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June 6th

One Fat the Other Skinny. Two Dirty Chihuahua Butt Face Creeps were (Friday) on this Bus Camera Threatening to Assault !!! (The Fat Dog had, on several occasions, tried to “coerce money” and the Skinny Dog may have been planning to Steal a Wallet and /or a Cell Phone. A 911 Call was made to Police and a formal Police Report will be filed against the Two).


Why I, Renee Ashley Baker, am Telly and Why I, Renee Ashley Baker, am Glad The Entertainment Industry is Broke (and drenched in Covid 1-9). The Entertainment Industry has, for some time, known My Plans which should have been achieved by now. Instead the Entertainment Industry has been trying to let the Streetman, the Dope Runners and the Sex Offenders re-arrange and “Displace” Renee Ashley Baker. So, I, Renee Ashley Baker, “cursed” the Entertainment Industry and it went Broke. There is No going back as I, Renee Ashley Baker, will move forward. Forward to get what I’ve been asking for (a Condo at 50 U.N. Plaza for C.P. , a Chateau on the French Riviera–Chateau Renee, and a Hotel Suite at The Four Seasons Hotel !!!) There were “movie projects” for Renee Ashley Baker, not TV projects and there WON’T BE any TV Shows for Renee Ashley Baker. (I, Renee Ashley Baker , had planned to hire –cast–actors Harrison Ford, Christian Bale, Rafe Fiennes, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Hemsworth, Ben Kingsley, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Warren Beatty. And I, Renee Ashley Baker, was going to hire only a few actresses: Cate Blanchette, Keira Knightly, Rachel Weiz, Nicole Kidman , Sigourney Weaver and Renee Ashley Baker). But, now the mess is “Bankrupt” and seeking a “Government Bailout” ( a Government Bailout which, in actuality, secretly, has been helping the “Movie Industry Q” since the 1950’s. ) The Entertainment Industry is now operating at 50% with Talent Agencies working around “the Writer”. Really ? No writers ? Bottom 50 stupid don’t ya’ll think ? (The fight is about Packaging which–if done by Talent Agencies — needs to be OUTLAWED !!!). Anyway, until I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to “work” in the Entertainment Industry, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will work EXCLUSIVELY for CP Industries (for the next 7-15 Years !!!). I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only work for Walt Disney Corporation and for Sony /Columbia music (but without Peter Guber). I, Renee Ashley Baker, survived, but then I, Renee Ashley Baker, am always supposed to SURVIVE. P.S. I, Renee Ashley Baker, saw a second Orthopedic Surgery Specialist this week and He–recommended SURGERY !!! Why has it taken this long ?

I, Renee Ashley Baker, had to run an errand this morning. The National Guard Men were deployed in the Streets of Los Angeles. Several of the GuardsMen spoke to Me. I won’t reveal what they said but it was something nice.


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BTW: This is Why I have Not Been Signed To A Contract. I am moving on and will remain OUT of the Music Industry, OUT of the TV Show Industry and OUT of the Movie Industry for the next 7-15 Years.

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