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The White House Briefer


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Just so y’all know I, still have brains and can “deduce and analyze”:  Did LHO get money paid to him in Mexico (supposedly he came back to Texas on Greyhound #332 with a brand new expensive pair of yellow leather house shoes). In Mexico LHO only left his Hotel at night (according to Delores and Sebastian).  LHO supposedly had a “brown leather travel bag” with him in Mexico.  If LHO didn’t rent a “safe deposit box” (at Mr. 1956 DeLeon’s Bank “LNB” ) then where did he put the “Money ?

LHO was a “map maker” did he bury the Money one night (with coordinates by Estrella Blanca ?) Or maybe ( At Lake Casa Blanca in 956 ?). And who was the mysterious Raul who had checked in at the LHO Hotel in Mexico and was a guest there from Sept 29 – October 1, 1963 and who occupied not one, but two rooms at the Hotel…Rooms 12 and 13 ?

” Covid One 9″ had to Bankrupt all the dirty Entertainment Industry Companies that Would NOT give Renee Ashley Baker her Money !!! Funny how “A Scientist” had to “even the score”.

The Arcus Family …
Beautiful arcus that rolled north of Kearney, Nebraska, August 7, 2011.

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I , Renee Ashley Baker, am binge watching “MI-5” now on Netflix. Hi Pinewood. Hi Kit ! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Video by Renee Ashley Baker !!!

CP Wine Company will be in New York (in Manhattan ) without Productions. (Chef Ramsay is the only exemption). Plus…. What about An IGTV Sponsorship from Savant Smart Home Appliances ? (12 Months at $10,000 per month ?)

Above Graphic “Black Pearl City” by Renee Ashley Baker for Stay Home Vineyards (Owned by CP Industries )
Above Graphic “Black Pearl City” by Renee Ashley Baker for Stay Home Vineyards (Owned by CP Industries )
Top Photo Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother and Gale going to a Ballet Recital starring Renee Ashley Baker. (Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother paid for Renee’s Ballet Lessons). Bottom Photo of Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother wearing Gold and summering in The Hamptons NY.
Top photo of Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Lady Irma/ Erma ) sitting in her re-upholstered Queen Anne chair. BTW: Lady Irma/Erma had $250,000 in her Savings Account. Bottom photo of Renee Ashley Baker’s Big Sis Miss M and her husband a Master Sargeant in the U.S. Air Force.
Top Photo guests in the Living Room at Big Sis Miss M’s $700,000 house. Bottom Photo Renee Ashley Baker’s In-Laws (they are three Millionaires)
Renee Ashley Baker’s Big Sis Miss M ( a Millionaire ) wearing authentic Addidas and cooking in her $700,000 Home. The Art above the dining table was purchased in Spain.
Above Renee Ashley Baker’s Lil Sister Gale !!!
Above Renee Ashley Baker Designer for CP Industries and Head Buyer for CP Ecommerce

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Not for Sony, Not for UMG, Not for Atlantic Records, Not for Empire Records and Not for Peter Guber. (Yes to German Irish “Micky” Dad — Mr. Walt Disney –in the Year 2027 !!!)


Shopify Dropshipping Store Manager Needed

Digital Marketing

You will need to be a fast learner and able to pick things up quickly, you will also pay attention to details. This will be a long term role with daily work to complete and you will be required to get started right away once training has been provided. The job will require you to manage all aspects of the store like adding products, optimizing product pages by adding reviews, and high-quality images. You will keep track of the finances daily and report to me at the end of the day. You will be monitoring ads’ comments and reply to customers’ inquiries. The job will require you to fulfill upcoming orders using oberlo and aliexpress as well as answering and respond to all incoming email inquiries, messages on social media channels about the status of the order, and tracking & questions from customers on our website. You will be checking order states, updating customers on the tracking of their order,  handling PayPal disputes, and managing comments on our social media feeds.

