the building of the Renee Ashley Baker Chinese Libraries.