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November 4, 2007

                 First Lady Jackie Kennedy by Andy Warhol                                                       

                                                     Windblown Jackie by Ron Galella 

The First Lady: A  ‘Most Expensive’ Second Act

Did you know that while married to Aristotle Onassis Jacqueline Kennedy received a set of earrings as a birthday present to commemorate the “Apollo 11” mission?   In “Jackie Oh!” by Kitty Kelley the earrings are described as follows:  “A sapphire-studded earth (globe)  at the ear and a large ruby moon hanging from a chain.  The Apollo Ship was attached to a thin gold thread which circled the sapphire earth and then dropped down to the ruby moon”.  And…did you know that Aristotle, the attentive and  adoring husband, made a habit of leaving a little surprise for Jackie on her breakfast tray each morning, even if he was thousands of miles away?  Sometimes it was a poem, but more often it was a gold or diamond bracelet.  Once, Jackie found a string of Japanese cultured pearls wrapped around a roll….

(pause here,  for Renee’s aside: “Wow! That gives a whole new meaning to “with six you get egg roll”….now continue reading….)

Ari happily indulged his wife Jackie’s spending sprees.   In “The $20,000,000 Honeymoon” author Fred Sparks let the title speak for itself.  Sparks calculated that the  ‘$20 million’  broke down to approximately $384,615.33  cents per week.*

special thanks: *above paragraph taken from previously published source material.