Qualifications are:

– Experience in managing Shopify dropshipping stores

– Fluent in English (Must be able to read and write fluent English)

– Experience from a previous customer service role is desired

– Experience Zoho mail

– Must be able to place orders on Aliexpress

– Must be able to communicate with the supplier

– Pay attention to details

– Must be a quick learner and able to work on your own and in a team

– Must be able to work fast

– Must have great communication skills

– Must be able to handle disputes on PayPal & Stripe

– Must be available to work daily for 7 days a week


– Adding products to the store

– Optimizing product pages by adding high-quality images and reviews

– Track finances on a 24 hours basis and report to me

– Fulfilling orders daily from Aliexpress

– Responding daily to customer service inquiries via emails, messages across social media pages

– Taking care of PayPal disputes and banks chargeback

– Post regularly on social media

– Monitor social media comments and posts and engage with commenters

– Making sure that all orders have been shipped and on the way to the customers with no issues

– Updating tracking numbers on all orders once the information is available

– Managing all aspects of the store

20 hrs/week


6+ months

Dropship Fulfilment with Shopify Integration. Looking for an agent that can offer integration with shopify.

Product Description Shopify Dropshipping . Hello. You need to know how to use shopify and have skills in writing and web design. I will give you access to my shop and you will only have to make the different product pages. I will give you a model of the product page to make so that you can get inspired afterwards. I set the salary at negotiable on the long term. Contact me if you meet these criteria.

Product Uploader Shopify Dropshipping I run an eCommerce Drop Shipping Business and have an exciting position to offer. I’m looking to hire a Product Uploader who has at least basic knowledge of the following platforms: Aliexpress (Finding Suppliers For Specific Products) DSers (Connecting Suppliers To The Order-Fulfillment Software) Google Sheets (Keeping Track Of Uploaded Products, Price Changes, Cogs, Goal ROAs) Shopify (Uploading Products) Fb Business Manager (Launching Test-Ads) We will use Clickup for task-management. If you know how to work with Clickup, this is a great bonus. Daily Tasks will include: -uploading all products you get sent by the product researcher to our stores – finding the products on Aliexpress – putting them on our products & margins excel sheet – connecting them to our order-processing software – copying product images/descriptions from various sources – copying product videos from various sources – calculating & updating cogs regularly for our profit-tracking software – launching facebook ads for the testing-phase Applicant needs to: – speak fluent English both written and verbally – be ready to learn and able to follow instructions If you apply for this job you must: – be available for a minimum of 40 hours per week (Mon-Fri) – you must send me a picture of your work space from where you will be working.


Job: Concierge Delivery Driver Manager.

Job Description:

Recruit, train and assess “flex” drivers and their qualifications as per driving laws.

Coordinate with drivers, staff and management to hold meetings and resolve issues.

Maintain costs and profits within the budget.

Manage records of personnel, expenditures and of government rules and driving regulations.

Coordinate on a regular basis with transportation staff and authorities on PUC, DMV certificates and in case of accidents.

Assess vehicles and drivers, manage maintenance and arrange for quality vehicles and fill in personnel when needed.

Arrange for off site periodical inspections of vehicles in use.

Develop amiable, genuine and supportive relations with drivers on a professional level and collaborate with other departments to solve their problems.

Coordinate with drivers to Ensure timely pickup and delivery of all “packages”.

Keep up on latest technologies to enhance company output. Including comprehensive “delivery driver apps”.

Keep track of driver hours and miles in coordination with Load Planners to achieve maximum productivity in given hours.

Address driver communications and provide required data to drivers.

Adhere to federal norms for revenue generation while dispatching “packages”.

Aid in cost cutting by organizing timely emptying of vehicles and parking, and address problems promptly.

Coordinate with team leader to manage driver pay, bills, security and home time, and assess availability of re-power.


Age: 25-50. U.S. Citizenship. One Year experience. Valid Driver’s License. Clean Driving Record. No Felonies. Background Check. (Must be Fingerprinted at Police Department). Must have Acceptable Vehicle. Acceptable Insurance. Must Wear Uniform.

Join Our New A-Team Concierge Delivery Squad…

Kiki Koncierge !!!

To Apply: Email (Upload) Resume at:

ReneeAshleyBaker AT gmail com

*Hiring Drivers in Fall 2020 !!!

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