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ReMix Written and Sung by Renee Ashley Baker


Lyrics by

Renee Ashley Baker

(rap verses  only)

Copyright 2012  by  Renee Ashley Baker and by CP Irrevocable Trust.

All Rights Reserved

“Everybody Loves The Sunshine”

Lyrics and Music


Roy Ayers


(chorus “my life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine”)

Gimmie the Sunshine

Hand me the Sunshine

Beam me the Sunshine

(chorus “everybody loves the sunshine”)

Baby is on my mind

Baby is on the line

Baby is all the time


Will me the Sunshine

Can me the Sunshine

Stream me the Sunshine

(chorus–“everybody loves the sunshine”)

Baby will save the day

Baby the month of May

Baby is on HIS way


(rap verses 1 & 2)

Give me a pen and I’ll tell you a story

See I got friends and a MAN who adores me

Getting the hair right, getting the last taste, getting HIS arm

placed on my waist


I have no doubts and I know that HE’LL please me

Gives me HIS smile and HIS love when he sees me

Putting my guard down, putting my day right, putting my last truth into the daylight


(chorus–“just bees and things and flowers, just bees and things

and flowers, just bees and things and flowers, just bees and things and flowers”)


(chorus–“my life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine”)

Bring me the Sunshine

Ring me the Sunshine

String me the Sunshine

(chorus–“everybody loves the sunshine”)

Lover will save the day

Lover the month of May

Lover is on HIS way


I see the Sunshine

HE’LL  be the Sunshine

Call HIM the Sunshine

(chorus–“everybody loves the sunshine”)

Lover is on my mind

Lover is on the line

Lover is all the time


(rap verses 3 & 4)

Riding around in my jeep or my Benzo

Or in my Mitsu sitting with kin  folk

Letting the top down, letting the sun in, letting the warm dance on my skin


It’s summer time and the living is easy

Solstice is here and the music is breezy

Sitting on lounge chairs, sitting on Cape Cod, spending  my day with the Sun Gods


(chorus–“feel what I feel when I feel what I feel when I’m  feeling–in the sunshine, feel what I feel when I feel what I feel when I’m feeling–in the sunshine….Do what I do when I do what I do when I’m doing–in the sunshine. Do what I do when I do what I do when I’m doing–in the sunshine.)

(music fade down–THE END)

1. New Beginnings

2. That Business of Music (in 2020)

Are 21Savage and Cardi B the Only “Rappers” Making A Profit ? (Did Denver and Los Angeles Strawman cause ASAPRocky and Playboi Carti to Fizzle Out ?) What happened to Concert Gates, and Reality TV Shows and Movie Roles ?

Memorial Day Weekend 2020 !!!

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Who would Renee Ashley Baker pick to write her Biography ? Andrew Morton or Kitty Kelly.