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FUTURE FRIDAY: A “New” Service (from AT &T)

February 21, 2008

AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson

New Service:

AT &T’s “Live Share” as promoted by AT&T’s chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson, pictured above….

Renee Ashley Baker is with AT&T.  Meaning that Renee Baker Studios currently uses  AT&T’s cell phone service (aka AT&T Wireless).  And… Renee Baker Studios will use AT&T’s wireless internet card (for laptops) and AT&T’s new multi-function “Blackjack” .

 (Note:  Renee has said NO to “Cricket Phone Company”.  Cricket Phone Company is in Renee Ashley Baker’s toilet and the Cricket Phone Company’s executives will “go to jail” if they don’t stay away from Renee Ashley Baker.  I don’t want to hear anybody else –anywhere–say the word “Cricket phone company” to me….Is that clear?…Now–back to ‘my’ company–AT & T….)

Other ‘great’  AT&T products:  “AT&T’s Video Conferencing”  for businesses.  (View the AT&T website below to find out more about this product):

AT&T:  www

(Renee’s Aside:  I’ll take that seat on AT&T’s board Mr. Stephenson.   Renee’s AT&T  AT  Renee Baker Studios….Pshaw!).

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