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November 19, 2007

                           The Brangelina Express 

What a ride!

Item: The first baby picures taken of  Brad and Angelina’s baby “Shiloh”.  Price Paid: $7 million (Brangelina donated the $7 mil to charity).

Item 2: Pad at the Waldorf Astoria Tower  (has 5 bedrooms, a library, 6 baths, and a huge gourmet kitchen).   Price: Brangelina are paying $100,000 per month which–comes out to $1.2 million dollars per year).

Item 3: Moby sized yacht.  Price: $268 million dollars (Brangelina must be rich!)

Buell Lightning and Angelina Jolie

Item 4: Lightning strikes twice for Lara Croft.  (Brangelina–er–I mean — Angelina– rides solo on this very expensive Buell Lightning motorcycle….)

Item 5: Beowulf          Price: $8 per ticket (not counting popcorn and a large soda…)