👮 Maxwell Arrested !!! Cops and Robbers: Crime in America Today: Weinstein, Epstein and Streetman !!! (ABC News, Washington Post, New York Times, Page Six, CNN, AP, Reuters, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, TMZ, MTV, Celebrity News. CLICK HERE !!! )

Unbelievable how Poor White Girls from Poor Neighborhoods (“from across the tracks”) in Florida did anything and everything for a measely $200. Always Poor Girls who these RKelly brand manipulators believe to have “no morals”. The Vincent Cirricone / Harvey Weinstein types just kept doing money business when “people like myself” (for truth, justice and the American Way) got “cordonned off” and X’d Out– “assed out”. I bet the party invites didn’t stop coming. (Where is Renee Ashley Baker’s invite ?) “The Mathmetician & Maxwell”. READ STORY BELOW:

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Unbelievable How The Black Nigerian Cyber Cafe Crook Gets Millions. Next, arrest in Mozambique “too” ?

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To The Worldwide Press and Public !!!

Renee Ashley Baker’s answer will remain “NO” To The Entertainment Industry Until:

1. Lendell Ashley “Produces” His TV Project About Alonzo for Black Lives Matter:

(Possible Broadcasters Are: Disney Plus. Bounce TV. Quibi TV or Amazon Prime).

Renee Ashley Baker says NO to the Entertainment Industry Until:

2. The Prosecutions of Criminals in Two States:

Meaning those Criminals in Denver and Los Angeles trying to have/use/set up Money Projects for an illegal “Strawman” Entertainment Company that Renee Ashley Baker will have NOTHING to do with. Those at 653 must be Prosecuted FIRST !!!

New York, New York !!!

Announcement: Renee Ashley Baker will : (1). Settle her L.A. Metro Car Accident Insurance Claim and then Buy a New House in Upstate New York. (2.) Move to New York for 25-52 Weeks. (In New York City Renee Ashley Baker will set up a Food and Grocery Delivery Business ). (3) Renee Ashley Baker will be using Matchmakers Janis Spindel and Selective Search to find her a Husband (and He must be Caucasian/Jewish, 60-80 years of age and a Millionaire or Billionaire !!!).

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