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Woe Maker Wednesday

Moore #StayHome Characters by Renee Ashley Baker

If Quibi Wants To Talk With Renee Ashley Baker it will have to be after 4-6 Months of Rehab. I have 9-12 months of Rehab to do.

Is this your favorite by Renee Ashley Baker #StayHome #photoshop Selfie photo ?
Above Selfie of Renee Ashley Baker Taken November 2019 !!!

The closest I, Renee Ashley Baker, ever got to Dustin Hoffman was when I worked at a place in the O. C. , in Tustin. I worked there for about a year and a woman who was one of Dustin Hoffman’s Babysitters worked there a few weeks, then she quit. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ P.S. No to a TV Show for Renee Ashley Baker. No to Hulu. No to Netflix. No to NBC Network. No to CBS Network. No to ABC TV Network.

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CP Industries
Stay Home Vineyards !!!
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Hughes Blanc de Blancs
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& “Royal Oak”
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“Weeping Andromeda”
& “Sparkling Andromeda”

“She said. He Said.
” Mos-cah-to”
or “Mos-cay-to”
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above, Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother
above, Rose 9
BTW: Who Did He Work For ?

For Mothers Day: The Luxury

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For Mothers Day: The Truth

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New Home Shopping ? It’s Toll Brothers !!! And BTW: Can Toll Brothers throw in the Furniture ?

Gazette News !!!


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Plus….The Black Entertainment News

Arkansas Mo, above was arrested this week by Federal Agents for PPL Loan Fraud. It seems that ‘Arkansas’ got $2 million (and pocketed it ALL for himself !!!)

And Finally …

above “Selfie” taken by Renee Ashley Baker in November 2019 !!!

Renee Ashley Baker is Head Buyer for CP Ecommerce and Renee Ashley Baker has had to “defer” her salary of $5000 a month. Renee Ashley Baker needs to hire Sales Staff for CP Ecommerce. (Renee Ashley Baker is also Head Designer for CP Industries and for Erma Fench Perfume and Design). Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York. (To find a Husband !!!)

The “No” List: No to Lil Boosie. No to Nicki Manaj. No to Mel Gibson. No to Robert DeNiro. No to Dennis Quaid. No to Nicolas Cage. No to George Clooney. No to Charlize Theron. No to Meryl Streep. No to Universal Studios. No to NBC. No to SNL. No to Paramount Studios. No to CBS. No to Showtime. No to Simon and Schuster. No to Warner Bros. No to Atlantic Records. No to HBO. No to Warner Chappell Music Publishing. No to Madonna’s Maverick Music Publishing. No to Lyor Cohen’s Company. No to Geffen. No to Hulu. No to Soul Train TV Show. No to BET TV. No to Netflix. No to OWN Network. No to Gayle King. No to Oprah Winfrey. No to Tyra Banks. No to Peter Guber. No to Elon Musk. No to Uber Corporation. No to PepsiCo “too”. No to Kevin Gates. No to Rae Strummond. No to Ice Cube. No to Ice-T. No to Travis and/or Kylie !!! No to Mary Blige. No to Lil Kim. No to Faith Evans. No to UTA, No to William Morris, No to Endeavor. Still No to ICM. No to Che